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Clifford Sponsel of Santa Barbara dead at the age of 104, survived by second wife Juliette Cummins

Clifford Sponsel, Clifford W. Sponsel, Juliette Sponsel, Juliette Cummins, Juliette Cobb, Juliette Schott, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, California
Clifford W. Sponsel born in New York June 27, 1910 passed away in Los Angeles, California December 29, 2014 at the age of 104. Cause of death is unknown though most believe he died of felony gold diggery at the hands of his current wife Juliette Cummins Sponsel. Observers couldn't help but notice the similarity to the death of Juliette's previous husband super old and wealthy Frank Anton Schott who died in 1984 under horrifyingly cruel circumstances.

Clifford Sponsel was preceded in death by his father William Charles Sponsel, mother Laura E. Sponsel, first wife Helen Margaret Sponsel and son Hugh Frederic Sponsel. Survived by his son Robert Brian Sponsel, grandchildren William Sponsel, Stephanie Sponsel and his second wife Juliette Sponsel (nee Cummins).

Observers can't help but wonder if Clifford left any money in his will to his son Robert, grandchildren, his beloved philanthropic foundations or did perhaps his wife change his will leaving everything in trusts which she alone controlled just like she did with her previous husband Frank Schott and tried to do to her own mother Mary R Cummins.

Clifford W. Sponsel, gave millions of dollars and much of his time to support Santa Barbara-area charities. He passed away in Los Angeles where he had been living the last few months, according to Ron Gallo, president and CEO of the Santa Barbara Foundation. Previously Sponsel was medically treated in Santa Barbara and even donated heavily to a hospice organization. Observers feel his wife Juliette probably took him to be cared for in Los Angeles Juliette's home town far away from Clifford's friends and family members who might have looked out for his well being.

Sponsel's charitable donations and dedication to service earned him many accolades, including Man of the Year honors from the foundation in 2010. Born in Cambria, New York, Sponsel was raised on a fruit farm where he developed an early affinity for automobiles. He learned to drive as a child, and quickly developed a love for working on machinery.

"These early skills have stood him in good stead both in his career as an executive in major manufacturing firms, and in his hobby as a collector, restorer, and driver of antique autos," according to his biography on the foundation's website. His wife Juliette previously bragged about haunting expensive auto shows in Santa Barbara in her search for very wealthy super old almost dead men to marry and rob blind.

Sponsel attended Northeastern University in Boston and earned his bachelor's degree at Tri-State College in Angola, Indiana, in 1931. After college, Sponsel worked for General Motors Corp., the Glenn L. Martin Company, Bell Aircraft Corp., and the Ryan Aeronautics Corp. He later started an electronics firm called Spectral Dynamics.

Sponsel moved to Santa Barbara in 1954, and almost immediately became a philanthropic leader in the community, serving on the boards and benefiting dozens of local nonprofit organizations.

"He was quite an amazing man, with a long list of accomplishments in industry and philanthropy," Gallo wrote. The foundation's board room is named after Sponsel and his wife, Juliette. As Juliette is now in control of all of Clifford's assets charitable foundations should not expect to see another penny even though Clifford promised to leave them money in his will as per past newsletters.

There is a large mural of hand-painted tiles depicting Sponsel's life that was designed by Juliette and dedicated in April 2012. It's titled “Giving Back: From birth through education to end of life” to reflect Sponsel’s passions, particularly his involvement with Planned Parenthood, the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara and Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care.

No details were available Wednesday regarding funeral or memorial services. Most likely Clifford was instantly cremated so there would be no autopsy or investigation as to his actual cause of death or his condition upon his demise. Juliette will probably not pick up his cremated remains so they will be dumped in a mass pauper grave just like she did with her own mother and ex-husband even though they both had paid for military grave plots.

I made a polite obituary for him here.

UPDATE 06/23/2015: Just received the death certificate. Just as I predicted above Juliette took Cliff away from his friends and family in Santa Barbara and put him in an assisted living center in a shitty area in the valley. He was at Courtyard Plaza Independent and Assisted Living Center at 6951 Lennox Ave, Van Nuys, California. It was probably the cheapest one she could find. She did the same with her previous ex super old husband. They both had money to be cared for at home or at least in a nice place but no. More money for Juliette.

His cause of death was Alzheimer's disease. Death cert stated he had it for many years. That means all those property transfers, wills are probably void as he was not competent.

He died 12/29/2014 at 9:53 a.m. Juliette gave his body to UCLA donated body program. This way she doesn't have to pay to have him cremated. After they used him for students they cremated him and dumped his body in the ocean along with people who couldn't afford burial or had no relatives. I'm sure Juliette did this as it was free.

His last doctor was Dr Garo Terzian, 333 E Magnolia Blvd #103, Burbank, CA 91502. Cliff had no doctor supervision when he was in the convalescent hospital. Doctor first treated him 11/02/2014. Last time doc saw him was 12/07/2014 weeks before he died. I believe this means there were instructions just to let him die if he gets sick. Don't call a doctor. Don't give him any treatment. Same thing she did to her previous husband but he was sane and healthy. Juliette just told the nurses to tie him to the bed. Frank refused to eat or drink. He kept trying to leave. They tied him down with even more ties and put tubes up his nose to give him food and fluids. He found a way to keep pulling them out and killed himself.

I had thought that Cliff was well liked and had many friends. I thought for sure his family and friends would look out for him. I didn't think they would allow Juliette to take everything he had then dump him in a shitty convalescent hospital to die alone. Turns out I was wrong. The charities liked his money so they pretended to like him. He actually had no friends because he wasn't a nice person. Karma with a capital "J" for Juliette. It will always find you if you are not a nice person.

They spelled his mother's name wrong in the death certificate. Her name was Laura Leeske not Loura Leske.

Clifford Sponsel, death certificate, dead, died, 2014, Juliette Cummins Sponsel, gold digger, santa barbara, california
UPDATE 05/12/15: I had hoped and prayed that my bio mom had changed when she moved to Santa Barbara and married Cliff. I didn't think there was any way his family and friends would allow him to be treated poorly by my bio mom. I was wrong. She was just as evil to poor Cliff and his family. Notice, no funeral for Cliff. No burial, no grave. Below is his family tree.

Clifford William Sponsel, Helen Boston Sponsel, Hugh F Sponsel, Robert Brian Sponsel, Marie J Cummins, William Charles Sponsel, Conrad Sponsel, Kathrine Sponsel, Laura Leeske, Charles Leeske, Mary Leeske, geneology, ancestry, family tree, pedigree, New York, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara
Clifford William Sponsel, Helen Boston Sponsel, Hugh F Sponsel, Robert Brian Sponsel, Marie J Cummins, William Charles Sponsel, Conrad Sponsel, Kathrine Sponsel, Laura Leeske, Charles Leeske, Mary Leeske, geneology, ancestry, family tree, pedigree, New York, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara. Death by gold diggery.

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