Sunday, September 29, 2013

Actor Marc Copage and my sister Juliette Cummins in a test shoot

A friend of mine Marc Copage just posted a video he did with my sister actor Juliette Cummins. Marc Copage is a great actor. He went to Beverly Hills High School with me and my sister. My sister Juliette is a half sister. We are nothing alike at all. I'm a real estate appraiser. She's an actor.

Marc Copage has a blog on hubpages here He got his start as the son in the TV series "Julia." More about "Julia" on wikipedia More from his blog here Here is his imdb page He's done a ton of work. He's also a great singer and dancer. Check out his videos

He was of course in drama at Beverly Hills High School. I saw one of his plays and he really killed his role. Great job. I didn't know he was in the TV series "Julia" at the time but I think I saw an episode as a kid. I was born in late 1965 and the show started in 1968 going to 1971.

I met him again a few hears after high school at a Halloween party in the Hollywood Hills. He was wearing the actual sperm costume from the Woody Allen movie. He wore the same glasses Woody Allen wore. It was hilarious! Wish I had a pic of that.

We reconnected on Facebook a few years ago. He really is a talented individual.

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