Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hot mugshot guy Jeremy Meeks, stupid felon with long criminal history - Mary Cummins, Real Estate Appraiser, Animal Advocates

Handsome hunky mugshot guy Jeremy Ray Meeks born February 7, 1984 has a very long criminal history. He also has a history of being a stupid criminal. When questioned about a store theft he stated he was actually his brother Emery Meeks born January 27, 1981. They look very similar. He did this because he had a warrant out for his arrest. He didn't realize that his brother also had a warrant out for his arrest. Off to the pokey he goes for identity theft, theft and resisting arrest. They should have also charged him with stupidity.

Emery Meeks, Jeremy Meeks, Spokane, Washington, 
His mother Katherine Louise Angier born June 10, 1954 is no smarter. In writing she stated that her son is no longer part of the gang world. He's being railroaded because of his old tattoos. She states he only had the guns because he needed to protect himself because he used to be part of a gang.

Jeremy Meeks is a convicted felon. It is illegal for him to possess any gun. His mother just ratted him out.She did this while begging for money to bail him out on GoFundMe. Plus, he had pot on him. Here in California you can get a prescription for $40 and buy it legally for $20. Why have pot illegally? Again, stupid criminal.

If Jeremy Meeks felt he was being falsely characterized as a gang member, why didn't he at least get his tear drop tattoo and CRIPS gang tattoo removed? Obviously he wanted people to think he was a gang member.The tear drop tattoo generally means you murdered someone. No sane person would want to tell the world they murdered someone. Of course the police would look at your twice.

Jeremy Meeks sister Melissa is no Rhodes scholar either. She and Jeremy had photos of themselves flashing gang signs on their mother's Facebook wall. The mother cannot be that daft and naive especially when Jeremy admitted he was part of a gang and she admitted that as well.

Jeremy Meeks, Melissa Meeks, gang signs, tattoos, mugshot, handsome
I admit Jeremy Meeks' mugshot photo makes him look handsome with a stunning combination of beautiful skin color, chiseled features, sexy lips and captivating blue eyes. Still who would actually have an interest in a convicted felon who was knowingly breaking the law? I really hope all these women making adoring comments don't actually help bail this guy out. He has not yet learned his lesson and is still a danger to society possessing illegal weapons.

The weapons he possessed were not regular defensive guns. He had some major weapons in the car, i.e. two rifles (one with a scope), a semi-automatic handgun and a short shot gun with double grip. The only purpose for these weapons except the handgun are warfare or picking people off from a distance. This is not a good guy. Please, don't help him. He needs to go to prison.

This is odd. Jeremy Meeks' older brother Emery Meeks graduated from Medical Lake High School in Medical Lake, Washington in 2000 and went to Eastern Washington University. He was on the football team Eastern Washington Eagles then tried his hand as an ultimate fighter while working at Affordable Roofer. He also lived on an Air Force base so maybe he was in the military. He barely has any tattoos. How can these two brothers be so different?

I take that back. His brother Emery R Meeks has a slight record. In 2010 in Cheney, Washington "Emery R. Meeks, 29, was arrested for malicious mischief after punching a hole in a door in the 200 block of Fifth Street." Emery may be married to Rebecca "Becky" Meeks who is expecting a baby in July.

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  1. All this criminal behavior starts with Big Mama, Emory looks like he knew the way out was education, and Melissa hooking a man and poppin' babies - money from a man or the state - so either way she's sitting home feeding herself and kids in a section 8 pad. Jeremy is small, he's the best looking but probably not smart, and being a CRIP means you die in the gutter bleeding, die in prison or very rarely get out alive in one piece and his behavior of being a felon with drugs, guns and lying to the cops means he's not walking the straight and narrow. Unless you are stupid and will believe anything. With that armory of weapons, he's going to die in prison, a habitual offender with a cache of weapons like that isn't going to be walking free no matter how pretty the mug shot. Women are really stupid on facebook, in real life they'd be running for their very lives from this guy and with really good reasons. He dangerous to you living for long.

  2. nigga i know many many bitches that love guys like this. ffs. IM a guy like this I'm just not as handsome.

    stop hating my kind, when I was locked up other convicts was the most real love i ever had gotten from anyone, i hate pyous ass kissers of the law like the writer of this thread, you think there isn't some harvard graduate out there pushing pounds of weed for side cash? man you don't know the real world.

    i dislike the law and I don't believe being a good person has anything to do with fallowing the law. in some cases it may even require you to break the law.

    1. Stop hating "your kind?" Whatever, little man ;-)