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USC student Xinran Ji murdered near campus by four teens - Photo of defendants, Andrew Garcia, Alberto Ochoa by Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, real estate appraiser, los angeles, california

Andrew Garcia, murder, killing, Xinran Ji, usc, china, dead, los angeles, california

Our article here has more original content and research than any other article or site online as we are local. This is a breaking story. Check back for more information and updates. Memorial for Xinran Ji.

UPDATE: 03/16/2021 Defendant Jonathan Del Carmen who drove the car has sentenced reduced to time served and will be released. There was a change in the law in 2018 which made him eligible. 

09/16/2020 Alejandra Guerrero lost her appeal but the case was sent back for sentencing.

08/19/2020 Albert Ochoa the mastermind, ringleader of this band of convicted criminals appealed like the rest of them. He argued he was a minor and sentencing was too harsh. He will be resentenced. They will throw the book at him again. This kid bragged about what he did after he did it.

08/22/2019 Andew Garcia just lost his appeal. There were no errors in his trail. There was substantial evidence that he committed the crimes. I can't believe he would appeal. Below is the opinion in the appeal. The Supreme Court refused to hear it.

05/16/2019 Andrew Garcia appealed and lost. I can't believe he had the nerve to appeal. He admitted what he did to police. His co-defendants all ratted each other out. There was a ton of video of him hitting and running after Xinran Ji. So much physical evidence.

Here is the opinion. Ochoa and Guerrero also appealed. No ruling on their appeals but I'm pretty sure they'll lose.

03/10/2019 USC did a more in depth story about the trial of Alberto Ochoa. Seems Ochoa lied and said Garcia and Guerrero are the ones who killed Xinran Ji. That conflicts with video evidence. Ochoa's lawyer also tried to get him tried as a juvenile but failed. Alberto Ochoa who brags that he's a tough gang member and squad leader snitches on his squad friends and tries to get charged as a child. Very weak.

03/08/19 Last defendant Alberto Ochoa sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. They all deserved it. RIP Xinran Ji the only child of his parents.

These four criminals are in the California Corrections System here. LWOP is life without parole.

Andrew Garcia

12/13/2018 Final defendant found guilty of murder. I don't know why he didn't plead guilty. He was the ring leader who actually hit Xinran Ji. I'm sure he'll be sentenced to life in prison like the other defendants.

07/18/2018 USC did a more in depth article about sentencing. Seems Alejandra pleaded with the Judge to spare her life in prison without the possibility of parole. Her attorney said the Judge should consider that they both came from poor families. Many people come from poor families. That doesn't mean they get to murder people. They were actually out there robbing people for fun. They did it quite frequently.

Judge said no as he should have. Initially Alejandra had the gall to state she only hit Xinran Ji in self defense. That is the most insulting thing to say. She hit him as she tried to rob him. She him him in the head with a metal wrench after he was hit in the head with a metal baseball bat a few times. Hitting someone in the head even with just your fist can kill them. Not only that but there was no evidence that Xinran Ji ever even tried to defend himself. He just ran away as best he could.

Those parents, their families will mourn their son their entire life. I'm glad they murderers were properly punished. I'm glad USC upgraded security. Still, nothing will bring Xinran Ji back.

07/14/2018 Alejandra was just sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Del Carmen sentenced to 15 years to life in a plea deal. He pleaded guilty to second degree murder. Turns out after they drove to the beach Del Carmen said he didn't want to be involved in any more crime. He drove off and left the others are the beach. He only drove the car. He apologized. Garcia already sentenced to life without possibility of parole. Ochoa is awaiting trial. He should cut a plea deal because he has no chance of not getting life in prison without parole. He's an asshole and was the mastermind of the attack on Xinran Ji.

UPDATE: 01/31/2017 March 29, 2018 08:30 AM Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 107 PRETRIAL CONF/TRIAL SETTING for Alberto Ochoa.

08/22/2017 Jonathan Del Carmen was just sentenced to life in prison. I think he only drove the car, not sure. Alberto Ochoa is the last defendant. He wants to go to trial. He actually hit Xinran Ji so I'm sure he'll be found guilty as well.

08/18/2017 Third defendant "Jonathan Del Carmen, 22, pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree murder in the July 24, 2014, killing of Xinran Ji, an engineering student from China who had been walking home from a study group when he was attacked in the middle of the night." "He faces up to 15 years to life in prison when he’s sentenced Nov. 3."

As far as I know he just drove the car.

Andrew Garci pictured above sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. It was the strongest sentence possible.

UPDATE: Johnathan Del Carmen next hearing June 13, 2017 08:30 AM Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 107 PRETRIAL CONF/TRIAL SETTING.

I don't see info for Alberto Ochoa probably because he was a juvenile when he did these things.

06082017 Second Defendant Andrew Garcia GUILTY of murder. After only two hours of deliberation Garcia was found guilty. His mother Rosalie Garcia's reaction? She said she liked the rain and wished one of her other sons congratulations from graduation from a class. Rosalie was not even at the trial.

Andrew Garcia, murder trial, Xinran Ji USC graduate engineer student, guilty,

More from the trial. "When he (Garcia) was subsequently questioned by police about the attack on Ji, Garcia initially denied being in the area and then minimized his involvement in the crime and claimed Ochoa was the one wielding the bat during the attack on Ji, McKinney said.

“The evidence suggests he (Garcia) inflicted most of the severe ones (blows),” the prosecutor said.

Sentencing will be in July along with the first Defendant found guilty Alejandra Guerrero. They will most likely to received a sentence of life imprisonment without the ability of parole. Two Defendants are next, Albert Ochoa and Jonathan Del Carmen.

05/31/2017 The jury trial started for the second defendant Andrew Garcia. Alejandra Guerrero was found guilty of murder. Andrew Garcia was even more involved in the murder. He will most likely be convicted. They're aren't going for the death penalty which means he'll probably get life in prison.

UPDATE: Sentencing hearing for Alejandra Guerrero is tomorrow. Will it be life in prison or a little less due to her age?

XCN BA427590 04 GUERRERO, ALEJANDRA 07/25/2014 Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 107 11/28/2016 08:30 AM PROBATION AND SENTENCE HEARING

10/13/2016 Alejandra Guerrero convicted of murder in the first degree! Alejandra Guerrero was also found guilty of second-degree robbery, attempted second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. So relieved and happy that his family will have justice. There was so much video of Xinran Ji being beaten, chased, hobbling home covered in blood... The other two Garcia, Guerrero were even more guilty as they used the metal baseball bat to beat Xinran Ji on the head. Guerrero used a metal wrench to beat him on the head. Both weapons were found to be the murder weapons. DelCarmen didn't get out of the car he was driving. We will see what his sentence will be but Garcia and Guerrero are looking at life in prison. The DA did not ask for the death penalty. The news media stating that are incorrect. They could have gone for the death penalty with Garcia and DelCarmen due to their age but they didn't.

Everyone needs to look at these photos of the parents of Xinran Ji wailing in grief.

Xinran Ji, mother, father, grief, crying, mourning, death of son, Los Angeles, California USC student murdered killed

Xinran Ji, mother, father, grief, crying, mourning, death of son, Los Angeles, California USC student murdered killed

Xinran Ji, mother, father, grief, crying, mourning, death of son, Los Angeles, California USC student murdered killed

Xinran Ji, mother, father, grief, crying, mourning, death of son, Los Angeles, California USC student murdered killed
Alejandra Guerrero guilty of murder of USC student Xinran Ji Los Angeles California guilty verdict first degree
Here is a memorial I made for Xinran Ji.

Birth: Apr. 20, 1990, China
Death: Jul. 24, 2014
Los Angeles
Los Angeles County
California, USA [Edit Dates]

Xinran Ji, a second-year electrical engineering graduate student known for his academic prowess and compassion for others, died on Thursday, July 24. He was 24. He was murdered in a robbery attempt. Ji was a graduate of Zhejiang University in China and had already earned several academic honors and a scholarship for his electrical engineering work and designs. His interests also extended beyond engineering. He was an avid photographer, and friends remember him for his bright personality and his constant willingness to help. He was the only child of his surviving parents, father Songbo Ji and mother, Jinhui Du of China. A wake was held at the Chapel at the Universal Chung Wah funeral home in Alhambra, California. A memorial service was help on campus at USC.

Here is the Coroner's report.

Case Number:
Date of Birth:
24 years
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Cause A:
Cause B:
Cause C:
Cause D:
Other Significant Causes:
Deputy Medical Examiner:
Case Status:
Body Status:

10/12/2016: The jury began deliberations today at 10:00 a.m. Alejandra Guerrero's DNA was not found on the murder weapon the bat. Guerrero claimed she hit Xinran Ji with a wrench on the hand. The jury will decide the level of her culpability in the murder of Xinran Ji.

A different video angle shown in the clip below. You also see security footage of Xinran Ji going into his apartment his shirt all bloodied. The video also shows some bits from closing argument. Alejandra claims she was 16 and high. I saw the first video of her running after Xinran Ji full speed. If you are high on pot, you can't run like that. She ran after Xinran Ji with a wrench. She also lied in her previous testimony. It's interesting how all these kids turned on each other blaming one another.

Xinran Ji murder USC student civil engineering

10/11/2016: Prosecution rested on Friday. Defense started Tuesday. Good article about the status here. The blood on the metal baseball bat matched Xinran Ji. So did the blood on jeans. Alejandra posted about going to "flock" someone that night. "Flock" means to rob. Alejandra also posted "nigger" on her Facebook page. Her Facebook page was retrieved through a search warrant as it was set to private. I posted the full Facebook pages of Alberto Ochoa and Andrew Garcia here. I have copies of all of them. Andrew had a relative take down his page. Alberto had his ex-girlfriend take down his page, put it back up, add video to the page...

New evidence was released. "In the video, Ochoa used a bat against Ji, then handed it to Garcia. When Ji began to run, Garcia chased him with the bat, and Guerrero soon followed with a wrench. Both tools delivered the fatal blows. Jonathan del Carmen, another suspect and a fifth person, never stepped out of the car."

Alejandra admitted she used the wrench. I assume her DNA was on the wrench. It just wasn't on the bat. I didn't know previously that Jonathan del Carmen never got out of the car. Interesting that the one person in the country illegally is not the one that directly killed Xinran Ji. It was the three Americans who killed him.

10/01/2016 Trial is under way for Alejandra Guerrero. She was 16 at the time of the murder. She's being tried as an adult. Yesterday they presented the murder weapon, a metal bat. Allegedly the male suspects used the bat. I'm assuming Guerrero didn't which is why she's being tried separately. I wasn't at the trial. There are some articles about it.

09/29/2016 Jury trial for Alejandra Guerrero starts today. Alejandra is now in with general population as she turned 18.

Booking No.: 4704612       Last Name: GUERRERO       First Name: ALEJANDRA       Middle Name:

Sex: F       Race: H       Date Of Birth: 06/02/1998       Age: 18       Hair: BRO       Eyes: BRO       Height: 502       Weight: 105

Charge Level: F   (Felony)

Arrest Date: 06/25/2016       Arrest Time: 1045       Arrest Agency: 8000       Agency Description: OTHER STATE AGENCIES

Date Booked: 06/25/2016       Time Booked: 1053       Booking Location: CRDF       Location Description: CRDF - CEN REG DET FAC

Total Bail Amount: NO BAIL       Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00       Grand Total: NO BAIL

Housing Location: CRDF

Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 09/20/2016       Assigned Time: 0515       Visitor Status: N

Address: 11705 ALAMEDA STREET       City: LYNWOOD

Public Visiting Guidelines       Facility Visiting Schedule

For County facility visiting hours, Please call (213) 473-6080 at Inmate Information Center.

Next Court Code: S107       Next Court Date: 10/11/2016       Next Court Time: 0830       Next Court Case: BA42759004


09/28/2016 Jury selection has begun for the first defendant. They are not asking for the death penalty for any defendant. Alejandra Guerrero per the judge "The defendant maintains that she is absolutely innocent of the charges in question and has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges."

In the prelim they stated they hit him with weapons on the head. He died. All were involved. They are all guilty. I did hear the defendant's siblings state they are innocent because they only meant to rob him, not kill him. That's not how it works.

Andrew Garcia and little Alberto Ochoa are acting like tough gangsters in jail. Ochoa brags about it to others who post it online. Garcia thugs around trying to look like a bad dude in the court room. No remorse at all. They need life in prison.

Tomorrow begins pre-trial and motion for first defendant the ex-juvenile
XCN BA427590 04 GUERRERO, ALEJANDRA 07/25/2014 Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 107 09/27/2016 08:30 AM JURY TRIAL

It states jury trial to begin at same time but I doubt it. Call the court at the end of the day if you plan to go down there.

Delcarmen and Garcia have pre-trial scheduled for 11/07/2016.

Go to and type in BA427590 to see calendar.

07/22/2016: No trial date set yet.

September 7, 2016 08:30 AM Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 107 PRETRIAL CONFERENCE

Seems quite a few of Rosalie Garcia's kids have criminal convictions. I think she has two sons in jail at once. Gabriel Joseph Garcia born 1990.

2015 convicted of 245.  (a) (1) Any person who commits an assault upon the person of
another with a deadly weapon or instrument other than a firearm shall
be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or
four years, or in a county jail for not exceeding one year, or by a
fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both the
fine and imprisonment.

2012 convicted of graffiti. 594.  (a) Every person who maliciously commits any of the following
acts with respect to any real or personal property not his or her
own, in cases other than those specified by state law, is guilty of
   (1) Defaces with graffiti or other inscribed material.
   (2) Damages.
   (3) Destroys.

2010 another graffiti conviction

2011 convicted of speeding. 22350. No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility, the traffic on, and the surface and width of, the highway, and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.

He was charged with other crimes but they were dismissed, not prosecuted. He was found guilty every time he was arrested. He's 25 years old and has four convictions one of which is a felony. Can you image two sons in jail both for deadly assault one being charged with murder. Shitty family to allow their kids to do this.

UPDATE: Alberto Ochoa is now in men's jail in Castaic. "Booking No.: 4303312       Last Name: OCHOA       First Name: ALBERTO       Middle Name:
Sex: M       Race: H       Date Of Birth: 01/23/1997       Age: 18       Hair: BLK       Eyes: BRO       Height: 508       Weight: 180 Charge Level: F   (Felony)" This means he has a long drive to get to court. They will wake him up at 2:00 a.m., no shower, no breakfast, into the bus. Then the long drive to court dropping off other prisoners at other courts along the way. Court is over and he goes into a holding cell, again no food or water. They drive him back to the jail. He arrives around 1:00 am and if he has to go back to court the next day he gets an hour of sleep, no food or water.

Preliminary hearing for Andrew Garcia showed enough evidence to go to trial. They will all be arraigned together on 05/14/2015 08:30 AM in room 100. They are not going after Del Carmen for the death penalty because he just drove the car. They also aren't going after the other two for the death penalty as they were minors at the time. As Andrew Garcia was over 18 at the time and was the one who chased after him and hit him in the head with a baseball bat, they probably will go for the death penalty for him. Coroner ruled that one hit alone killed him. Andrew is 6'0. The others were 5'4" and 5'8" and out of shape.

Meanwhile Andrew's mother may be evicted because her son Gabriel had a criminal record while he lived with her in her Section 8 housing. She lost her section 8 housing. She doesn't have a job and lives off the state. She doesn't have a problem going hiking. She makes tons of food for her kids. She goes out for drinks. She just did a 5K this morning. I wish I could do a 5K or even a 1K.

UPDATE: Andrew Garcia is mentally fit for trial. His preliminary hearing is tomorrow.

LACBA42759001GARCIA, ANDREW07/25/2014Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center03004/29/201508:00 AMPRELIMINARY HEARING

Meanwhile his mother will be evicted in 60 days for not paying rent. She lost her section 8 housing when she admitted a criminal was living with her. That criminal is her other son Gabriel. They will all now lose their homes. She is three months behind. If she's able to go hiking, swimming, dancing, why can't she get a job?

UPDATE:  I see another readiness hearing 4/20 with 4/29 proposed preliminary hearing for Andrew Garcia. Supposedly he's been declared fit to take the stand. The question now for the DA is whether to seek the death penalty or life in prison. I think it'd make more sense to go for life in prison. People on death row rarely are put to death. Plus if one juror holds out on finding them guilty because he doesn't want them to be killed, that would destroy the case. I think the amount of evidence needed for death penalty is higher than life in prison.

This case has taken its toll on the defendants parents. The Catholic parents think all they have to do is read the bible, pray and go to church. They think that alone makes them a good person and parent. Wrong. Reading the bible won't help their kids. They needed to set a better example and be a better parent. These kids had no one watching over them. Who lets teenagers go the beach at midnight with other teenagers? That's actually illegal because of driver's license age restrictions. Shitty parents who raised shitty kids who think it's okay to kill someone for their smart phone which they can only sell for $20.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 | 7:40 a.m. PDT
"A judge postponed the arraignment of three defendants charged in the beating death of USC graduate student Xinran Ji.

The arraignment was postponed while the District Attorney's office decides whether to pursue the death penalty for the two adult defendants, Jonathan Del Carmen and Andrew Garcia.

A preliminary hearing has also been scheduled to decide whether Garcia should be regrouped with the other three defendants.  Garcia was assessed for mental competency after an outburst in court.  A committee has since declared him fit to stand trial.

Rose Tsai, an attorney representing the victim's family said they are hoping for justice.

ATVN reached out to the defendant's attorneys, but they declined to comment on the case.

The arraignment has been rescheduled for May 14th."

UPDATE: Andrew Garcia's mother just lost her section 8 housing because she admitted a convicted criminal lived with her. Her son Gabriel is a convicted criminal. He already has two kids. December 28, 1990, Gabriel Joseph Garcia. I think every single one of her kids has been in trouble with the law. She still has Nicholas who was born March 9, 1998.

Andrew Garcia had another competency hearing. Another is scheduled. So is his preliminary hearing for 4/29. If Andrew Garcia keeps saying he's not competent, they will keep him where he is until he is. They will wait until he becomes competent then try him. Either way he'll at least be locked up for life. The video, DNA, confessions, all the defendants ratting each other out...guilty.

Loser Kink Stylee aka Alberto Ochoa told his friend to make his Facebook page live again. You see him doing hood rat shit, acting all gang banger bad.... He got rid of the real bad pics which I posted here below.

Andrew Garcia's mother is on welfare, section 8 housing, assistance, medi-cal, has no job. She just lost her subsidized housing because she admitted one of her kids is a criminal and lives with her. She may end up evicted. I think her second to youngest son lives with her with his kids. I assume he's the criminal. It's Gabriel Joseph Garcia 12/28/1990. Felony in jail. Homocide? I think every member of the family may have been in jail.

Booking No.: 3732857       Last Name: GARCIA       First Name: GABRIEL       Middle Name:

Sex: M       Race: H       Date Of Birth: 12/28/1990       Age: 22       Hair: BRO       Eyes: BRO       Height: 600       Weight: 190

Charge Level: F   (Felony)

Arrest Date: 10/04/2013       Arrest Time: 1835       Arrest Agency: 4296       Agency Description: LAPD-SO. BUREAU HOMICIDE

Date Booked: 10/04/2013       Time Booked: 1939       Booking Location: 4212       Location Description: LAPD - 77TH STREET

UPDATE: Andrew Garcia had his first competency hearing. His attorney requested a more thorough examination of Garcia. His competency hearing will be heard again in March.

As I look at the evidence and the video, yes, supposedly Ochoa hit him first but Xinran was able to run away. He looked okay running. Had Garcia not chased after him and hit him again and again, he probably would have survived. I doubt the girl or Ochoa who are both very small would have been able to catch up to or beat him as badly as Garcia did. Garcia is 6' or 6'1" tall and 18.

UPDATE: Upcoming calendar for this case. Andrew Garcia has a "competency to stand trial" hearing. Others have "arraignment, pleas." 1368 is CA penal code for "competency to stand trial." I think his attorney will try to plead he has issues because his mother was using crack and living on skid row as per her own admission. He never smiled in family pics. He didn't really hand out with his family much.

XCNBA42759002DELCARMEN, JOHNATHAN07/25/2014Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center10003/05/201508:30 AMARRAIGNMENT AND PLEA
LACBA42759001GARCIA, ANDREW07/25/2014Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center03003/18/201508:30 AM1368 PC RPT/NON-APPEAR
XCNBA42759004GUERRERO, ALEJANDRA07/25/2014Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center10003/05/201508:30 AMPRETRIAL HEARING
XCNBA42759003OCHOA, ALBERTO07/25/2014Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center10003/05/201508:30 AMARRAIGNMENT AND PLEA

The Judge in this case as Judge Mary Lou Villar de Longoria. She is the sister of the ex-Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Born January 19, 1954. I think it was wise to pick a Judge born here from Mexican parents. I hear she is a much more ethical and intelligent person than her brother Antonio Villaraigosa. Antonio's real last name is Villar but he changed it. Judge ML Villar recently had the Alarcon corruption case before her. Her review state she is pro-DA and anti-defendant. You must realize that first the LAPD investigates a case. If they feel it has merit, there is enough evidence, they present it to the District Attorney office. The DA investigates some more to see if the case has merit, there is good evidence and can be won in court. The DA then files the case. There are some pre-pre-trial motions and hearings about evidence and such. If a pre-pre-trial judge feels there is enough evidence to proceed, they will set the case for preliminary hearing before a judge. The preliminary hearing is to see if there is enough evidence to take the case to trial. If there is, case goes to trial. By the time you are at this level, most weak cases would be eliminated unless there was a ton of corruption which I have seen before. Generally at this point the defendants are guilty. Then they go to trial on so many counts. The trial jury then decides guilty/innocent on which charges. Then the judge must decided on sentencing for each of the guilty charges.

Judge M L Villar, Judge Mary Lou Villar, Judge, Mary Lou Villar de Longoria with her brother Antonio Villaraigosa. AV is 5'8" which means his sister is tiny. She just turned 61. 

UPDATE: 0115/2015: Judge rules there is more than enough evidence to send the three to trial. Trial begins supposedly January 29, 2014.

Here is Jonathan Del Carmen.

Booking No.: 4042265       Last Name: DELCARMEN       First Name: JONATHAN       Middle Name:
Sex: M       Race: H       Date Of Birth: 06/02/1995       Age: 19       Hair: BLK       Eyes: BRO       Height: 505       Weight: 130
Charge Level: F   (Felony)

Here is Andrew Garcia

Booking No.: 4042269       Last Name: GARCIA       First Name: ANDREW       Middle Name:
Sex: M       Race: H       Date Of Birth: 12/19/1995       Age: 18       Hair: BLK       Eyes: BRO       Height: 600       Weight: 160
Charge Level: F   (Felony)

As you can see he's 6' tall 160 lbs. Jonathan Del Carmen is 5'5" 130 lbs. When Jonathan Del Carmen stands next to Alberto Ochoa, Jonathan is taller. That means Alberto is maybe 5'4". He is begging to stay in juvie hall. He's enjoying himself. He even got a tattoo in juvie hall.

UPDATE: 01/14/2015: From Neon Tommy, i.e. USC media. The person running after Andrew Garcia is Alejandra Guerrero. Alberto Ochoa had already hit him in the head.

"The suspects circled the neighborhood in a dark, 1993 Honda Accord for several minutes before stopping near 29th and Orchard streets, said Courtney. There, a nearby camera captured three suspects exit the car and confront Ji, who had left the apartment earlier that evening for a study group on campus. 

Ochoa was the first to turn the baseball bat on Ji, said the prosecutor. The suspect then passed it to Garcia, who chased Ji around the corner and slammed him again. Guerrero came quickly after, also striking Ji. DelCarmen drove behind the group, picking up his alleged accomplices." 

Later these punks tried to steal a car then a purse. Alberto Ochoa was again holding a baseball bat. 

"A fifth person may also be involved: Prosecutors say a 14-year-old girl sat in the backseat of DelCarmen’s car. She has not been charged in Ji’s death. However, she is being prosecuted in juvenile court in connection with a second robbery that the gang attempted later that night at Dockweiler Beach. 

One of two victims, Claudia Rocha testified the same day. She was sitting on a curb with a friend near a roadway overlooking the beach when Ochoa approached with a baseball bat over his shoulder. As he aimed it at her friend, Rocha suddenly found herself fending off the two girls. 

“We just want the keys to the car,” she recalled Guerrero saying. Rocha responded she didn’t have a car, and Guerrero said, “Then give us your purse.” As Rocha resisted, Guerrero pulled out a pocket knife and slashed at her purse strap. 

Police arrested all five suspects by the following morning, quickly linking their license plate and the bat to Ji’s killing. "

Coroner, another witness will testify today. Why in the world didn't these kids take a plea deal? Perhaps they weren't offered one because the case is so open and shut. Andrew Garcia already blamed the other people for setting him up. That's another reason why he'll be tried by himself. I don't buy the "mentally incompetent" bit. All of his Facebook, Instagram postings seem normal. Meanwhile these losers' Facebook friends are saying that all their "lil niqqas shood be freed." They are murderers. Why should they be free? These kids loser friends think that they only meant to beat and rob him. They didn't intend to kill him. Ya, well that is what happened. They should have realized that bashing in someone's head who is then bleeding all over the place would kill him.

Alberto Ochoa

Alejandra Guerrero

Jonathan Del Carmen
Video of Xinran Ji being attacked, nothing gory. You see Xinran Ji running away from people. The first person chasing him is taller so I think it's Andrew Garcia because he's 6' tall. The second person looks like Alberto Ochoa because he's shorter around 5'6". Ochoa is the one who allegedly killed Xinran Ji by beating him in the head with a baseball bat. I think Andrew is the one with the wrench. Del Carmen was driving the car. You see video of defendants in this video. That is where I got the photos.

Alleged murderers of USC student Xinran Ji. Alberto Ochoa, Jonathan Del Carmen, Andrew Garcia, Alejandra Guerrero
UPDATE: Andrew Garcia is now claiming he is mentally ill and intellectually incompetent. They're trying to argue he's too stupid to know what he did. He acts very different in court than how he acts with his family on the phone and in jail visits. Today he blurted out obscenities. Someone must have told him if he acts dumb, he may get away with it. He will have a mental evaluation in the next month.

Today they showed the blood stained pillow, sheets, shirt and pants of Xinran Ji after he was beaten in the head with a wrench and a bat. There were puddles and droplets of blood throughout the apartment.

Three of the defendants are in preliminary hearing today. Andrew Garcia's lawyer is sick so his prelim is postponed. Lots of coverage with photos of the losers.

Loser Andrew Garcia while being led away from the proceedings stated "“Can I go home now? … Playtime’s over.” He is one of the people who actually killed Xinran Ji. Total loser to think he should be allowed to go home.

Ochoa will be 18 on January 23. He's asking to stay in juvie hall. Judge said no. If he can kill someone, he can stay in jail with adults. Seems as though the hearing only started around 11:00 a.m. I hope it continues today. I will update more.

UPDATE: 12/12/2014: Prelim continued to January 12, 2014. We finally have pic of Alejandra Guerrero who is I think 14 or 15. Her attorney was not there. Xinran Ji supporters were upset that it was postponed yet again. They still have not tested the DNA sample. Big cases with multiple defendants get postponed many times. In one recent case I followed one defendant was in jail for almost a year and a half before his prelim.

Alejandra Guerrero, murder suspect in murder of Xinran Ji

UPDATE: 12/04/14: Preliminary hearing Dept 30 8:00 a.m. 12/12/2014. Based on relative's posts, hearing was over at least five hours ago. I don't know if they only had half day or what.

UPDATE: 12/03/14: Preliminary hearing is 12/04/14, tomorrow, Thursday, Dept 30, Judge Renee Korn (213) 974-6011. Judge Renee Korn is a good judge for this case. She is kind, fair and smart. She's also good with kids who have committed crimes. I will call later today to make sure the prelim is still on. Tomorrow we will hear from the prosecution what these kids did to Xinran Ji.

Xinran Ji murder trial, preliminary, andrew garcia, alberto ochoa, jonathan delcarman, alejandra guerrero, judge renee korn, dept, 30, los angeles, california 

If you ever need to know the calendar on this case, go here and put in BA427590.

UPDATE: 11/24/14: On 11/19/14 Judge Korn heard argument about how to test the DNA. This is interesting. The defendants have different stories of what happened. Sounds like they are blaming each other. Pic from the hearing. Andrew Garcia in yellow on left, Jonathan DelCarmen in the middle, Alberto Ochoa on right. I will call to make sure when the pre-trial begins. I'm glad they are allowing photos or video now.

"The prosecutor and attorneys for four accused killers of USC student Xinran Ji argued in court Monday about whether separate DNA tests should be conducted for each of their clients.

Judge Renee Korn gave the defense attorneys until Dec. 2 to decide whether they would have one observer represent them during a DNA test. She also set Dec. 4 as the preliminary hearing date to determine if there’s enough evidence to order a trial.

L.A. County’s Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said he’s worried there wouldn’t be enough DNA evidence for all four defendants’ attorneys to conduct separate tests. He requested that the defense share one observer.

SEE ALSO: At Courthouse, Xinran Ji's Case Attracts Chinese Supporters Across California

The attorney for Alberto Ochoa argued against this, saying that since all defendants have given conflicting statements of what happened on the night of Ji’s death, he would prefer to have his own separate observer.

Judge Korn asked that all parties determine how many observers would be present by the Dec. 2 status update. She also asked that Deputy D.A. McKinney file a request to have the court split the cost of testing with the taxpayer by then.

I think that this issue needs to be resolved sooner rather than later,” said Korn, specifically addressing the DNA issue. “If you have a specific opinion as to whether it should be one individual on behalf of the defense or individuals, so that the court can understand the complexities of such a request.”

Xinran Ji was a USC student from China who was murdered while walking home from the school’s University Park campus on July 24. The defendants—Jonathan Del Carmen, 19, Andrew Garcia, 18, Alberto Ochoa, 17, and Alejandra Guerrero, 16—have been charged with Ji’s murder, with a special circumstance of committing it during an attempted robbery.

Ji is the third Chinese student to be killed just off-campus in the past two years. On Monday, a judge sentenced Javier Bolden to life in prison without parole for the shooting death of USC students Ying Wu and Ming Qu in 2012.

SEE ALSO: Chinese Community Looks Back As Xinran Ji's Case Moves Forward

During Wednesday’s proceedings, each defendant stood behind a glass barrier with their respective lawyers. Supporters for both sides filled the aisles, with 15 Chinese community members from the China Inner Mongolia General Chamber of Commerce, the province where Ji was from, showing up on behalf of Ji’s parents, who are currently in China.

After the status update, Rose Tsai, the attorney representing Ji’s parents, held a Chinese-language news conference on the 12th floor of the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center to recap the proceedings for Ji’s supporters. Speaking to the issue of whether each defendant is entitled to a DNA testing observer, Tsai expressed optimism that Deputy D.A. McKinney could proceed even if the results aren’t ready by Dec. 4. “He told me that he can probably still proceed, because he has other sufficient evidence,” she said.

Tsai also expressed concern that the preliminary hearing could be delayed from Dec. 4. During the proceeding, Garcia’s attorney had asked for such a delay to give more time to prepare. Korn said that the defense would have to formally request a delay by Dec. 2 for her to consider such a change.

“We hope there’s not any more delay,” Tsai said. “The speedier this case proceeds, the more inspired [Ji’s parents] will be.”

UPDATE: The two punks who killed the two Chinese USC students guilty of murder. Sentence to life in prison without parole. The two punks are just like the ones who killed Xinran Ji. They like to wear gang clothing, make gang signs, live in similar area, steal and rob people, like to act tough. I can only hope the four here who killed Xinran Ji also get life in prison. All these punks were out to have a good time robbing wealthy foreign USC students with lethal weapons.

Here's an article about the punks. Look at the pics. They are the "no respect" party crew. Tough guys with pitbulls on chains showing pics of themselves holding guns, flashing gang signs and being all thug.

In the Xinran Ji murder case lil' punk Alberto Ochoa the ring leader of the "hunnid $quad" party crew is having a great time in jail. He's meeting other gang members, making gang drawings, got a tattoo already. People on Facebook think he's "kool" because he's in jail. I do not understand this loser mentality at all.

UPDATE: 11/06/14: Today was a status hearing which had to do with DNA evidence. They have some DNA evidence and also have the surveillance video. November 9 will be another status hearing. December 4, 2014 will be the preliminary hearing. They divided the supporters of the victim and defendants. I actually think this was a good idea to keep the peace. I will be at the preliminary hearing.

UPDATE: 10/22/14: Someone wrote an article about what a horrible neighborhood USC is located. They mention Xinran Ji's murder. The writer states on campus you have wealthy, foreign students. Directly off campus you have crackheads, prostitutes and crime. This is true. Writer tells people to stay on campus and watch their back.

UPDATE: 10/18/14: The man that killed the two Chinese USC students admits he targeted USC students because he knew they would have money. "Deputy District Attorney Dan Akemon showed jurors a 90-minute-long police interview that he said was Bolden's confession. In it Bolden admitted that he and a friend targeted USC to find well-off victims." This is the same reason Xinran Ji was targeted, money. I believe he was also targeted because he was not a big strong man and he was by himself. Four people against one. Andrew Garcia is six feet tall. The other kids were short.

Here are pics of Javier Bolden and Bryan Barnes. Look at these losers wearing gang wear and flashing gang signs. They were part of a "party crew" just like the losers who killed Xinran Ji. What's truly upsetting is that Alberto Ochoa in jail is still flashing gang signs, affiliating with a gang, talking about how gangsta he is. He's loving the attention he's getting in jail as a murderer like he now has street cred or something. Alberto Ochoa is such a loser that he can't even see what a total loser he and all his friends truly are. His gangsta behavior is what caused him to be in jail where he will most certainly stay for a long, long time.

UPDATE: 10/10/14: It's in Chinese but was Google translated into English. I'm sad English news agencies stopped covering it. In summary the defense is using delay tactics which is pissing off the Judge. Each defendant has their own lawyer. 1/4 lawyers said they could not open the disc of evidence from prosecution. There will be two hearings before the preliminary hearing which will be December 6, 2014. November 6, 19 will be the two hearings. The LAPD provided DNA evidence. John McKinney is the DA prosecutor in the case. He wants LAPD forensis to take DNA samples of defendants. Defense attorneys want their own experts. Judge said that will be a waste of money and time when LAPD is highly qualified. Defense must decide before 10/31 what they want to do. Originally the parents all said their kids were good kids. Today they were silent, worried, seem to be foreboding doom according to the article.

No one else wrote anything about the case. I will go to the preliminary hearing. I doubt the LAPD forensic labs would fake evidence in this case. Why? The kids admitted they hit him and tried to rob him. They are merely stating they didn't intend to kill him. This is what the kids told their families and friends which posted this on the Internet.

I only saw this press release today.

UPDATE: 09/15/14: Another article about the last hearing. Seems the defendants' attorneys stated they needed more time to review the evidence. I assume they all have public defenders. The DA said he had more than enough evidence right now to take the case to trial. There is also video in the link below.

"Chinese student's murder case

CNC Added On September 15, 2014
In the U.S. Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday had its first preliminary hearing for 4 suspects charged with killing Chinese student Xinran Ji from the University of Southern California.

In court, 4 defense attorneys stated that they need more time to review the evidence and material. The judge set October 9th for the next preliminary hearing. The district attorney said that he has offered enough evidence for this case to enter trial.

"The district attorney has handed all the evidence to the defense attorneys, they want more time to review, which should be done before October 9th. And the district attorney emphasized that those evidence should be enough, although during the investigation there may be more evidence coming out, but it won't make a difference regarding entering trials."

Besides Chinese students and Chinese Americans in Los Angeles who came to the court, there were also three students from Chinese Overseas Students Legal Aid Center from Northern California, who came to support the victim's family. This organization is founded by law schools students and aims to offer legal aid to Chinese students in the US.

SOUNDBITE: BI RAN, Director of Chinese Overseas Students Legal Aid Center
"When we heard about what happened to Ji Xinran, we feel very sorry. We hope we can help his family and other students as much as we can. Honestly, we do not have many professional skills, but at least we can help them from our perspective as students."

Representatives from the University of Southern California (USC) also came to the court.

"USC is decided more can be done and we rolled out a whole new list of things we are going be doing to make things even safer."

The suspects -- 19-year-old Jonathan Del Carmen, 18-year-old Andrew Garcia, 17-year-old Alberto Ochoa and 16-year-old Alejandra Guerrero, are accused of attacking and killing Ji on July 24 off campus.

They were charged with murder under special circumstance, secondary robbery, attempted secondary robbery and assaulting with deadly weapons."

09/12/14: Hearing today postponed the pretrial. I don't think they have legally been charged yet, not sure. None of the people in the audience seemed to know what was happening. The Xinran Ji crowd was not as big as last time. Defendants' families and friends were there. I did hear a couple of people got kicked out for trying to speak or motion to defendants. Don't know who they were. I'll post more when I know. It's best to call the court the day before the hearing to see if it will be postponed or what type of hearing it will be. I would bet pretrial won't be for a bit because they need to gather more evidence.

Next court M30 Judge Renee Korn again (213) 974-6011. Call day before to see what type of hearing is scheduled. October 9, 2014 8:30 a.m.

Another article about Friday's hearing.

More update from ATVN USC.

Dressed in orange, yellow, and blue prison jumpsuits, the accused killers of USC graduate student Xinran Ji arrived at the Downtown Los Angeles Criminal Justice Center for a preliminary hearing early Friday morning. 

The four teenage defendants—Jonathan Del Carmen, 19; Andrew Garcia, 18; Alberto Ochoa, 17; and Alejandra Guerrero, 16—are accused of beating 24-year-old Ji to death after allegedly attempting to steal his belongings on July 24. Ji was later found dead in his apartment with a trail of blood leading from the street to his body. 

Dozens of USC students and others showed up this morning to voice their support for Ji. Many have pledged to be present at every hearing throughout the trial. Supporters held up signs that read “Justice for Xinran” along with pictures of the 24-year-old outside of the courthouse after the hearing. 
Second year USC graduate student Xijie Wang knew of Ji and was present Friday to show his support for the slain student. 

“We are both engineering students so I wanted to be here to support him and his family,” said Wang. “We want our school to give us more protection.”

Song Song, also a USC graduate student, lives in the same apartment building that Ji lived in. She says she no longer feels safe on the USC campus. 

“We are both international students,” said Song. “I am in his position. I am also worried about my safety, so I think we need to be here and say something so that other people care about this. I am never out by myself at night. That is very scary.”

Rose Tsai, a spokeswoman for the Xinran Ji’s family addressed how thankful Ji’s parents are for the outpour of support among the USC community. 

“The parents, after experiencing such trauma of losing their only child, their only hope in their lives, they’re trying to keep themselves strong,” said Tsai. “This is the only consolation to them; the warmth from the country where their son was killed.”

ATVN was not able talk with anyone affiliated with the defendants in the case. 
The next court date for this trial is set for Oct. 9 at 8:30 a.m. at the Folt Criminal Justice Center.

Link to video for above article.

The purpose of the pretrial is to see if there is enough evidence for a trial on all the charges. Some or all charges could be dropped based on the pretrial which is based on evidence and eyewitnesses.

UPDATE: 08/30/14: New article on USC and Chinese students. I agree with one suggestion offered by a parent. Perhaps these students should live on campus. On-campus housing currently is for undergrads. I lived on campus at USC. We still had bicycles stolen even though they were securely locked.

I disagree with this statement below. Xinran Ji was targeted because he was Chinese. I posted what close friends of his attackers said. They said Chinese, Japanese are the enemy. They talked about going out to bash enemies. I also believe he was targeted as a USC student. USC students have money generally because it's an expensive private school. Yes, I was poor and on scholarship but I'm sure I looked it with my clothes and lack of jewelry riding a shitty bicycle.Xinran Ji was targeted because he had his laptop and probably also a smart phone and maybe money in his wallet. He was not willing to let them take his laptop with all his notes, work, books on it. That's probably why he died. You don't see poor people being mugged or robbed. That would be stupid.

"Harrington opened this week's meeting by telling the audience that Ji was not attacked because of his ethnicity or because he was a USC student."

I do agree that non-Los Angeles students need education about staying safe. Dress down almost like a bum, no jewelry, no expensive watch, don't go off campus at night, walk in groups, always look around you to see if people are coming after you, don't carry your laptop at night off campus, backup your laptop so you can hand it over instead of being killed like Xinran Ji, don't carry more cash that  you need for that day, leave all credit cards but one at home, have pepper spray or some other legal weapon for protection, use the school shuttle. If you want to hang out off campus, drive to the Beverly Center area, Santa Monica or West LA. If a stranger asks you for money, don't give a penny.Tell them you're broke, sorry. When you go for your wallet is when they or someone else grabs it and runs. Use ATM on campus only. Make sure you can run in your clothes and shoes, no stilettos. Don't carry a purse or backpack if you can. Keep wallet, keys, phone in front pockets. Don't be a target. Learn basic self-defense. If you see gang-banger types, cross the street to get away from them especially if they are in groups. If they also cross the street, run and yell for help. Don't wear clothing with USC emblazoned on it off campus unless you are in a nice area. If you are a small person or disabled, take even more precautions.

I believe robbers are intentionally targeting non-American looking USC students. If you were a robber, it'd make sense. Easy prey with valuables. Don't be prey or carry valuables. They are mugging people and don't seem to be robbing apartments.

UPDATE: 08/20/2014: Today is move-in day for USC undergraduate students. Please, teach them to stay safe. Keep the criminals away from the students.

Telemundo did a report in Spanish about move-in day and all the security upgrades. Criminals, if you commit crime in this area you will be caught. This video is in Spanish. Este video es en Espanol. There are others in English. Hay otros en Ingles.

 Also, it seems the suspected murderers' families are on public assistance. Our government, state, the public are paying to support these people who raise these loser kids.

UPDATE: 08/19/2014: Andrew Garcia has been moved to the Twin Towers in downtown LA as permanent housing. They can accept visitors. For some reason the adult defendants have two different booking numbers. I think they were first booked for the beach robbery then the murder based on the number sequence.

Jonathan DelCarmen has been assigned to Castaic jail. He is in for one hell of a commute come hearing day. They will wake him up at 2:00 a.m. so he can board the bus at 5:00 a.m. so he can get to court at 7:00 a.m. for his 8:30 a.m. hearing which probably won't start until 10:00 a.m. He won't be allowed to eat or drink in transport or in his holding cells. I think they intentionally split up the defendants so they don't talk to each other. I assume juvie defendants are in juvie facilities. Supposedly now the 14 year old girl may have been involved in the murder. Next hearing is their prelim September 12, 2014.

UPDATE: Last Thursday 08/14/14 Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD, USC and the Chinese Consulate had a meeting to improve security and students' safety in and around USC. Again my advice is to stay on campus. Don't walk around outside of the campus. It's a horrible area. Poor robbers want to rob students of their phones, laptops, jewelry, money... If you must walk around there, make it obvious you have nothing of value. Don't carry a backpack or purse. Dress way down. Better yet get in a car and drive to a better area if you need to go to the market, run errands. If you live off campus, live in a better area and commute. Drive a shitty car so you don't get car-jacked. I've lived in LA my entire life. If you are in your car at a stop light and people approach you, run the light if you can safely. Carry legal weapons on your person and in your car. Always look around and be aware of your surroundings.

UPDATE: 08/17/14: Andrew Garcia supposedly told his mother and family that he was set up and tricked by the bad people he was with. He said they woke him up after he was asleep to just go to the beach. What mother would allow that? I was raised by my Mexican grandmother. She would have never let me go to the beach at midnight with some losers. His mother then stated that the other kids were bad kids who actually killed Ji. A snitch, a squad member snitch in jail. I'm sure all these kids are turning on each other and ratting each other out. Their FB pages already ratted them out.

What gets me is they beat Xinran Ji until he is bleeding profusely. A sane person would think, "shit, he may die! He needs help!" Had they gotten him help, he might have survived and they'd only be guilty of assault. A sane person would have stopped there and found a way to get him help even anonymously. They would not have continued on to the beach to try to rob someone else. I bet they were laughing and having a great time that night. Notice, they didn't turn themselves in or confess. They were arrested. A sane, caring person would have thought upon hearing the news that he died "I killed someone! I deserve punishment." Someone with an average IQ also would have realized there were security cameras and license plate readers all over that area. If they had turned themselves in when they knew they would be caught, their sentences might not be quite as harsh. I hope they get what they deserve.

Seems Alberto told his friends, ya, he did kill Xinran but he didn't mean to kill him. And that makes it okay? "Shit just happened. Things got real." Nope, beating a man in the head with a baseball bat and stabbing him with a knife and a wrench won't cause someone to die. They need to plead guilty and pray for a lesser sentence. Alberto and his buds were threatening to beat people up, kill people all the time on FB. They talk about robbing and bashing people like it will be a lot of fun.These fools are even posting public photos of themselves with brass knuckles, illegal knives, illegal weapons. They are holding these illegal weapons in their hands with their face.

UPDATE: 08/13/14: From Tommy Trojan News: "Rose Tsai, the attorney representing Xinran Ji’s family, had this to say after the hearing: “I can’t say we’re surprised regarding the plea. We place our confidence in the District Attorney’s office that they will prosecute the defendants successfully and that the justice system will be able to impose the harshest penalty on them."

Such resolute sentiments were also shared by Ji’s fellow Chinese graduate students. Cosmo Ma, a student at the Rossier School of Education, said that “even though this tragedy can be attributed to many things, and even though many sides need to be blamed, such as the USC security department, the naivete, stupidity and cruelty of the killers can never ever be forgiven."

I totally agree, "the naivete, stupidity and cruelty of the killers can never ever be forgiven." This is why I think USC needs to educate the potential criminals about their security cameras, guards, cars, student they won't do this again. These were some incredibly stupid criminals who were raised by horrible parents. True, security cameras won't prevent a crime but the criminal will be caught. The criminal needs to know this. In one article they stated the suspects beat Xinran's head in with a baseball bat then stabbed him with a knife then stabbed him with a wrench! Monsters! Then they went to the beach to rob more people!

I won't be posting any more evidence of these defendants' guilt unless it comes from the LAPD. I will let these people hang themselves. I really have never seen such stupid criminals.

UPDATE: 08/12/14: 150+ supporters were in the courtroom today to support Xinran Ji the victim. All four defendants plead not guilty. Next hearing is September 12, 2014. They are being held in jail with no bail. So glad the community is there for Xinran Ji. This is between the elevators, not in the courtroom. Photos not allowed in court room. At the press conference which followed Xinran Ji's supporters said they will be at every hearing and trial until justice is served. It was very crowded today, a bit of tension from defendants' families.

Parent must have taken down Andrew Garcia's FB page. It is gone. I saved a copy of the entire page from the first day with all photos and comment. I did the same with the other defendants. All of their pages were public.

UPDATE: I just found suspected murderer Andrew Garcia's FB page. He must have blocked his mom from seeing it. His brothers and sisters are his FB friends. They knew he was doing this shit. He is a TOTAL loser! His nickname is "snore" aka Sandshrew, Thats a Pokemon, by the way...stated his mother. His gang tag sign is a pokemon. He likes Snorelax..." He's part of the "hundred" gang/squad. He talks about doing drugs, throws gang signs, has graffiti markers, praises graffiti, admits to painting the city, talks about killing people, robbing people, hates police, posts #fuckthepig, posts naked photos of women, calls women "bitches" and "hos," calls people by the "N" word, admits cops were after him for some other crime, talks about loving weed, talks about going to crazy parties with tons of alcohol and pot, passing out at parties, getting beaten up, taking lean...It also looks like he may have stolen a nice bicycle and sold it for $50.  His mother Rosalie did a shit ass job raising him. I saved his full page as pdf in case his family wises up and takes it down. Andrew Garcia needs to at least go to prison for life. Here is his photo page. You see him smoking a blunt. Ganja = marijuana.

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student

Andrew Garcia on left, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji USC student

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji USC student throwing gang hand signs. Oddly enough one of those gang hand signs means a man having sex with another man in American sign language.
Rosalie Garcia's response to my blog post. Her response proves it is gang wear. Raiders moved back to Oakland in 1995 before Andrew was born. Why would he be a fan of a team who isn't even in LA where he lives? Gangs wear Raiders hats to show gang affiliation. The fact that he was not a fan of the Raiders is even more evidence. Oddly enough I looked through all his pics and don't see other logos. Andrew Garcia wanted to flex and show that he's a real gang member. He also flashes gang signs and speaks in gang code. Rosalie is so clueless she doesn't even realize her posts are hurting her son's case. In her own profile she likes photos of marijuana and alcohol.

Notice she is not having fundraisers to get money to hire a lawyer for her son. She has given up. Yesterday she told the LA Times it's all in "god's hands" now. 

Andrew Garcia wearing Raiders gang hat suspected murderer of USC student Xinran Ji. Flex means showing off

Below is Andrew Garcia smoking a blunt.
Below is the innocent victim Xinran Ji

Xiran Ji, Chinese USC student murdered by four teens, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California

Parents of Xinran Ji, Jinhui Du, Songbo Ji, USC, student, murdered, killed, crying - Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, real estate, Los Angeles, California
Xinran Ji blood on asphalt sidewalk. That is a lot of blood. Then obviously hit him very hard and must have known they might have killed him. They should have called 911 but didn't.

Four Hispanic teens allegedly murdered a Chinese USC graduate student as he walked to his apartment at night. They killed him with a bat and a wrench by beating him in the head while they robbed him. The defendants — 17-year-old Alberto Ochoa, 16-year-old Alejandra Guerrero (a girl!), 18-year-old Andrew Garcia and 19-year-old Jonathan Del Carmen — will be arraigned Aug. 12 on one count each of murder with a special circumstance of murder during an attempted robbery. They will be charged as adults. Here is booking info for two adults. One seems to have priors, Andrew Garcia. They are charged in two separate crimes. I will post their mugshots when I get them. Seems they are not releasing mugshots at the moment so I went and dug up some pics myself.

欣然是, 謀殺,   欣然, 
Andrew Thomas Garcia, DOB 12/19/1995, father Crescencio Garcia Jr born 1961, mother Rosalie Lemos Garcia born 1959, sister Rosemary Garcia. He was born in Orange County, CA
Left to right. Andrew Garcia's father Crescencio Garcia Jr, sister Rosemary Garcia, Crescencio Garcia Sr (?), mother Rosalie Garcia, brother Gabriel Garcia, brother Chris Garcia, from LA Times. Crescencio left his wife years ago.

Jonathan DelCarmen DOB June 3, 1995. He is in the country illegally.
Andrew Thomas Garcia, Andrew Garcia, Andy Garcia murder suspect, USC student, xinran ji
More pics of loser Andrew Garcia.
Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student. "Thots" means whores. cx means big smile with eyes squinted tight.

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student. Blunt is pot cigarette

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student. Bonnie and Clyde is exactly what he did.

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student. Kush is type of marijuana, blunt is pot cigarette, codeine is lean, cx=big smile with squinty eyes

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student. xD is super big smile with squinty eyes

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student. Loser bragging that LAPD helicopter was looking for him. xD=big smile with squinty eyes.

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student. He says he's going to commit vandalism, graffiti.

Andrew Garcia, suspected murderer of Xinran Ji, USC student

Below is Andrew Garcia, Andrew Thomas Garcia, Andy Garcia. He never smiles in any photos. He is only family member without a Facebook acct.  Correction, I found his FB page above.All of his relatives are usually smiling in all their photos.

"Pantry dropper" means he gives girls alcohol, drugs to get sex. Notice he states he has a gun and money. Pothead is marijuana user who smokes all day.

Here he says he is faded = high, off that wax=potent cannabis oil, wax product

Brother Chris Garcia "chucking up the deuce," i.e. gang hand sign that means respect to my gangsta homies on the street. He is only one in his family without photos drinking alcohol.I think he joined AA which is a good thing. He works security I think at Staples Center.

Rosalie Garcia, Andrew Garcia's mother, cholo lip liner and eyebrows. I am part Mexican. Family name is Rivera. I know Mexican Americans and their cultures. Mother admits she and her husband were tweakers, i.e. they used methamphetamine. Brother Chris Garcia who works in security is a bouncer at a club and for other people and events such as Jimmy Kimmel. He "likes" photos of his relatives throwing gang signs with gang tattoos next to gang tagging. Looks like he goes to AA which is good.

Andrew Garcia sister Rosemary Garcia. Looks like she had an issue with child protective services. Her under age relatives were not allowed to legally visit without a parent. She is a cashier at the Dollar Store.
Rosemary Garcia boyfriend, father of her kids, Patrick Fuentes

Photo below is father Crescensio Garcia II

Andrew Garcia criminal charges, murder suspect

187.  (a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a
fetus, with malice aforethought.

211.  Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the
possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and
against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.

664.  Every person who attempts to commit any crime, but fails, or
is prevented or intercepted in its perpetration, shall be punished
where no provision is made by law for the punishment of those
attempts, as follows:

245.  (a) (1) Any person who commits an assault upon the person of
another with a deadly weapon or instrument other than a firearm or by
any means of force likely to produce great bodily injury shall be
punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four
years, or in a county jail for not exceeding one year, or by a fine
not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both the fine and

I found 17 year old Alberto Ochoa's Facebook page. He is user Kink Stylee. Kink=deviant. Stylee=he be styling. Here are some pics of him. Total loser. He has a criminal record, at age 17! He was caught tagging the freeway and Judge wanted to put him away for three years. If he had put him away, Xinran Ji might still be alive. Supposedly the girl and this guy are the ones that actually killed Xinran Ji. I copied the page in case it goes down. He says he's into street fighting and buy/sell groups. Sounds like he robs people then sells their shit and cell phones in these groups. He brags about doing drugs and crime all day. It looks like he is a gang member of SCLA, south central los angeles. He posted a pic of himself holding a gun. These people are not just losers but incredibly stupid. He brags about his crimes in his facebook page. Here is his Instagram His profile says 187 pigs which means kill all policemen. He had a brother named Jose Alfredo Farias born March 16, 1984, died August 10, 2008. He was fighting tears in the courtroom along with the other female minor.

Alberto Ochoa, kink stylee, murder suspect

Alberto Ochoa flashing gang sign I think for 13 gang. What is with the Moe Howard haircut? Wearing Dickies low with untied shoelaces is gangsta.
Alberto Ochoa aka Kink Stylee stupid enough to text about robbing and bashing people. Even more stupid to turn your text into an image that you load up to your public Facebook page. Duce Duce = 22 handgun. Teardrop=means they killed someone. Ese=slang for homie, my homeboy. Strap=gun. His friend Ese says "you got a gun. You can get, rob, steal anything you want."I now think they targeted Xinran Ji because he was Chinese. Black, Mexican is friend but others are the enemy. These people answered polls on their FB pages i.e. "which people rip you off the most? Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern." Plus educated graduate student with money is also the enemy. So sad.

Alberto Ochoa, Kink Stylee, murder suspect, flashing gang signs, pitbull on chainlink leash.

Alberto Ochoa showing an illegal gun on his public FB page while flashing gang sign I think for bloods. I have a gun like this besides another for protection from people like this.

Alberto Ochoa showing and selling an illegal gun on his public FB page while flashing gang sign I think for bloods
Alberto Ochoa. He is standing next to what looks like a 13 year old girl who is not a suspect. Why is he hanging out with a tweener? He is flashing W for westside. Why is he flashing signs for three different gangs? It is sacrilegious to wear a rosary around your neck. We can wear a cross but not a rosary. A rosary is just used to keep track of the number of Hail Mary and Our Father prayers we've said.
Alberto Ochoa, Kink Stylee, could have been in jail for tagging the freeway. His brother Angel Farias is also a tagger. He posts pics of him tagging and holding guns. He is DAC 17er.

Look at these young little kids. The guy second from left is Alberto with his crew at the fair. The link below takes you to the photo and comments. People are making total fun of them calling them homosexuals with "fag swag." One person commented "I didn't know nsync was at the fair." Another said "you look like a Justin Bieber video." They are joking because they are all wearing the same overly swag thing including camo. Obviously a bunch of silly followers.

Compare the photo of the Hunnid$quad to these people. Big difference. The Hunnid$quad dress like celeb rappers who just want to look thuggish like Migos musical group. They strike the same poses holding money, weapons wearing same wild clothing. Notice in their pages they are posting lyrics from their songs and posting pics of Migos holding guns. Migos have set a horrible example for these punk ass kids. I'm totally against songs that encourage rape, violence, say kill police. I'm also against violent video games. Look at these kids. Look at Elliot Rodger though Elliot was severely mentally ill.

Do some Mexicans really think the Chinese, Japanese, Muslims, Arabs rip them off? This shows prejudice. This is close friend of Alberto. I would go so far as to state the killing of Ji could have also been a hate crime. They talk about going out to bash the enemy. They are also guilty of being stupid. Chinese, Japanese, Muslim, Arabian People are not races but different nationalities, regions and a religion. There are four races, i.e. mongoloid, negroid, caucasian and australoid. Mexicans, Asians and Chinese are all mongoloids, the same race. Arabian people from Saudi Arabia come from all over. Muslim is a religion.

Alberto Ochoa, Moe Howard hair cut, flashing W for westside, wearing a rosary around his neck, camo. 
Alberto Ochoa doing an noz or nos aka nitrous oxide system, balloon, i.e nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, also used to enhance power to car engines. Misdemeanor to possess for purpose of inhaling. Also very dangerous. 
I believe Kink Stylee is the head of the Hunnid$quad. He is flashing an "H" for Hunnid$quad. He was talking about making a logo for his squad and a poster of a girl's butt to go along with it. He does not realize that the "H" sign he is making is American sign language for two men having sex. Notice he tagged the ground with DAC. He claims to be a member of the DAC gang. Their members have different definitions of the acronym. Some say it mean "drugs and crime all day." He was arrested for tagging. I bet it was for tagging "DAC" aka Down Ass Criminals, and "kink" and "hunnid$quad." "iskoe" is his tagger name. (Why do they post this slang when the translation is on the Internet? It's like talking in pig-latin thinking no one knows what you're saying)

Alberto Ochoa, Kink Stylee, "anyone want to buy a stolen cell phone? Inbox me."
Alberto Ochoa, Kink Stylee walking around his house high while his friend videotapes. He tagged the inside of his own house. He says "are you going to put this on Facebook?" She says "yes!" He then says "then look here where I was shot, and look here where I was stabbed." A flea bite would have left a bigger scar than what he showed. This short little kid will not do well in prison. He should not have allegedly killed someone.

A guy posted a pic of some tagging he did near where Alberto lives. Alberto and his buddies then say "what you doin' in ma hood?" The other guy, an adult says "you wuz born in 1997, little kid!" then starts making fun of him. Then Alberto says he's a DAC gang member. Alberto and his buddy picked this stupid online fight. He calls the other guy out to fight next to his home but the other guy just laughs and says he doesn't fight "wit no kids."

Here is Alberto showing seven year olds how to dress like a gang member and flash gang signs. What a great example for those kids. I hope they learn from Alberto's mistakes.

Here another gang is making fun of Alberto (second from left) and his buds because of their camo and swag. 

Stylee is name of their mini-crew. This is the common photo, money, pot, alcohol, cell phone.

Alberto and his buddy Alfredo keep trying to call out a real thug for no reason. Fade= to murder, threaten, disgrace. Soto continues to make fun of them for being young, little punks. Soto refuses to fight with little kids and laughs them off. FTR those aren't their real addresses.

Alberto Ochoa's buddy who was just released from jail flashing bloods while showing his ankle monitor talking about tagging  things when he can remove the ankle monitor. MOB=member of bloods. It seems Alberto claims to be a DAC, Blood, Westside, SCLA, Watts and 13 St gang member besides his hundid$quad, Loks and Stylee crews. Can one really be a member of all those gangs at the same time? I highly doubt they'd want a little 17 year old who is overly swag in their gang.

Here is a rap Alberto Ochoa wrote. He copies the clothes, look and now rap of gang rappers like "Migos."


They definitely "smoked" someone's brains after trying to take his "chains."

It's really hard to tell what is real and what is just some young kids trying to act like drug taking, heavy drinking, gang member, panty dropping fools. The one thing that is for sure is that they really messed up. If they wanted to be in the robbery business with repeat victims, they should have never hurt or killed anyone. Parasites should not kill the host because then they will die.

Alberto Ochoa and his "hundid/hunnid $quad" (stolen from the name of a rap group few years old) aka $S maybe comes from the fact they live in the 100's. Look at sign, 111 st. USC is at 30-32nd St. Most of these people say then went to USC in their profiles saying it stands for University of Smoking Cannabis.

Friends of defendants said Andrew Garcia will get the death penalty. The rest will get life with parole or 45 years. Andrew is 6' tall 160 lbs, the rest are 5'6" 130 lbs. I doubt they will do well in prison. Their friends are just hoping they don't get jumped or killed in prison. They spoke with defendants on the phone. I doubt they realize that police listen to and save all their phone calls.

It appears that Alberto Ochoa set a robbing-date with his buds and posted the text with time/date stamp. They then went out and robbed someone taking their phone. He listed it for sale at 12:55 am and 1:05 am on two different buy/sell FB pages with his name and photo of the phone. This all happened within two hours. "Let's go rob some people! Okay! That was fun! Anyone want to buy a phone, cheap." They sell stolen $200 phones for super cheap I'm sure because they're stolen. How could you activate it even if you unlock it?

One of his girlfriends stated they went shop lifting. Then she posted a photo of all the makeup they stole. All of this posted on their public FB pages.

UPDATE: 08/07/14 14 year old girl arrested in connection to this case. She was arrested and charged with seven felonies, a 14 year old girl! One of the charges was car jacking besides robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. What a POS who must have horrible parents.

When you look at Andrew Garcia's family's FB pages you see gang clothing (LA Dodgers wear), gang signs, pro-gang photos, tattoos (LA Dodger tattoo), people talking about drinking alcohol, photos of them drinking alcohol underage, smoking pot, getting laid, everyone having a lot of babies at age 17, no one going to college, anti-white hate speech, everyone cursing, anti-police, anti-government... How are they shocked that he'd do something bad? They aren't setting a very good example. Mother Rosalie Garcia has the audacity to say the press is trying to make them look bad. No, they did that themselves. They are so blind that they let themselves be interviewed. That hurt Andrew Garcia's case.

Mother Rosalie Garcia who is over 50 on her facebook page is joking around about not being able to find her many pairs of flip flops while her son is in jail for murder. She's going on about how she needs some alcohol, a man and a vacation...while her son is in jail for murder. A few others said "maybe he will learn from this experience." Mother Rosalie can't even spell or use proper grammar. Rosalie then says "press is trying to blame me for how I raised him. This is his father's fault!!!" Then she said everything is "up to God." She admits she used to be a "tweaker" before she found god.

Rosalie stated she's spoken with lawyers but they have no money. They were told to have car washes to raise money for a lawyer. Rosalie is begging for money. She doesn't even own a car. Rosalie is also asking people to write letters to the court stating that she and her family are model citizens of good character. Not one FB friend said they'd write a letter. They are not of good character at all but the victim was.

I really hate when people say that everything is up to God's will. I'm part Mexican and Catholic. We are the ones who make the choices in life. It's not up to God. I make the choice to follow the law, be a good person, work as hard as I can, watch what I eat...not rob or kill anyone. God isn't the one responsible for my actions. I am. I feel Rosalie and the father both did a bad job raising their kids. Based on their FB pages they totally ignored Andrew. He's not in any of their photos.

I went to USC from 1982 to 1984. It is a dangerous area. Women were given lectures on how to keep from being raped. Back then women were being sexually assaulted when they walked from late night classes back to their dorm, apartment or sorority. I fortunately lived in a dorm on campus. The apartments, sororities, fraternities are off campus a few blocks away. Anyone could enter the campus at night. There were no gates or fences like they have today.

I just looked at the area when he was killed, Orchard and 29th. That is a HORRIBLE area. Why would USC let International students stay there? The walk to and from USC goes through a horrible area.

Back in my time we only had books, papers, pens, Validine food card. There would be no reason to rob us back then. Nowadays kids have expensive laptops, smart phones, iPods...which thieves can easily sell for cash. I would bet they tried to steal this kid's laptop but he fought back because his thesis, homework, essays, class notes, books were on it. That's probably when they beat him in the head. Back in my day they would only steal our bicycles from the racks. That's why everyone tried to buy the cheapest, ugliest, used bicycle from the bicycle store in the mall across the street. At the end of the year you sell it back to the store.

USC is in a very bad neighborhood. When I went there I only had a bicycle for all transportation. If I wanted to go to the beach or home I had to ride my bike there and back. I would ride my bike as fast as I could at night blowing through all the red lights, stop signs near USC. You do not ever want to walk around that area.

I think USC needs better security not just on campus but in the entire area of campus including the greek houses and independent apartments. Students should not walk to the mall or other stores in the immediate area especially at night. Get in a car and drive to a nicer area like the Beverly Center. Walk around in groups, never by yourself. Maybe you can carry around pepper spray or some other legal weapon. Keep your keys or a sharp pen in your hand to use as a weapon. Do what you have to do to stay safe.

I think foreign students are at a greater disadvantage than local American students. I stayed in the International Hall because I wanted to meet people of other nationalities and cultures. Most didn't speak English. They did not know the area was bad. I had to tell them not to walk around there. I had to teach them very basic things about safety. They'd get robbed at the ATM's as they would count the bills at the machine. They didn't lock up their bicycles. They'd wear their clothes from their country with jewelry and were instant targets. I told them to wear regular jeans and shirts and no jewelry. Back then none had religious garbs so it wasn't an issue.

Look at the parents in the photo above crying. What those four teens did was horrible and unforgivable. From the Times article below.

"The mother of the USC graduate student killed near campus last week could barely stand as relatives addressed reporters for the first time Thursday outside an Alhambra funeral home.

Jinhui Du, dressed in black and shaded by large sunglasses, kept crying as a cousin spoke about Du's 24-year-old son, Xinran Ji.

"My son, my son, my son," Du cried in Chinese. "How can I live when you are gone?"

Ji's father, Songbo Ji, kept his eyes clenched shut, shaking his head in grief as he held onto his wife.

The parents of a Chinese USC graduate student slain in a violent attempted robbery wept outside a service for their son Thursday.

Delayed by visa issues, the couple arrived in the U.S. from China late Wednesday nearly a week after their son was fatally attacked near the USC campus. Los Angeles police said Ji, an engineering student, was walking home from a study group about 12:45 a.m. on July 24 when he was beaten with a bat.

Despite a head injury, police said Ji managed to make his way back to his apartment. His roommate found his body later that morning.

Four teenagers -- ages 16 to 19 -- have been charged with murder in connection with Ji's death.

On Thursday, relatives clasped each other tightly as they addressed more than three dozen reporters outside the funeral home. A cousin, Lisheng Liu, said Ji was very ambitious, and had plans to pursue his Ph.D. in the U.S. after earning his master's degree.

"Since he was in elementary school, Xinran was passionate, he was dedicated, he was outstanding," Liu said in Chinese.

Read the rest here.

USC wrote a memorian for Xinran Ji. They awarded him his MS degree posthumously to his parents. Reading it will make you cry.

* Here in the US everyone is considered innocent until they are convicted. So far these people are just alleged murderers, robbers.

His next hearing is here. I may go and report back. It's their arraignment. Judge Renee Korn is very nice and very fair. I'm sure this case will make her sad and mad. I watched a morning of arraignments then a bail hearing in front of her. It probably won't start until 9 and that's only if they are first on the list. I can update the blog from her courtroom as she allows phones as long as ringer is off and you don't talk on your phone. They have free wifi in the building. If I have an issue, I will tweet from @marycummins1 If you go, you cannot communicate with the prisoner in any fashion. You cannot take photos or videos. They scan you and your purse before entering the building. Parking is expensive.

M30       Next Court Date: 08/12/2014       Next Court Time: 08:30 a.m.       Court Case: BA42759001
Court Address: 210 W. TEMPLE STREET       Court City: LOS ANGELE SUPT

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  4. That Ms Rosalie Garcia moving on with her life on FB like nothing happened.I'm Hispanic and people like her and her sons and their way of life, are the reasons Hispanics are hated...and I don't blame em.