Thursday, September 27, 2018

Who is Timothy P Gaudette, Brett Kavanaugh's Georgetown Prep friend? - Mary Cummins

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I am not saying that Tim "Timmy" Gaudette did anything. This article is just about where Tim's house was located July 1982. I needed to use his name, birth date to find his childhood home. Timothy "Tim" Patrick Gaudette was born March 5, 1965 in Dallas, Texas to Francis John Gaudette b Oct 1 1935 d April 1993 and Maureen Margaret Scarry b. Nov 11, 1938. In 1993 at the age of 28 Tim lived at 7232 Lanark Rd, Baltimore, MD, 21212-1403 (1993). It's a two story home but so are most in the area. It's three bedrooms with one bathroom upstairs and one downstairs per sales listing in 1998. It's a Colonial listed at $138,000 in 1998. He also lived at 911 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD, 21230-4064 which is an apartment building. These are both in Montgomery County. I assume the family home is 7232 Lanark. They also lived in Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland after his parents divorced. Parents divorced before 1977. There is another address from 1980 after the divorce at 507 Azalea Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20850. This is a condo 1,726 sf. It's not a home but it is two stories. There is a front door but because it's an attached townhome the other door is odd. Mother Maureen remarried to Marvin Feltman in 1985. They moved to New York and Florida. Marvin died in 1993.

Tim attended Studied Finance and Investments at University of Exeter
Past: William & Mary and Georgetown Prep per his facebook.

Tim has a brother Sean Francis Gaudette born February 3, 1960 in Dallas, Texas. Another brother Michael William Gaudette Nov 11, 1962 Dallas, Texas died 1986 in Rockville, Maryland on Interstate 270. Michael died after ramming his car into the back of a Mac truck 2:42 a.m. Sounds like drunk driving to me after bars, clubs let out. The family moved to Baltimore, Maryland after 1965. Parents divorced before 1977, both remarried. Father Francis Gaudette married Doris Hudgins in 1977. Francis and Doris had two more children, Megan and Andrew.

The other people at Timmy's house July 1, 1982 were Tom Kaine, PJ Smyth, Bernie McCarthy and Chris Garrett besides Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.

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  1. Public records are awesome. So much out there. And then so much more because people just have to carry on about themselves. Nicely done. I hope you will send a copy to the FBI. They probably don't need it but let's not leave any stones unturned. Thank you.