Friday, August 29, 2014

Raiders football team, Al Davis, RD Hubbard, Hollywood Park - Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California

Al Davis, Raiders, football, team, Hollywood Park

Recently they've been talking about maybe moving the Raiders back to Los Angeles. Los Angeles hasn't had an NFL team since 1995 when the Raiders moved from the Coliseum back to Oakland. We have to make do with USC Trojans and San Diego Chargers football. Al Davis had been pitting cities against each other in bidding wars in the past. He would release news that he was going to bring the Raiders to Hollywood Park while negotiating with Oakland just to grind more money out of Oakland. I was present at one of Al Davis' horribly unethical meetings.

I'd met Al Davis quite a few times in real estate deals and at the Marina City club playing tennis. He always just wore a sweat suit and would comb his greasy hair straight back. He had skin cancer all over his face and the sores would ooze so he put band-aids over them. He is a total disgusting slime ball who cannot be trusted. He would make sexist comments about a woman to her face. First few times he met me he said "would you like to be a Raiderette?" I was a real estate broker doing well at the time. Why would I want to be a Raiderette? I would say "no thank you" then he'd say "well if you have girlfriends that look like you, send them my way" and he handed me his card which I tossed.

June 10, 1995 I was at the owner of Hollywood Park R.D. Hubbard's table for dinner with friends. Al Davis later joined us. It was Friday night at the track which was a big night. After the races were over Al Davis and R.D. Hubbard were talking about finalizing a deal to move the Raiders to Hollywood Park. As I watched Al Davis I could tell he was totally lying and trying to use Hubbard to squeeze more money out of Oakland. I sold real estate at the time and could totally read him. Hubbard was being honest and forthright about the deal. I can say this now because the events are in the past. After the meeting RD told me Al agreed to bring the Raiders to Hollywood Park and he'd release the news on his birthday. I told RD that I didn't believe Al and I thought Al was using him. I told him that I'd known him from around town for years. I said I think you may end up looking foolish. The next day this news was released.

Sure enough on RD's birthday June 13, Tuesday RD stated that Al Davis had agreed to come to Hollywood Park. Oakland heard this and offered Al Davis even more money and Al took it. Just as I had thought. RD was used by Al Davis. RD laughed about it later when I casually mentioned it ;-)

Now that Al Davis has died I can only hope his son is a better person and behaves ethically. I also would really like to see an NFL team back in LA. Raiders would be the perfect fit.

The below political cartoons sum up Al Davis and his unethical grinding for more and more money. He took $10,000,000 from the tiny city of Irwindale with only 1,000 people and didn't move the team there. He also took money from the coliseum. I'm sure he cost R.D. some money on the plans for the new football stadium to be built at Hollywood Park.

Al Davis, Raiders, Los Angeles, Oakland, political cartoon

Al Davis, Raiders, Los Angeles, Oakland, political cartoon

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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