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Oscar winner best film for "Green Book" is a fraud. Dr Donald Shirley did not want a book or movie made

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I just saw "Green Book" win the best movie Oscar. Aside from the fact that I don't think it should have won for cinematographic reasons, it should not have won because it's based on a fraud and lies. The movie does not depict what actually happened or the true relationship between Tony Vallelonga and Don Shirley.

August 17, 2018 I heard they were coming out with a movie based on Donald Shirley's life. It looked interesting so I researched Don Shirley. I saw that he died. I checked to see if anyone had made his memorial. They hadn't so I set upon doing research about Don Shirley, his life, his relatives, his family. That night I put up his memorial and added the memorials of his dead relatives. I added their obituaries so you could clearly see their surviving relatives. Below is the memorial I created August 17, 2018. I included public obituaries from two major media sources. The obituaries showing his living relatives were publicly available since he died in 2013. One search and you would have seen Maurice, Edwina and Edwin Shirley III. One Google and you get two email addresses and home addresses.

Any Google search would have pulled up all of his dead and living relatives easily. Mahershala Ali, Nick Vallelonga did not try to contact the relatives intentionally. Nick knew that Don Shirley told Tony he did NOT give him permission to write a book or make a movie about their time together. Nick has been in the movie industry since 1972. He clearly looked upon this as a business opportunity. The relatives also stated that Don Shirley was not a close friend of Tony Vallelonga. I don't know if Tony lied to his family or they knew this and decided to change the story line to make their deceased father look like some sort of civil rights hero?

Below is the tree I made August 17, 2018. They could have found it on Ancestry with one search. I've since made it private. Below is the pedigree view of Don Shirley's tree. I posted the full tree at

green book, screen play, dr donald shirley, movie, oscar, award, best picture, fraud, nick vallelonga, tony vallelonga, fiction, fraud, lies, mary cummins, mahershala ali, 

Below is the normal view of his tree. All those people on the bottom are alive. Don Shirley had many close relatives. He had no children of his own but he was very close with his brothers, nieces, nephews. Nick Vallelonga did not contact his relatives because he knew they would say no as Don had said no. The relatives most certainly would not want this fake narrative made into a movie.

green book, screen play, dr donald shirley, movie, oscar, award, best picture, fraud, nick vallelonga, tony vallelonga, fiction, fraud, lies, mary cummins, mahershala ali, 

From Wikipedia:

"Shirley family reaction

Shirley's relatives condemned the film, stating they were not contacted by studio representatives until after development, and that it misrepresented Shirley's relationship with his family. Don's brother, Maurice Shirley, said "My brother never considered Tony to be his 'friend'; he was an employee, his chauffeur (who resented wearing a uniform and cap). This is why context and nuance are so important. The fact that a successful, well-to-do Black artist would employ domestics that did NOT look like him, should not be lost in translation."

More from Maurice Shirley and his nephew Edwin Shirley III.

Mahershala Ali responded with an apology to Shirley’s nephew, Edwin Shirley III, saying that "I did the best I could with the material I had" and that he was not aware that there were "close relatives with whom I could have consulted to add some nuance to the character." Writer-director Peter Farrelly said he was under the impression there "weren't a lot of family members" still alive, that they did not take major liberties with the story, and that relatives he was aware of had been invited to a private screening for friends and family.

Look at who is behind the film, a bunch of white guys. A bunch of white guys happy to use famous and well respected Dr Donald Shirley as a character to create a false narrative that makes a white guy appear to be a civil rights "hero."

In the below pic for best picture the only two black people are actors. Looks like white people taking advantage of a well known black person for money and fame. They could have at least hired black people besides just some actors. 

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