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Who is Brenton Tarrant white supremacist terrorist and mass murderer? Heritage, ancestry, DNA - by Mary Cummins

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ORIGINAL: Brenton Tarrant, Brenton "Brento" Harrison Tarrant, born 1990 in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia. His father was Rodney Francis Tarrant 1960 - 2010. Below is part of the father's obituary from August 21, 2010. Rodney worked for James Hardie Industries which processed asbestos. Maybe Brenton got money from the company when his father Rodney died of asbestosis.

"Rodney Got Most out of Short Life; Rodney Tarrant

The saying that the good die young doesn't apply to everyone who passes on, but in the case of Rodney Tarrant, who died in April from cancer aged 49, this term would be apt.

The sixth of nine children to John and Joyce Tarrant, of Great Marlow, Rodney was a dedicated family man, father of Lauren and Brenton, and a competitive athlete.

After completing his Year 10 School Certificate at Saint Aloysius, Rodney began his apprenticeship at Woods Garage before going on to work with his father on the local garbage run when he was 22.

Chatting to a very proud mother, Mrs Tarrant reflected on a son who never thought anything was much bother.

"Rodney had a very friendly, gentle nature, he never said a bad word about anyone," she said.

"He was one of those people who were good at anything he wanted to do. He always tried his best and was able to achieve his goals without too much fuss."

Recalling a conversation with some of the many people who attended his funeral, Mrs Tarrant said her son's character was evident by their words.

"They had never seen anyone with as many friends as Rodney because he never lost one," she said.

The inspiration for Rodney's competitive stage of his life came after he married Sharon Fitzgerald in 1984 and within two years he had given up cigarettes and was focusing on his fitness.

After six months of training between two and three hours per day either cycling or running, Rodney entered his first competitive event, the 1987 North Coast Half Marathon.

He finished 40th overall, which inspired a 13-year competitive career which saw him complete 75 triathlons, including the gruelling Foster Iron man Triathalon where he finished 39th overall and 13th in the over-30 years class. …"

Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)
August 21, 2010

His mother is Sharon/Sharyn Maree Fitzgerald an English teacher at a local school.

His paternal grandparents are John Lynch Tarrant 1925-2002 and Joyce May Knox Tarrant b. 1925 94 years old. They were married in 1945. His maternal grandparents are William Frederick Fitzgerald and Maree Nevell Hicks. All of the relatives listed in the tree were born in Australia, Ireland, Scotland and England. They were mainly farmers the generation before Brenton's father.

As you can see his family is very white. I don't see any mixing at all. All the names are Irish. Perhaps that's why he doesn't like Muslims or darker people. I read his "manifesto." I personally believe he's just another young man with psychological issues who probably couldn't get a girlfriend easily. He was known as shy and withdrawn as a kid. He was never married. He blames Muslims maybe because he sees them with women and is jealous. He said he maid money in crypto current but he really inherited it two years after his dad died. He inherited money from his father after his death which he used to travel and buy guns and ammo. Maybe the money came from an asbestos claim against the company where the dad worked. He stated he was in the military but he was really just a fitness instructor. Just another mentally ill person who should not have had access to guns. I saw the video of the killing in the first mosque. There is really no reason for anyone to have semi or fully automatic weapons like that. Their only purpose is mass killing. The video looked like a video game simulation of mass killing. Hard to believe it really happened. A man at the mosque says "welcome, brother" to Brenton as he was entering the Mosque then Brenton instantly shot and killed him. It's just so horrible to kill innocent people in a place of worship.

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