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Beverly Hills YMCA on little Santa Monica Blvd. - Mary Cummins Animal Advocates

Beverly Hills YMCA, 9930 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212

09/09/2017 It appears the lease is up on the old YMCA building. The entire building is offered for lease at Entire Building 27,830 sqft Jul 21, 2017 51 days ago $5.25/sqft/mo triple net NNN or $146,000/month. It was built in 1950 on a 120' x 200' lot. YMCA owned it then sold it in 1995 for $1.95M. In 2003 it was in foreclosure then sold for $5,000,000. They now have a $5.9M loan on it.


Seems other tried to lease it as well.

Beverly Hills YMCA 9930 Santa Monica blvd Beverly Hills

More pics of the pool. The advertise it as an Olympic size pool. An Olympic size pool is 50 meters. This is 25 yards. Big difference. It's located basically in the basement of the YMCA. 

Beverly Hills YMCA 9930 Santa Monica blvd Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills YMCA 9930 Santa Monica blvd Beverly Hills


The Beverly Hills YMCA used to be located at 9930 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212. It is now the JEM Center at http://www.jemcenter.com The building was built in 1950 and is 27,833 on a 24,003 sf lot.It last sold for $6,500,000 in December 2005. It's currently owned by BSD Properties in Santa Fe Springs, California.

The photo above is from the JEM Center who currently leases it beginning in 2003. When YMCA was at the site 2/3 of the people who went to the Y were not Christian but Jewish. The new Center is Jewish.

I went to the Y with my sister after school from 1972-78. Dara Torres hung out with me there after school. Ricardo Montalbon from "Fantasy Island" used to swim there during senior swim which was after swim team. Buddy Ebson from "The Beverly Hillbillies" also went there. Ben Stiller and his friends used to play basketball there. John Eikrem was the Director when I was there. He had two kids my same age.

John Eikrem used to be the Director. The Y started having some issues in 1988 because of the "C" in YMCA. Here's an article. For those who don't know Beverly Hills is/was mainly Jewish.

Beverly Hills YMCA, 9300 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Beverly Hills YMCA 9300 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Here is some history of the YMCA. http://www.ymca.net/history/1900-1950s.html

Beverly Hills YMCA, 9300 Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, CA 90212*
Beverly Hills YMCA swim team, the Dolphins

Beverly Hills YMCA swim team the Dolphins. 
In the pics above Coach Conrad with the afro,

Here is their last 990 tax return for 2003 when they closed.

990 from 2002. They changed their name to Beverly Hills Community Sports Center. They took in about $1.5M and spent about $1M on programs, rest on fees, costs, salary. Board of Directors were Leonard de los Prados, Mel Spitz, Alan Berlin, Dan Olincy, Bue Huemann, Ben Boston, Robert Curtis, George Fenomore, Larry Gittler, Gary Hoffman, Eric Lax, Yar Meshkaty,

990 for 2001

Entity Number:C0197837
Date Filed:04/25/1945
Entity Address:8671 WILSHIRE BLVD S700
Entity City, State, Zip:BEVERLY HILLS CA 90211
Agent for Service of Process:LEONARD DE LOS PRADOS
Agent Address:8671 WILSHIRE BLVD S700
Agent City, State, Zip:BEVERLY HILLS CA 90211

*Image from Mark Wanamaker, 2006. "Beverly Hills images 1930-2005."

There was talk that the YMCA might rescind BH YMCA license because of supposed needed repairs. Time and time again people complain about the BH Y when one of their board members is up for re-election for BH Council.


**Icons in Women's Sports. Dara Torres at BH YMCA, pg 557.

This article is about a friend of mine and BH YMCA. He was in the same grade as my sis.


Matt Damon and Ben Afleck played bball at BH YMCA


I found some of my patches from Beverly Hills YMCA. I have a ton of trophies, medals, ribbons. Most were from YMCA meets then Catholic School meets then Jr Olympics, Nationals.

Beverly Hills YMCA patches swimming
Beverly Hills YMCA swim team, Mary Cummins

Beverly Hills YMCA swim team, Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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