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Who is Art Blajos, Arthur George Blajos, self described ex member of the Mexican mafia? Family, actual biography and criminal rap sheet

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Someone asked me to do an ancestry article about Art Blajos, Arthur George Blajos. Per Art Blajos he is "a self-described former assassin for the Mexican Mafia." Per records he was born Arthur George Blajos November 2, 1950 in Los Angeles, California. He states he comes from "a poor Mexican family." That's not true. Not only is Art an American citizen but so were his parents. He's not even 100% Mexican. His grandfather Ernest Blajos was from Greece.

Art's father was George Duarte Blajos January 25, 1927 Stanton, California died June 9, 1986 in Los Angeles, California. George Blajos was drafted into the army at age 18. He later enlisted in 1946 then was released in 1947. George married his wife Lupe around 1948. Together they had four children, Ernest 1949-1986, Arthur 1950, Carmen and Lucille.

Art's mother was Lupe Vidales May 17, 1931 born in Bellflower, died July 21, 2010 in California. Below is her obituary.

"Lupe V. Grijalva ( May 17, 1931 - July 21, 2010 ) LUPE V. GRIJALVA was born May 17, 1931 in Bellflower, California to Silvino and Maria (Resendes) Vidales and passed away in Corona, California Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at the age of 79 years. Lupe moved to Norco, CA in 1963 and was an employee of Norco Egg Ranch, from 1965-1979. Prior to her employment, Lupe was a devoted mother and housewife. She was an active member of the Corona Senior Center and enjoyed her time with members of the Stroke Club and often volunteered to assist the blind on the outings she enjoyed so much, despite her own physical challenges. During her life she enjoyed time with her 13 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great grandchildren. Lupe was preceded in death by her husband of 56 years, Frank, sons Ralph Grijalva and Ernest Blajos. Lupe leaves behind a wonderful family, who will miss her dearly. Son Arthur Blajos and his wife Anna, daughters Lucille Rodriguez, Carmen Arroyos, step-daughter, Yolanda R. Zazueta and her husband Ed. Also survived by many nephews and nieces. Funeral Services will be conducted Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. in Amour Outreach, 517 S. Ramona Avenue, Corona, CA. Graveside Services Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 1:00 P.M. in Riverside National Cemetery."

Arthur Blajos paternal grandparents were Ernest D Blajos born in Greece 1880 died 1937 in Orange County. Below is his obituary.

"Blajos Rites Held Today STANTON, April 5 . —Funeral services for Ernest Blajos, 53. who died Thursday evening after an extended illness at his home here, were held Saturday morning at 9 o'clock from St. Boniface Catholic church in Anaheim. Burial was in the Holy Cross cemetery with the S. F. Hilgenfeld Funeral home in charge of arrangements. The deceased, a native of Greece, came to California 22 years ago the past 14 of which have been lived in Stanton. Three sons, James George and Tom, amd three daughters, Margaret, Edna, and Helen, all of Stanton, survive. Recitation of the Holy Rosary was held Friday evening at the Blajos hall in Stanton."

Ernest Blajos ran a grocery store in Stanton, California. Earlier he was a carpenter. He was listed as "white" only speaking "Greek" when his wife was listed as "Mexican" only speaking "Spanish." He tried to open a pool hall but was denied a permit. In 1924 he was arrested for being a dead beat dad and not providing for his six children. He didn't even have $500 to bail himself out of jail. Both of his parents were born in Greece so I assume he was Greek. He had white skin and spoke Greek.

Art Blajos paternal grandmother was Margarite Duarte born 1894 in Mexico died 1933 in Orange, California.

Art Blajos maternal grandfather was Silvino Vidales born in 1888 in Mexico. He was a farmer and a rancher. Art's maternal grandmother was Maria Resendes born 1895 in Mexico and died 1939 in Mexico.

Art's mother Lupe divorced his father George before 1954 when Art was four years old. His older brother Ernest took on the second last name of his stepfather Frank Grijalva. Art's mother Lupe and Frank were married for 56 years. Frank was also in the military. He died in 1995.

Art Blajos states he started committing crimes as a juvenile. Juvenile records are sealed so I can't find out if that's true or not. The first time I see him involved in crime is trying to escape from the California Institution for Men in Chino April 1977. He failed then pleaded guilty to the charges. He was sentenced to state prison for a term of six to thirty months. He did not use force which is why the sentence was light.

The first real crime I see is December 10, 1978. He again "purported to be a member of the Mexican Mafia." Who tells the police you are a member of the Mexican Mafia? This reminds me of my ex who lied about being a Hell's Angel. Anyway, Arthur Blajos and three other men took a woman and two of her boyfriend's children hostage at a home in Three Rivers are. The girfriend called her boyfriend and told him they were being held hostage for ransom. The boyfriend was told he must go to his home with money in a few hours or they would kill his girlfriend and two young daughters. Boyfriend called the cops who went to the house. Blajos et al released the girlfriend 25 year old Debbie Ann Fonda but they wouldn't let her two small children leave. The children were Charlene Berry, age 11 and Liberty Berry, age 4. Art Blajos tried to run away from the house but he was caught. Art was arrested with Manuel Torres who was charged with murdering someone in Fresno in 1977. The four suspects were not armed but a handgun was found in the grass. The suspects were allegedly just trying to rob the house. There's another clipping that said it was murder on Dec 10 which I think must be a mistake. I searched all names and no murder or murder charges.

1979 Michael Moreno and Art Blajos were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. This was in Tulare County, California. Art was charged with burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit an armed robbery. One of the children was hit behind the ear with a rifle during the incident. The article stated that Blajos and Moreno were awaiting trial in Los Angeles County on murder charges. It doesn't appear that Blajos was ever charged for murder. I checked the courts and see nothing not even an arrest in Los Angeles. He was ultimately released from state prison in 1984 because of over crowding per Art Blajos. That means he was only in California jail for maximum five years as an adult. In order to be released under overcrowding you can't be a violent criminal. That means Art was merely with the other people who were violent. I don't see him ever being in San Quentin. He may have been sent there for trying to escape another correctional facility. There are lists of people who were on death row. He was not on death row. It appears his only major crime is hanging out with three other men who kidnapped a woman and her small children. That's a pretty low and weak thing to do. Even to be involved in kidnapping a woman and young children is very low.

While in prison Art Blajos appealed his conviction for trying to escape prison. He pleaded guilty! Here is that case. It was affirmed.

I see these cases in Los Angeles County. They're too old to view. Below are criminal cases.

1 BLAJOS, ARTHUR GEORGE 01 M168051 10/03/1984 Whittier Courthouse (Closed) (WH)

Case Number:  06SE1104
Arthur owes the jewelry store $1,100.

2 BLAJOS, ARTHUR LEONARD 01 A348629 04/05/1979 Central District (XCN)
Arthur owes jewelry store another $2,500.

3 BLAJOS, ARTHUR LEONARD (BLAJOS, ARTHUR GEORGE -ALIAS) 01 A348629 04/05/1979 Central District (XCN)
Jewelry store sued him again.

Below are civil cases

1 BLAJOS ARTHUR Small Claims (Limited) 08/07/2006 Alhambra Courthouse
2 BLAJOS ARTHUR G. Small Claims (Limited) 06/13/2006 Alhambra Courthouse
3 BLAJOS ARTHUR GEORGE AKA BLAJOS ART Small Claims (Limited) 03/06/2006 Alhambra Courthouse

Speeding over 65 mph.
81032WJ Criminal/Traffic Infraction People Blajos, Arthur George
Filing Date Case Status Case Status Date Destruction Date File Location
07/20/2005 Closed 12/31/2006 09/24/2012
Charge Charge Date Charge Dispo Date Charge Dispo Type
VC 22349(a) 07/20/2005 02/05/2006 Bail Forfeited - Traffic School not completed

Art's first wife divorced him while he was in prison in 1982. They had a son together. Below is Art Blajos family tree. Art has since remarried.

Art Blajos, Arthur George Blajos, criminal, prison, mexican mafia, kidnapping, murder, bankrupt, victory outreach, blood in blood out book, los angeles, california, mexico,, family, dna, ancestry, heritage, mother father wife, wives
Art filed for bankruptcy in 2006 in California. He stated he never filed an income tax return because he has never made any money. He lists real estate worth $280,000 and $36,000 in personal property. He owed $318,666 on the home. He stated he had no income on the front page then later states he makes $1,000 a month with expenses of $4,100 a month. He owned a house on Bunker Hill which he bought in 2005 almost at the peak with almost zero down. He owns $3,000 in jewelry.  He owned two 2005 vehicles. He got a first and second on his home and two car loans. Why did these companies loan him money? He owes money on credit cards and a jeweler. He states he's a self employed minister for 12 years. His wife is the main breadwinner in the family. She did not file for bankruptcy.

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