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Who is Christina Engelhardt, Woody Allen's 16 year old girlfriend? Family, history, biography by Mary Cummins

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UPDATE: 12/18/2018 Since the HR article Christina has made her FB page and other pages for friends only.

ORIGINAL: Who is Babi Christina Engelhardt, Christina Barbara Engelhardt, Cristina Tonucci who just told the Hollywood Reporter about her ten year relationship with Woody Allen starting when she was 16 in 1976?

Barbara "Babi" Christina Engelhardt was born in New Jersey December 4, 1959 to Heinz Engelhardt born 1929 in Germany and Elizabeth Fuchs Engelhardt born 1937 in Germany. Her father Heinz worked for Buzzi Unicem USA , Inc. The parents currently live in Easton, Pennsylvania. They married March 1959 in New Jersey exactly nine months before Christina was born. Her family lived at 30 Gravel Hill Rd, Kinnelon, NJ 07405 from 1997 until 2004. It is a rural area. They sold the home in 2004 for $405,000.

She publicly posted pics of her family online and at public events. Not a natural blonde.

Christina Engelhardt, Babi Engelhardt, Barbara Engelhardt, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Soon-yi previn, michael engelhardt, heinz engelhardt, elizabeth engelhardt, new jersey, new york, michael wilhelm engelhardt

Christina Engelhardt, Babi Engelhardt, Barbara Engelhardt, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Soon-yi previn, michael engelhardt, heinz engelhardt, elizabeth engelhardt, new jersey, new york, michael wilhelm engelhardt

She told the Reporter she'd had a ten year affair with Woody Allen from 1976 to 1986. They kept in touch over the years via letters and phone calls.

Barbara who now goes by her middle name Christina married Fabrizio Tonucci born 1958 in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 28, 1998. Christina has two adult daughters. Lily Elizabeth Engelhardt was born November 9, 1995 with last name Engelhardt. It could be that Lily had a hyphenated last name which could give you two birth certificates, one in each name. Christina has another younger daughter named Emma Engelhardt Tonucci. Tonucci and Engelhardt divorced in 2004 with minor children. Whatever the case it appears Tonucci raised the daughters.

Christina has started a few different corporations namely Christina Engelhardt Productions, Engelhardt Productions, New York Girl Style, Fleischer Studios Inc, Fleischer's Bagels Inc, Champion Films and Astrology by Angelheart. She claims to currently be a pyschic-astrologist. She also claims to have gone to Princeton University.

Christina was a "model" and "actress." I see model and actor shots but no evidence that she actually modeled. In 2004 she stated this on her website "By fourteen, I was discovered by "Barbazan Modeling Agency" and was modeling internationally as a young teenager." Barbazan! They tell everyone they will be a great model if they just pay for classes and photo sessions. Those look like Barbazan photos. Not a real model.

As for acting she is known for Flight of the Swallow, Beverly H. and The Third Solution. She was in a Playboy soft porn and was a bit actress in some Italian movies. She was an assistant to Federico Fellini for the film "Verso la Luna con Fellini" ie. "Towards the Moon with Fellini." In the film Christina roams around the set of the movie "Voice" following Fellini and talking to the company. She has a brother named Michael Wilhelm Engelhardt born 1965 who may be the same person who was involved in a criminal fraud of about $50M. Same name and address.

She has some lawsuits.

1 ENGELHARDT CHRISTINA WRONGFUL EVICTION (Limited) 07/01/2005 Beverly Hills Courthouse
Case dismissed as Christina failed to prosecute.

2 ENGELHARDT CHRISTINA AUTO (Limited) 05/18/2006 Van Nuys Courthouse West
Case dismissed.

3 ENGELHARDT CHRISTINA Dissolution w/ Minor Children 02/03/2004 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
She filed for divorce from Tonucci.

Christina is involved in sexycises. The soundtrack to this video sounds like a porn movie. "Christina is a Certified Loveologist and Love Coach, Ordained Minister, Speaker, Astrologer and Intuitive. She helps singles to find love and couples to maintain love through her unique talents incorporating spirituality with relationship advice."

She believes in ghosts, tarot cards, her German Nana showed her how to read cards...

The article in the Reporter today reads like she's shopping a book deal. She made a website on WIX.

Her brother Michael appears to have some issues. Here are three cases against him in just federal court.

Engelhardt, Michael W (dft) 2:1997cv04811 Securities & Exchang v. B M C Enterprises, et al California Central District Court 07/02/1997 06/15/1998

Engelhardt, Michael W (dft) 3:1999cv00919 Evangelist v. Itskowitz, et al California Southern District Court 05/04/1999 10/18/1999

Engelhardt, Michael Wilhelm (dft) 3:1999cr02080 United States of America v. Itskowitz et al - Michael Wilhelm Engelhardt California Southern District Court 07/20/1999 11/17/2000

Below is sentencing in the USA case.

37 months custody of the Bureau of Prisons as to each of counts one, 12, 15, 31, 112 and 113 concurrent; three years supervised release as to each count concurrent; $100 penalty assessment as to each count for a total of $600 thru Inmate Financial Responsibility Program; restitution $23,351,873; forfeiture to USA of $26,000; no fine imposed

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