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Who is Henry Tarrio from Miami, Florida leader of the Proud Boys? Family, ethnicity, parents by Mary Cummins

Henry Tarrio, Henry Tarrio Jr, Proud Boys, arrested, mugshot, Miami, Florida, Donald Trump, BLM, Mary Cummins, banner, hate crime
Henry Tarrio, Henry Tarrio Jr, Proud Boys, arrested, mugshot, Miami, Florida, Donald Trump, BLM, Mary Cummins, banner, hate crime


UPDATE: 01/27/2021 Henry Tarrio was a federal informant snitch. I thought his 16 month sentence was pretty light for his crime.

He was released with a stay away order from DC. He's listed as 5'9" 195 lbs "H/W" i.e. Hispanic/White with a "light" complexion. Henry Darrio stated on video that he is guilty of destruction of property and burning the banner. 

Next hearing is 06/08/2021 09:30 AM Courtroom 216 Felony Status Conference OKUN, ROBERT D. There are two court cases. One for the banner destruction and the other for the ammunition magazine possession.

Henry Tarrio has one case in the District of Columbia. It's as follows. It was listed as three cases but it's basically one case. The main case is a convicted felon having two large capacity .556 caliber feeding devices with ten rounds each. In his defense ? he claims he sells mags, was selling the mags and delivering them to a client who bought them. See images below. He spoke to cops without a lawyer present. Idiot on top of all of this. Click images to see larger. 

Henry Tarrio, Henry Tarrio Jr, Proud Boys, arrested, mugshot, Miami, Florida, Donald Trump, BLM, Mary Cummins, banner, hate crime

Henry Tarrio, Henry Tarrio Jr, Proud Boys, arrested, mugshot, Miami, Florida, Donald Trump, BLM, Mary Cummins, banner, hate crime

This is the main file! It shows pics of the mags he was selling, his social media profiles, messages.

Here are images of the pages of the file above. Click to see larger. He put the Proud Boy logo on the ammo mags.

Here is the full case file for the BLM banner burning incident.

Case 1. 2020 CRW 005553 Closed Warrant 12/30/2020 TARRIO, HENRY Defendant (Criminal)

12/30/2020 Arrest Warrant Filed-Misdemeanor


12/30/2020 Arrest Warrant Filed-Misdemeanor

Arr War-Misdemeanor created on: 12/30/2020 


WIN #:  T101156575

01/05/2021 Alert Served LU 20

Arr War-Misdemeanor served on: 01/05/2021 


WIN #:  T101156575

2021 CF2 000105 Pending Grand Jury Felony II 01/05/2021 TARRIO, HENRY Defendant (Criminal)

01/05/2021 Charge Filed Charge 1: Possession of a Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device 

Charge 2: Possession of a Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device 

2021 CMD 000106 Open Misdemeanor 01/05/2021 TARRIO, HENRY Defendant (Criminal)

The church sued Henry Tarrio and Proud Boys but they sued him as Enrique Tarrio. Enrique is actually his father. He's always been Henry. Proud Boys is a corporation out of Texas. Their corporation documents are included in the lawsuit. It's a fraternity. Their docs say a member can't masturbate over once a month. They can't use pornography. They can't wear flip flops or cargo shorts. Gavin McInnes is the founder. 

There's a part which was redacted in the bylaws. It lists the original eight members. Here are their names. "Harry Fox, Heath Hair, Enrique Tarrio, Patrick William Roberts, Joshua Hall, Timothy Kelly, Luke Rofhling, and Rufio Panman." When the Proud Boys redacted that they just overlayed solid black text. They didn't actually redact it. These people are dumb. 

He was sued for destruction of property over $10,000. They included John Does so other people will be added as they are identified.


Case Type: Civil II

Case Status: Open

File Date: 01/04/2021 

Action: Complaint for Destruction of Private Property Filed

Status Date: 01/04/2021

Next Event: 04/09/2021

Here is the lawsuit.

ORIGINAL: Who is Henry Tarrio, Enrique Tarrio, Henry Tarrio Jr the leader of the Proud Boys? Henry Tarrio was born February 9, 1984 in Miami, Florida. His mother is Zunilda "Zuny" Maria Hernandez Tarrio born 1964 in Cuba. She filed a petition to become a citizen in 1990. His parents divorced in 1993.

His father is Enrique Tarrio Sr born 1963. He is listed as "white" on his marriage documents. His father lives in Miami and went bankrupt twice in 2006 and 2007. See below, available on Pacer.

Tarrio, Henry (db) 1:2006bk10290 Henry Tarrio Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court 01/31/2006 05/22/2006

Tarrio, Henry (db) 1:2006bk15153 Henry Tarrio Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court 10/12/2006 07/26/2007

His aunt is Gladys Pardo. His mother and aunt posted bail and bond for him to bail him out when he was arrested in 2013 for federal grand theft. See the Pacer file for the 2013 case.

Henry Tarrio has a store He has a Parler profile

Henry Tarrio has a long criminal rap sheet. 2004 to 2006 in Miami Dade County, Florida alone he was arrested a few times. Those cases are below. He was arrested for petit theft and grand theft also selling stolen merchandise. He was convicted and sentenced. There could be more arrests. I only checked Pacer and Miami Dade county, Florida.

Case 1. B-05-022387 05/13/2005 06/22/2005 PETIT THEFT

Case 2. F-04-016348-A 05/28/2004 11/10/2004 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN




Case 3. F-04-018138 06/15/2004 06/25/2004 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN

Case 4. F-04-016348 05/28/2004 06/25/2004 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN

In 2013 he was charged, arrested and convicted of stolen  property and selling stolen property. Case details are as follows and can be found on Pacer.

Tarrio, Jr., Henry (dft) 1:2012cr20947 USA v. Marino et al - Henry Tarrio, Jr. Florida Southern District Court 12/21/2012 08/26/2013

Henry Tarrio Jr and his two friends stole diabetic blood test strips. They were expired. Then they altered the labels so they wouldn't appear to be expired and sold them. They were found guilty of stolen property, altering labels of medical devices and selling stolen property. Below are the final charges. He was sentenced to a reduced sentence of 16 months. Notice $1,200,000 in restitution.

Henry Tarrio, criminal

Henry Tarrio was sentenced to jail and released December 2014. Below is his inmate ID number from the Bureau of Prisoners He's listed as white.

Henry Tarrio, bop, bureau of prisoners, inmate, prison, jail, arrested

Below is a mugshot from a 2014 arrest in Santa Rosa County, Florida. The name, address and birth date match. He is listed as white just like when he was arrested and sentenced in federal court. He says he's Afro-Cuban. Aren't Proud Boys white supremacists that hate women? Doesn't make sense to burn a BLM banner. Is this self hate? He looks white to me. His parents are listed as white. Is he lying about being Afro-Cuban just so he won't get a hate crime charge? "How can I be racist against black people when I myself am black?" 

Proud Boys was selling hate speech tshirts and items on Amazon, Etsy and a few other places. After being notified by the media they pulled all the items and accounts. 

Henry Tarrio, Henry Tarrio Jr, Proud Boys, arrested, mugshot, Miami, Florida, Donald Trump, BLM, Mary Cummins, banner, hate crime
Henry Tarrio, Henry Tarrio Jr, Proud Boys, arrested, mugshot, Miami, Florida, Donald Trump, BLM, Mary Cummins, banner, hate crime

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