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Who is Judge Reed O'Connor, Reed Charles O'Connor who ruled against ACA? Family, history, ancestry, controversies - Mary Cummins

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Who is Judge Reed O'Connor, Reed Charles O'Connor, who just ruled against the Affordable Care Act, ACA, Obamacare? Until very recently he was relatively unknown. That was until he made it known that he will rule against any Obama related case that comes before him regardless of law or evidence. These cases have since been landing in his court because the Plaintiffs have shopped the lawsuits into his court. It's called "gaming the system."

So far since 2016 Judge Reed O'Connor has blatantly ruled against three of Obama's policies regardless of the law or evidence in regard to sexual discrimination, gender identity and currently the ACA. With GOP Trump as President Judge Reed feels empowered to rule as he pleases. His goal is to eventually be appointed to a higher court as a reward for doing the bidding of the Federalist Society and GOP. He and Senator Cornyn stated this publicly. Here is his profile in the Federalist Society website. He's a speaker at their events.

Of important note is that Judge Reed O'Connor is a GOP member of The Federalist Society. The Federal Society states they are a "conservative" organization that believes in the "original interpretation of the Constitution." That is just a euphemistic way of stating they will always rule for big business, wealthy, men, Christians, GOP, Republicans over poor, women, disabled, people of color, any religion other than Christianity, immigrants, choice and LGBTQ.

During the eight years of the Obama's presidency the GOP controlled the House and Senate. They refused to fill vacant seats, benches with Obama's appointments. They wouldn't even give Merrick Garland a hearing. They intentionally left most of the seats open hoping, waiting for a GOP President. Since Trump was elected the GOP in concert with the Federalist Society have been giving Trump the list of judges he should choose. Trump has been appointing Federalist Society members to the Courts. This is and will continue to have a corrupt influence on our judicial system with Texas leading the way.

Here are a few news worthy rulings.

In 2008 he ruled against Latinos. Three Latinos sued to have the city council be more representative of the people they represent. All the city council members were white people living in cities where most of the population was Latino that lived outside of cities. Judge O'Connor ruled that the "Plaintiffs didn't meet their burden required by the Voting Rights Act or 14th Amendment." The City won the lawsuit. O'Connor will always rule for white Texas city, county, government.

2014 Judge Reed O'Connor sentenced a man to 15 years in prison when he kidnapped, beat a gay man he met online because he was gay. I believe they were both gay so how does he rule that it's more of a hate crime? Seems like a stiffer sentence because he was gay.

2015 Judge Reed O'Connor blocked medical leave for same sex couples. The US Justice Dept asked him to reconsider his order and he said no. O'Connor declined to state same sex married couples are spouses due to a 2005 gay marriage ban in Texas.

2016 Judge O'Connor ruled that Texas doesn't have to follow Federal Obama guidelines in regard to gender identity.

2017 Judge O'Connor issued an injunction against the federal mandate aimed to protect transgender people finding the federal health rule violates existing law. The Plaintiffs were Texas and religious groups that did not want to "provide medical care or insurance coverage for gender transitions, abortions, regardless of their contrary religious beliefs."

2017 Cornyn considered Reed O'Connor "a shoe-in" for the circuit court position later given to Justice Don Willett. They both rule according to Federalist Society and GOP. O'Connor was a former aid to Cornyn and he "raised his profile last year when he blocked a federal directive that required public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity." This is why O'Connor ruled that way. He wants to be promoted. He'll do whatever the hell the GOP want in order to get a promotion.

Scroll down for the presentations made in the Senate Judiciary Committee appointing O'Connor in 2007.

Who is Reed Charles O'Connor the individual? He was born June 1, 1965 in Houston, Texas to George John O'Connor born in New Jersey 1936-1994 and Eileen Star Boyle born in Texas 1937-2018. Below is their wedding announcement. Seems Eileen's father was working in the middle east in Abaiq which is where Aramco oil was located in Saudi Arabia. Eileen studied there and in Rome finally graduating from Saint Agnes Academy in Houston. Reed's dad was an engineer graduating from the University of Houston. His mother was very pretty.

Eileen Star Boyle O'Connor

Eileen Star Boyle, George John O'Connor, wedding, marriage, houston, texas

His parents married in 1957 and divorced in 1981 when Reed was 16 years old. It was a contentious divorce. His mother was the plaintiff then his father counter sued. In 1983 mother asked for more child support. Father ultimately agreed. His siblings are John George, Kathleen Ann Carney and Michael Patrick O'Connor. Reed O'Connor married Tammy Sue Herrin born 1964 in 1990 in Houston, Texas. They have at least two children, Caitleen Eileen and Maggie.

I see a previous marriage in 1985 to Cody Sue Voss with a divorce in 1988. Reed was the defendant. His wife filed for the divorce with no children. Harris County, Texas for 198741144 - 7

Reed O'Connor's paternal grandparents are George Lonsdale O'Connor born in New Jersey 1908-1976 and Mildred Reed born in New Jersey 1913-2006. Reed O'Connor's paternal great grandparents are George Joseph O'Connor born in Pennsylvania 1879-1952, Edith May Lonsdale born in New Jersey 1881-1949, Frederick Reed born in New Jersey 1888-1934 and Wladyslawa "Lottie" Kuczyusky born in Poland 1894-1978.

Reed O'Connor's maternal grandparents are John Gerard Boyle Sr born in Ireland 1895-1983 and Marie Prayhoda born in Germany 1906-1976. Reed O'Connor's paternal great grandparents are Owen Boyle born in Ireland 1859-1901, Mary Gallagher born in Ireland 1867-1962, Franz Joseph Pryhoda born in Hungary 1873-1952 and Hermine Matthes born then Germany which is now France 1874-1944.

Judge Reed O'Connor, Reed Charles O'Connor, The federalist society, aca, obamacare, affordable care act, texas, houston, tammy herrin, mother, father, ancestry, family tree, heritage, dna, gop, republican, mary cummins, irish, polish, german, new jersey, texas, ireland, poland, dna

Judge Reed O'Connor's ancestry is mainly Irish mixed with some German and Polish. They were all immigrants fleeing oppression to come to the new world for opportunity. The son of immigrants seeking freedom and justice is now working to limit freedom and justice in this country.

Here are the presentations made in the Senate Judiciary Committee appointing him in October 21, 2007.  You'll notice some familiar names, i.e. Senator Orrin Hatch, Senator JohnCornyn... who also approved Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Willett. The ones in favor are also Christian, GOP, Federalist Society members who ruled according to the Federalist Society unwritten mission statement. Notice Reed O'Connor served on the Judiciary Committee staff.

"Senator Hutchison. Of course. Of course. Well, I'm very
pleased to be here to introduce fellow Texan, Reed O'Connor, as
the nominee for U.S. District judge for the Northern District
of Texas. I also welcome his wife, Tammy, his children, Caitlin
and Maggie, and his mother, Eileen.
    Reed is very well-known to this committee. He served on the
Judiciary Committee staff. He is a nominee that I think
everyone is going to feel comfortable with because he has been
counsel on this committee to both Senator Cornyn, and before
that, to Orrin Hatch. He is now Senator Cornyn's chief counsel,
so I know that Senator Cornyn will vouch for him personally,
and will also be able to speak on his behalf.
    Reed has had a lot of other experience that is important as
well. He has been an Assistant U.S. Attorney and an associate
at Vincent & Elkins law firm, so while he knows the Judiciary
staff and knows the constitutional issues that are so important
for a Federal judge, he has also been on the ground.
    He was Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of
Texas, and before that, a State prosecutor in the Tarrant
County District Attorney's Office in Ft. Worth for 4 years.
    His private practice was with Vincent & Elkins law firm for
5 years, a top national firm where he did civil litigation. He
has also participated in significant pro bono work, which I
think is important for a Federal judge. He volunteered for the
Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program and the Legal Line Program,
which are sponsored by the Houston Bar Association, and he also
worked with teenagers in the North Richland Hills Teen Court
Program, a program in the Northern District of Texas.
    Reed has demonstrated his strong intellect through academic
credentials, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree at
the University of Houston, and then graduating summa cum laude
from South Texas School of Law with the second-highest grade
point average in his class.
    I am pleased that he meets the high standards that we hold.
The Northern District is a great district, with distinguished
judges. I think Reed O'Connor will fit very well because he has
a record of public service, private practice, trial experience,
and also prosecutorial experience. I think this diverse
background, along with his experience in the U.S. Senate, will
make him a wonderful candidate for Federal judge, and I hope
that we can expeditiously refer him to the Senate for
    Thank you.
    Senator Whitehouse. Thank you, Senator Hutchison. Thank you
again for your patience.
    Senator Cornyn.


    Senator Cornyn. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I'm pleased to be
here with Senator Hutchison to heartily endorse the nomination
of Reed O'Connor to be a U.S. Federal District judge for the
Northern District of Texas.
    As the Chairman and our colleagues know, my background is
one as a State District court judge and State Supreme Court
judge. We actually call ourselves, tongue-in-cheek, Members of
Congress who are former judges, as part of the ``Recovering
Judge Caucus''. But I have a great affection for not only the
legal profession, but for the men and women who serve in the
Nation's judiciary, both at the State and the Federal level.
Reed O'Connor served as the counsel to Chairman Hatch when he
was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and has served
as my chief counsel since 2005, therefore I am unabashedly
biased in my recommendation.
    I also want to point out that Senator Hutchison--and I have
continued, since I succeeded Senator Graham, with the Federal
Judicial Evaluation Committee process, where we get the leading
members of the Bar throughout the State of Texas to evaluate
all nominees. We have consistently sent to the President names
based on merit, and Reed's nomination fits in that tradition.
    I would also say that it is important to me personally, and
I would think to the Chairman and to all members of the
Judiciary Committee, that we not disqualify outstanding lawyers
who volunteer and sacrifice so much to serve in the Senate and
on the Judiciary Committee when it comes to considering them
for nominations. They should not get a leg up, but they should
not be disqualified either. So I am proud that Reed's
nomination is being made today based on what he brings to the
table and what he has to offer.
    I can tell you personally that Reed is known throughout his
career as somebody who works well with others--not always easy
for lawyers--no matter what their walk of life, and treats
everyone with fairness and respect.
    I know the Judiciary Committee staff and the members of the
committee will agree with me when I say that he brought his
personable demeanor and commitment to fairness to work day in
and day out on the Judiciary Committee, often daily working
closely with staffers across the aisle to forge bipartisan
consensus on significant national issues.
    Senator Hutchison has appropriately noted his extensive
litigation experience, which, as I said, as a former judge, is
important to me. We want somebody who has actually been in the
arena who knows what they're supposed to do, and can do it
well. But Reed's also been a very important part of my efforts,
as well as Senator Hatch's, to work on a bipartisan basis on
issues of national importance. For example, he's worked with
Chairman Leahy's office on passing open government legislation,
which I am proud to co-sponsor with Senator Leahy and which we
have advanced.
    He has also worked closely with Senator Feinstein's staff
and Senator Schumer's staff to draft legislation to combat gang
violence, and has advised me on a number of other complex legal
and policy issues, including Federal criminal and
constitutional law, immigration, national security, and
international human rights issues.
    Reed is also highly respected among his peers in the
Northern District Bar, and this shines through in the numerous
letters of support that he has received. For example, Jeffrey
Kurritan, a partner at Kurritan & Gordon, notes his dedication
to the legal profession is ``matched only by his always-present
compassion and sense of duty to do the right thing.''
    Andrew Beech, an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas
County, remarked that ``Reed's reputation among the North Texas
legal community is outstanding and above reproach. His demeanor
and temperament are ideal for a judicial candidate, and his
dedication to justice is unmatched. He has a personality that
will serve the Federal bench well.''
    Betty Arvin, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division of the
Tarrant County District Attorney's Office, noted that ``Reed
has served in many diverse roles as an attorney. To each
endeavor, he has brought intelligence, commitment, and
outstanding judgment.''
    And finally, Kurt Stallings, Assistant District Attorney in
Tarrant County, remarked that, ``In 20 years of legal practice,
civil and criminal, Federal and State, I've never worked with
an attorney as mentally agile, personally disciplined, and
consistently sensible as Reed O'Connor,'' strong praise,
    But as Senator Hutchison notes, beyond his work experience
he has been very active in providing legal services to the poor
as both an instructor and judge for the North Richland Hills
Teen Court program. As a full-time attorney and father to his
young children and a husband to his wife, it is telling that
Reed took time to impress the importance of public service and
respect for the justice system to those troubled young people.
    Finally, let me say that in addition to his wealth of civil
and criminal litigation experience and outstanding service to
the U.S. Senate, it's easy to see why the American Bar
Association voted Reed ``Unanimously Well Qualified'', which's
the American Bar Association's highest rating.
    I know Reed personally as a capable and outstanding lawyer
who maintains the highest ethical standards, and I believe he
exceeds the high standards we hold for all of our judicial
nominees, and appropriately so. I firmly believe, Mr. Chairman,
that he will make a fine judge for many years to come.
    I want to express my gratitude to you, Mr. Chairman, for
presiding over today's hearing, and to Chairman Leahy for
scheduling it. I commend and enthusiastically recommend this
nominee to all our colleagues. Thank you.
    Senator Whitehouse. Well, I am very happy to do it, Senator
Cornyn. I very much appreciate your testimony on behalf of this
    What we are going to do, is to rearrange the table so that
we can consider the nomination of Ronald Tenpas for a position
in the Department of Justice. I will make a brief opening
statement after that, and I suspect Mr. Tenpas will make a
brief opening statement after that. Then whatever Senators are
present can engage in a colloquy with the candidate for that
position. I expect that that will take all of 15 to 20 minutes.
So for those who have children in the room who wish to maybe
take them for a walk in the hallway or whatever, if you are
here for a judicial candidate, you will have a little window to
do that. But I ask your patience while that takes place.
    Then we will call forward at the end of that the judicial
nominees and proceed to the end of the hearing.
    Senator Cornyn. Mr. Chairman, may I be recognized for a
brief unanimous consent request?
    Senator Whitehouse. Absolutely.
    Senator Cornyn. Senator Specter, the Ranking Member, has
asked me to ask unanimous consent that his opening statement on
the nomination of Ronald J. Tenpas be accepted as part of the
record following, of course, the Chairman's remarks.
    Senator Whitehouse. Without objection, it will be so.
    Senator Cornyn. Thank you.
    [The prepared statement of Senator Specter appears as a
submission for the record.]
    Senator Whitehouse. Will the committee room please come to
    Ronald Tenpas, will you please stand to be sworn?
    [Whereupon, the witness was duly sworn.]
    Senator Whitehouse. Thank you very much. Please be seated.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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