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Angelyne L Lyne, Angelyne - Los Angeles "celebrity," real name, birth date, age - Mary Cummins

Angelyne, Angelyne L Lyne, celebrity, billboard, sunset, age, birth date
UPDATE 08/03/2017 Angelyne responds. She admits some of it is true though she says some names and dates are wrong. I never really heard her talk before. She's as dumb as Donald Trump and barely knows the meaning of very basic words. She keeps saying she is a YUGE celebrity and everyone just wants to hang on her. She said she brings beauty to the world with her presence. She's delusional. Below is audio of her reply so you can hear her voice.

08/02/2017 Someone may have cracked the case. I'll try to confirm. It appears Angelyne may be a Jewish Polish immigrant. Her parents met in a Jewish ghetto. She was born in Poland in Oct. 2, 1950. Her parents and herself escaped the concentration camps and came to the US. Her real name is Renee Tami Goldberg (originally Ronia Tamar Goldberg). There was a name change in Ventura county in 2016. Why so late? Why in Ventura, just because it's not LA? Could this be real? It's real. I just confirmed all the data in the article.

Her father was Henry Goldberg born May 2, 1920 (May 5, 1920) in Pinsk, Poland, died November 7, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. Her mother was Bronis (Bronia) Zernicka born January 2, 1921 in Chmelnik, Poland, died January 10, 1965 from cancer in Los Angeles, California. She has two sisters, Annette and Egnia both born in Israel. Angelyne married Michael Alan Strauss born 1949 in 1964 and divorced in 1968. Angelyne is 66 years old. I knew she was older than the 1957 birth date which she admitted to long ago. After that she said she was born in 1973!

Here is her name change in Ventura County. 

Here is her 1967 high school photo.

Here is a scene from a video clip from1970 when she went by Angeline Alyn. It looks like her.

Below is another clip from a 1977 video. It's definitely her.

Below is her name change. I searched for a name change but only searched Los Angeles.

ORIGINAL: Growing up in Los Angeles I first met Angelyne at a night club in 1983. She was easily in her late 30's, probably even 40. She used to hang out at Chez Mois and Voila which were both on the bottom floor, street level of the Beverly Center in the parking structure. I think this was soon after she paid to have herself plastered on a billboard on Sunset Blvd.

When I saw her at the club I asked people who she was. They said she was a nobody "celeb." I later came to find out she sang, did a music video, copyrighted some songs. Over the years I'd see her here and there around town. She would try to park her car on Hollywood or Sunset to sell tshirts or autographs from the trunk of her car. The police made her leave so she then would park in the Home Depot parking lot to sell tshirts and autographs.

Angelyne L Lyne, Angelyne, real age, birth date, birthday

A few times my friends played an innocent joke on her. I wish I videotaped it. We'd just finished a motorcycle ride and were at the market. My friend saw Angelyne. He went to the cash register, grabbed the store intercom and said "Angelyne, your biggest fan is at the checkout. He wants to meet you." Angelyne literally ran to the checkout. We all pretended to be huge fans when we of course were not. She loved it!

Another time my ex-husband was the AGM at the Chevy dealership which was on Fairfax. Angelyne came in and wanted a new corvette around 2005. She started flirting with all the male salespeople and managers. She said if the dealership gave her a new corvette, she would drive it around town which would give the dealership lots of publicity. Keep in mind she was at least 60 at this time wearing her tight mini-skirt, high heels, tons of makeup, big hair...

The guys at the dealership were grossed out. There was no way they'd even give her a discount on a new 'vette. She would harm the image of a corvette, not help it. She finally left the dealership.

There's been much speculation about her real name and age. Supposedly her real name is Renee Goldberg and she was born in Idaho. This is what I've uncovered so far. She was most likely born September 1, 1958 at the latest. She could be older than this. I'm taking this from the copyright office. When I met her in 1983 I thought she looked 40. I spoke with a photographer who worked with her and he said she's at least 40 back then. He said she makes everyone airbrush all of her photos to make her thinner and younger. So at the minimum age she is 56. Oddly enough when she got utilities at her last residences she stated she was born in 1973. That would make her younger than me. As she copyrighted a song in 1979, she would have been six at that time. Impossible. Others have also said she was a regular on the Sunset strip in the 1970's. That means she was born around 1950, 1952.

Angelyne l lyne, angelyne, real age, birth date, 

Angelyne l lyne, angelyne, real age, birth date

Angelyne L Lyne, Angelyne, real age, birthday,

Angelyne L Lyne, Angelyne, real age, birthday, birth date

Angelyne L Lyne, Angelyne, real age, birthday, birth date

This song and video is from 1983. I think she looks at least 30 here. 

Here are some of her songs.

And on imdb

Here's a story about a poor soul who "won" a "date" with Angelyne. I'm sure she took every business card and told them they all won. She really is this terrible.

She has a state judgment against her as

Case Type: CIVIL
Case Number: 252107
Party Name: KARPEL AVI
Filing Date: 06-11-2001

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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    1. I believe it. I wish I could find her real name. I'm just curious about who she really is.

      Hopefully, that is the confirmation of her original name.

  2. I just met her. She's maybe 60 with the body of a 35 yr old. No way 79! Reminds me of a woman in Eraserhead