Sunday, February 10, 2019

Who is Joy Angela Villa a Trump supporter songwriter? Daughter of Italian, African American immigrants.

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UPDATE: 07/14/2019 Joy Villa went to the President's social media summit in another ridiculous costume. She cheered for traitor Sebastian Gorka who has a criminal record in the US and Hungary. Sebastian Gorka couldn't get a security clearance to work in the White House. Joy Villa is only working her vile support of Trump to sell music and cheap items on her website.

UPDATE: I just saw on Twitter that Joy Villa is saying she's Latina and African American. She is NOT Latina! She and her family are not from Latin America. They are not from Cuba, Mexico, Spain. Her father's side of the family is 100% Italian from Italy. How dare this lady state she is Latina. A Latina would not be an immigrant hating hypocrite. I'm Latina. She most certainly is not. I'm sure her ancestors are spinning in their graves because of this attention ho who is willing to wear a wall dress with barbed wire and spikes. This woman is pure hate. Doesn't she realize that Trump hates African Americans and immigrants?

Joy is a member of Ancestry. I see the tree she made for herself. She knows her grandpa is Italian born in Argentina. He was born there as the family fled Italy. They are pure Italian. This proves she is flat out lying about being a Latina to get attention. Who would want that nasty negative attention? She is a revolting attention ho. Wouldn't a real singer, song writer want attention for, I don't know, singing and song writing? This woman is pure hate. I just noticed that the only times she's been mentioned in the newspaper is the last few years she's been wearing hate dresses to the Grammy's where she is not nominated. On top of this she claims to be vegan yet wears fur.

ORIGINAL: I had never heard of Joy Angela Villa until tonight. Then I saw her hateful MAGA border wall dress that she wore to the Grammys. I had to wonder why an African American woman of immigrant Italian descent would support Donald Trump, MAGA and building a useless border wall. 

Joy Angela Villa was born in Orange County, California April 25, 1986. She stated she graduated from Lompoc, California high school in 2004 but I only see her in the school yearbook in 2001. Her father Joseph Mario Villa Jr 1939 - 2012 was of pure Italian descent. Her mother Mildred Angela Pierce 1956 - 2009 was pure African American. Joy has, had two sisters, Rebekah Joy Villa and Veronica Stephanie Villa. Joy married Thorsten Overgaard around 2016. 

Joy's paternal grandfather Mario Jose Villa 1910-1970 was born in Argentina but was of Italian descent. Her paternal grandmother Mary Ann Francis Reina 1911- 1994 was born in Florida but was also of Italian descent. Joy's paternal great grandparents were all born in Italy. They were farmers then owned a liquor store.

Joy's maternal grandfather Herbert Pierce 1928 - 2006 was born in Mississippi. Her maternal grandmother Dorothy Hagood 1922 - 2016 was born in Pennsylvania. Joy's maternal great grandparents were born in Mississippi and Alabama. They were slaves then farmers then owned a grocery store then were teachers, in the military and in real estate. Her great grandmother was a teacher and a member of the Women's Negro Association who traveled to Washington for civil rights. Her third great grandfather Sgt John W Jenkins enlisted with the Union in the Colored Troops Military Service to fight in the Civil War against slavery. Her ancestors worked hard for the rights Joy enjoys today and she just steps all over that to support racism and hate. Joy Villa has no American Indian per her family tree. They are pure African American on mother's side. Father side is pure Italian.

Clearly Joy Villa is the descendant of African Americans and Italian immigrants. She is half pure Italian on her father's side. She is half pure African American on her mother's side. Why would she support Donald Trump, MAGA and building a useless wall? Her dresses the last few years were insulting. If you look at newspapers, the ONLY time she is mentioned in them is when she wears her hurtful dresses. She's never nominated for the Grammy's. She just finds a way to go. Her ancestors must be spinning in their graves. She is related to jazz singer Kenny Hagood. He is a half great uncle.
joy angela villa, singer, songwriter, maga, trump supporter, hates immigrants, african american, italian, mary cummins, los angeles, california, mother father family biography dna heritage race ancestry family tree

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