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Amr Anthony Ibrahim Elgindy November 28, 1967 Cairo, Egypt, July 23, 2015 San Diego County, California. Rest in peace.

Anthony Elgindy, Tony Elgindy, Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, Amir Elgindy, Inside Truth, anthony@pacific, stock broker, trader
UPDATE 04/07/2016: Many people have asked me for proof that Tony died. No one could find his death records. I also was not able to find a death certificate or record.

Originally after I heard he may have died I first called and emailed him. No response. I then called police, sheriff and finally called the San Diego Coroner. They said they had no "Anthony Elgindy" there. I asked if they had an "Amr" or "Amir" that died on that day. They said they had an "Amir Elgindy." This was over the phone so I'm hearing it phonetically.

On the phone the coroner's office told me he hung himself July 23, 2015. That is the truth. I was satisfied with that answer as others confirmed it to me the next day.

Other people said they had no confirmation that he died. The conspiracy stories went wild. I decided I'd get a death certificate to shut them up. I couldn't find one. There was no CA or SSI death record anywhere. I then went back to contacting sheriff, police, coroner...

Today the Sheriff and another dept told me they didn't have anyone by that name with that DOB. Finally one wonderful person did an extra search for sound-alike names who died on that date and found the record. Somehow someone wrote the name down "incorrectly" most likely phonetically. Perhaps his fiance did not know the exact spelling of his real name or maybe she didn't pronounce it perfectly because she was crying and upset.

Tony is listed as "Anthony Abraham El-Gindy" on his death records. His last name has always only been "Elgindy." His middle name has always been "Ibrahim." He was born "Amr" sometimes written "Amir" which he legally changed to "Anthony" in San Diego, California 2003. He of course went by "Tony." Tony came to the US as a baby. He is as American as you can get. You should find the records now.

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I received more information today. Tony was upset about the same usual things which I totally understand and would agree Those of us close to him all knew that, nothing new. He sent communications to his close friends and fiance that he'd basically had it. It was too much for him and he was sorry that he couldn't take it anymore.

His fiance found him dead at his home. He'd hung himself. She ran and cut him down, called 911, tried to save him but it was too late. It was all too much for Tony.

Tony was not in jail, was not in violation of probation, was not involved in anything illegal or improper. He was just really stressed about things which he'd confided to me, his fiance, family and other friends. I totally understand. That said I don't believe his only option was suicide. Tony was smart, talented....he just didn't see it.

Anyone who knows Tony knows that he was a sensitive, emotional person. He'd made great changes in his life after he started outing scams. When he ended up in prison he made other changes. He was planning his new life with his fiance and sons. He was so proud of his son for graduating.

In prison they started an inmate message program so prisoners who would be leaving in the next few years could easily communicate with their families and friends. Tony made some friends in prison. Because he was older than the non-white collar criminals he ended up mentoring them. He told me he enjoyed it really wanted to help them be released and succeed.

Years ago he asked me to help send diapers to a prisoner's wife as she couldn't afford them and he was in prison. He took classes in prison. He ended up helping other inmates. He was so looking forward to his new life outside.

I told him before he got out that the world had changed a lot since he was outside especially the stock market. I thought he should take things slowly as did all close to him. He just didn't realize how much things had changed. He just wanted to get back to the old happy successful Tony making his family and friends happy and proud. Sadly it was not to be.

When I heard the story this morning I did not believe it. After doing a bit of research calling the San Diego Sheriff Department and finally the San Diego County morgue I can confirm that Tony committed suicide by hanging himself at home in his garage on July 23, 2015 in San Diego County at the age of 47. Sadly this was not his first suicide attempt but it was his last.

I'd just spoken to him two days earlier. He was upset that people continued to post on the Internet that he had pre-knowledge of 911 and used that information to make money in the stock market. That statement made by SEC's Kenneth Breen was of course absolutely false. The Judge in his case ordered that statement to be stricken because it was false.

I wrote the below obituary with help from his sentencing memorandum written by his attorneys Barry H. Berke, Eric A. Tirschwell and Erin A. Walter. I'd known him since 1994 through Silicon Investor, his thread Anthony@Pacific, website and website He would post the most hilarious stock outs on that thread. I may dig some up because they were truly entertaining. I also outed stock scams but never shorted. I was never a member of his private club.

Amr "Anthony" Ibrahim Elgindy was born November 28, 1967 in Cairo, Egypt. He emigrated to the United States in 1970 along with his younger brother Khaled. His mother is Dr Laila Gomaa a retired medical physician. His father is Dr Ibrahim Elgindy an engineer. He has a younger brother Waleed and younger sister Mona both born in the US. Together the children grew up in Illinois as proud legal citizens of the United States.

Elgindy and his siblings went to Hinsdale Central High School in Hinsdale, Illinois. Elgindy was on the football and wrestling teams. He graduated in 1985. He took advanced honor classes and was awarded a certificate from the Governor of Illinois naming him an Illinois State Scholar. Later Elgindy attended USC and San Diego State University majoring in engineering like his father.

Elgindy has always had a fascination with cars. He started his career selling cars at C & M Chevrolet in San Diego. There he met a man who was a stock broker at Blinder Robinson. The man suggested he should sell stocks. Elgindy applied for the position and was accepted. Some time later "60 Minutes" did an expose on Blinder Robinson. Turns out it was a sham company selling shares in worthless penny stocks. Elgindy left then worked at JW Gant where he succeeded in making his clients money on their investments.

"In November of 1989, Anthony Elgindy married Mary Faith Lumpkin, the young daughter of a Baptist minister from Clarksville, Tennesee. Together they had three children Adam, Gabriel and Sammy."

Elgindy continued selling stocks. One day he realized that it would be more profitable to sell shorts instead of longs as it's easier to identify scam companies. "In 1995, Elgindy started Key West Securities (“Key West”), an NASD firm that he created specifically to expose fraudulent and corrupt companies and short them along with other overvalued stocks."

"In 1996, he and Key West were featured in Business Week, “The Mob on Wall Street,” for being the only firm to stand up to the mobsters who were manipulating shares of First Colonial Stock (FCVL).
He and other brokers had been threatened with assault and even death if they did not comply with the mobsters demands."

"During the time Elgindy was selling short positions he helped the SEC and FBI in their investigations into stock scams. Elgindy's cooperation against Mr. Richards and others at Armstrong McKinley allowed the government to bring major high-profile criminal cases against a number of notorious stock swindlers. Prior to Elgindy's cooperation, Richards had been sued several times by the SEC, had been convicted for tax evasion and conspiracy, and had faced a second federal indictment but had defeated the charges. When Mr. Richards and his co-defendant pled guilty in 1997 in the case where Elgindy was the primary cooperator, it was covered in The Wall Street Journal as well as Barron’s. (DX12066.) Later, the then-U.S. Attorney for San Diego, Alan Bersin, appeared on 20/20 in the same segment that featured Elgindy, and both spoke of the case against Mr. Richards."

"In 1998, after a string of successful cooperation relationships with the government, Elgindy decided to become a private researcher and trader and closed down Key West Securities to start Pacific Equity Investigations. Pacific Equity was formed to investigate “scam” or fraudulent companies for the purpose of determining good short selling opportunities. At the same time, he also started a thread on the very popular internet investing site The thread was called “Dear Anthony” which became A & P Investigations and focused on overvalued stocks. The thread became extremely popular and Elgindy developed a strong following on the internet based on his colorful humor, his ability to identify scam and otherwise overvalued  companies, and his successful trading techniques."

"By 1999 and early 2000, Elgindy was financially successful and very well known. There were newspaper and magazine articles, and several books published about him, his trading abilities and his tireless efforts to expose scam companies and the corruption on Wall Street.See, e.g., id.; John R. Emschwiller, Scam Dogs & Mo-Mo Mamas: Inside the Wild and Woolly World of Internet Stock Trading, Chs. 9-12 (HarperCollins 2000); Aaron Elstein & Jason Anders, Heard on the Net: Two Message-Board Posters Foretold eConnect’s Woes, The Wall Street Journal Online (March 14, 2000). Elgindy was considered a friend to the small and inexperienced investor."

"Anthony Elgindy has made remarkable and unusual humanitarian efforts in traveling to the war-torn country of Kosovo in 1999, rescuing numerous Kosovo refugees, bringing them to the United States, and financially and emotionally supporting them."

"Elgindy’s struggled with the serious and severe disease known as bipolar disorder were manifest as early as high school, when depression caused Elgindy to make his first (but not last) suicide attempt. Following his emotional breakdown several years later in 1993, Mr. Elgindy finally began therapy and started to learn how to deal with and how to minimize the severity of the mood swings caused by bipolar disorder, for example, by reducing certain stressors and changing his lifestyle."

"Elgindy was charged in January 2005 with racketeering, securities fraud and other crimes in connection with a supposed scheme to steal confidential law enforcement information relating to FBI and SEC investigations of various companies. After a four-month trial, involving allegations in 32 different stocks, Elgindy was convicted of "inside-trading" in five of those stocks with illegal gains totaling about $66,000."

June 2006 Elgindy was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison at Terminal Island, San Pedro. He was released early in January 2013 after serving seven years. Since that time he was working as the West Coast Director of Sales at Client ConneXion selling online lead services to car dealerships. He was also busy raising his three sons with his ex-wife. His youngest Sammy just graduated from Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California making Elgindy very proud.

Elgindy is survived by his mother, father, ex-wife, fiance, three sons, brothers, sister and many nieces and nephews. He was buried August 1, 2015 at Al-Rahma Garden at La Vista Memorial Park in San Diego, California. Below are recent pics of him from his Google profile. My prayers are with his family.

Anthony Elgindy, Tony Elgindy, Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, Amir Elgindy, Inside Truth, anthony@pacific, stock broker, trader

Anthony Elgindy, Tony Elgindy, Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, Amir Elgindy, Inside Truth, anthony@pacific, stock broker, trader
Anthony Elgindy, Tony Elgindy, Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, Amir Elgindy, Inside Truth, anthony@pacific, stock broker, trader, 1984 high school

Anthony Elgindy, Tony Elgindy, Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, Amir Elgindy, Inside Truth, anthony@pacific, stock broker, trader, 1985

Anthony Elgindy, Tony Elgindy, Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, Amir Elgindy, Inside Truth, anthony@pacific, stock broker, trader 1984

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