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Richard Pananian 20 year old Burbank man died on 5 freeway Criminal history of reckless driving, video of reckless driving, marijuana

Richard Pananian, reckless driver speeding driving burbank california car accident 134, 5 freeway highway dead
UPDATE: 04/06/2016: Richard Pananian's cousin Kardashian sued me in small claims court. He obviously intentionally used a fake address and fake service for me. That is fraud upon the court which is a crime. This is the first I heard about this. Kardashian did this 12/2015. Fortunately he lost the case. I had no notice and didn't appear.

12/15/15 Toxicology report was ordered and is pending. It should be released any day. They generally take six to eight weeks. I will bet there is some THC.

UPDATE: I read some comments about Richard Pananian and matagh written by Armenians on Facebook. Most just say "RIP." Quite a few said he shouldn't have been speeding and he should have worn his seat belt. Then there were a ton of posts about matagh. Many had never heard of it. It appears to be a ritual that is mainly practiced by a few sects of Armenian Christians in Armenia. Most were against the practice. They were arguing about killing the animal. While some stated it's the same as a butchered animal sold at the market others felt there should be an animal involved. Others said Christians have been against this old pagan tradition for centuries. In general most Armenians were against the animal sacrifice. Of course I was only reading English posts so maybe I missed a lot of posts written in Armenian languages.

The person who wore the dead Richard Pananian costume was Chris Nelson of Los Angeles.

chris nelson, los angeles, halloween, costume, dead, sign, freeway, richard pananian
A friend/relative of Richard named Arsen Emboyan had a little memorial on the freeway under the sign November 3. It's illegal to walk onto a freeway let alone leave candles, flowers and such.

Seems there was a "viewing" of Richard Pananian November 4, 2015 at 7:00 pm at St Mary's Armenian Apostolic Church in Glendale, California. His skull was fractured. Would they really do a viewing? A mortician can only do so much with a dead body. I personally find viewings creepy. Why not just make a poster size print of a photo of him while he was alive instead.

Seems Armen Kardashian has been changing the gofundme page. Originally he asked for $50K for the family. He then reduced it to $15K. Now he says the money is going to the father Panos Pananian. The other gofundme is going to the mother. Sounds like mother and father still don't get along.

Coroner's preliminary report. Toxicology is pending. I would bet he has marijuana in his system.

Case Number:
Date of Birth:
20 years
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Cause A:
Cause B:
Cause C:
Cause D:
Other Significant Causes:
Deputy Medical Examiner:
Toxicology Test Status:
Case Status:
Body Status:

For more case information, please call the Records unit number: 323-343-0695.

richard pananian coroner's report cause of death burbank car accident reckless driving speeding

A little note about Christians of any denomination. If you kill yourself directly, indirectly, it is a mortal sin. You cannot go to heaven. You are not allowed to take the life god gave you. By not wearing his seat belt and driving like a mad man, Richard was extremely reckless with his life. While I was born, raised Roman Catholic which has similar beliefs I no longer practice or support this belief.

Armen Kardashian Richard's cousin sent me a nasty email calling me all sorts of juvenile nasty names. He said I shouldn't be talking about Richard and his family. After saying all these nasty things he asked to meet me. No thanks. Based on the email it sounded like he'd probably assault me. I told Armen that HE was the one who organized a press conference with the family. HE is the one who told the world about the matagh and other things. If he hadn't told the media about these things, no one would have been talking about it. He also told the media about his gofundme. I'm sure he did this so he could get more money which he did. Beg for media attention, get it then whine about it? The nasty email is just more proof that this is not a good family.

Just got another nasty comment. He thought he was anonymous but he wasn't. It was from Mike Abkarian who is a collision expert at Calabasas Mercedes Benz. He seems to think everything Richard did was great. Speeding, driving recklessly, smoking marijuana, not wearing a seat belt are a okay according to Mike.

Here's another nasty poster who thought they were anonymous Daniel Vaystukh, Attended John Burroughs High, Lives in Burbank, CA. His Facebook profile shows him posing with lots of fast cars.

gofundme number 2 is now started by a friend of his mother. $5,000 raised so far. His mother is a secretary at CCI. Her name is Armine Gregorian Pananian born about 1965. His father is Panos Pananian born February 18 1958 in USSR. I see they've owned homes in the past on Catalina and Angeleno in Burbank. They separated in 2009 and divorced in 2013. Armine filed for separation and divorce. Panos claimed he was penniless in 2013 and 2014. He owns Boris Shoe Repair on Woodman Ave.

One run by office friend of mother

One run by the cousin Armen Kardashian

There is now one for goats. I know they killed a sheep and not a goat.

11/02/2015 The family has finally commented. His brother Edgar Movses Pananian born July 21, 1991 in Los Angeles to mother Gregorian spoke with the media. He basically said Richard born January 16, 1995 was a good kid who went to church. Recently on October 25, 2015 they'd slaughtered a lamb as "matagh" sacrifice to God to protect him from evil and to thank God for allowing him to survive a near death experience. Supposedly he'd recently cheated death which is why they did the sacrifice. He supposedly overcome a serious health issue. Unfortunately he never overcame stupidity, recklessness and not caring about others. Looks like God had other things in mind. They state they are Christian but matagh is a pagan ritual which is definitely not Christian. You have to slaughter a baby sheep live in front of the church. They slit the baby sheep's neck and let it bleed to death. Here's a photo. This story just gets more bizarre. He worked at Glendale Collision Center while he was a student at Glendale Community College.

A cousin named Armen Kardashian is trying to raise money for his burial on gofundme. If they could afford to give their son who is a student two nice cars, you would think they could afford to bury him and not have to beg for money. If you scroll down you will see pics of Armen Kardashian driving an expensive cigar boat and holding a bottle of Jack Daniels. They have money. Why are they begging? When they come to this country and get naturalized they must sign a statement saying they can afford to pay for all their expenses. If they really can't afford it, after the autopsy the coroner will put the cremated remains out to sea for free if they don't claim them. Why are they trying to make money off of their wayward kid's death? The kid killed himself. Seat belts are mandatory. Speeding, driving erratically, running into another car...all illegal. They should be paying for the damages, cleanup, police and fire department time. They act like Richard and they are "victims." Hardly.

His cousin said "Richard was truly undeserving to die at such a young age especially with a death as tragic as this." If you illegally race, speed your car on the freeway illegally passing on the shoulder there's a very good chance you will have an accident. I'm just happy he only killed himself and no one else. The kid had a prior criminal charge of reckless driving from July 2015. Parents should have taken away his cars, allowance, grounded him. He lived at home.

UPDATE: I'm not approving any messages that call this kid nasty racist names. Feel free to comment on his behavior but don't say racist things about Armenians, Persians... 98% of the comments I deleted were nasty racist things.

Here is his Instagram account.

He was racing and driving recklessly passing cars on the right hand shoulder of the highway. He ran into the back of an F150 truck which had three occupants which were unharmed. The accident caused him to flip. His body was launched through his windshield onto the bottom of the freeway sign. There's a ledge there for workers to stand on when they work on the sign. He died at the scene. He worked at LA Auto Store calling himself Richard Tiger Pananian but was known as Tiko. He also worked at a Cooper Mini dealership as an "auto consultant," i.e. salesperson. I will check and see if he had a salesperson license. You need one to sell cars.

UPDATE: Person removed the video. The video did show these two young men doing some illegal things. That's probably why it was removed. In the video Tiko acts like a young foolish kid racing his car while yelling. He has "bat man" carpaper/sticker on the inside of his car. As he exits he says "Bitches love batman." He has his seat belt fastened. If he'd had his seat belt fastened in the crash yesterday, he probably would have survived. In the pic below you can see his car had front and side airbags. Also notice upgraded wheels and racing tires. Racing tires are fine on a perfectly smooth even race track. They give you less traction on a regular road. 

Here he is in a video illegally racing and thinking it's cool. It was not cool. He's at 2:30. They use the ISO alcohol to make cannabis oil, wax which is like hashish oil and concentrated. The video opens with one guy blowing out pot smoke to fill Richard's car. It's a BMW so Richard doesn't own it. Is this daddy's car? What's with the bat man stickers? I assume Richard got high before driving in this video. The guy who made the video, in the video is half Armenian. 

The person who made the video deleted it. Someone else copied and posted it. Thank you! I found that and edited it down to the main parts about getting high and driving recklessly. This is posted under the Fair Use of Copyright Act. I am allowed to use snippets of a video for criticism, comment and education. Kids, this is why you don't take video of yourself doing stupid, illegal things. It's not cool and could be used against you in a court of law. Better yet, don't do stupid illegal things. Where are these kids parents? Dabs are concentrations of THC from marijuana. It is also called shatters. That's why this guy's user name was "the shattered studio."  Here's some info on dabs, oil, wax. Here is link to the mp4 of this video. youtube vimeo video mp4 wmv avi mov

The original video below was removed by the guy in the video who made and posted it. People saved it and reposted it. It's since been removed quite a few times stating "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on depiction of harmful activities." YouTube considers the reckless driving and illegal drug manufacturing as "harmful activities." I saved the video before it went down. My edited version is above. I got rid of the stupid Walgreen scene where they go and buy rubbing alcohol. A two year old can buy this. 

Published on Apr 7, 2015
Hello, this is just a fun video of Richard and I coping some ISO Alcohol!!! + BMW Extras!!! lol cuz hellz yeah!!! Its just for fun, and really I could have just shown you the bottle, but I felt like being weird!!! oh and If you are a autophile or another form of automobile enthusiast, contact Richard Pananian @ or [cell] (818)940-4136!!!

He's very knowledgeable, and capable of hookin' you up with a sick ride, and will soon have a YouTube channel of his own!!! anyways thank you all for your interest!!! More informative videos soon!!!"

Here are some stills of the foolish kid illegally racing in his car. He worked at Bob Smith Mini Cooper dealership. You see him in his five point harness in this video. Why didn't he wear it yesterday morning? Maybe he never had it installed improperly?

Video reloaded by someone else here. Thank you!

The video link above was first removed as "illegal activity." It was then removed as "copyright notice by Richard Pananian." Dead Richard sent an email to youtube to remove his video? If dead Richard does not sue the person who posted the video within 15 days, it goes back up. Sure one of Richard's relatives lied and pretended to be Richard.

The video has since been reposted. I'll post the link after I copy it. It opens with the drug maker blowing out pot smoke in his car. Seems most of his videos are made in his car or bathroom. He tells people how to make cannabis oil and wax. They're "how to" make drugs videos. You do indeed see Richard gunning his engine and racing his car. As he's in the car when the guy exhales pot, I assume he and Richard are high. It's illegal to make your own cannabis oil, wax. It's also very dangerous, flammable.

There were three anonymous comments made by the same person as per their IP who said Richard didn't do anything illegal in the video. They made the comments AFTER the video was deleted. I believe this is probably his friend who was also in the video who has now deleted all his videos and his account. I can only imagine he didn't want to be involved in a criminal investigation. I saw the video. Richard was racing, speeding in the video and yelling. The two were basically bragging about doing wild things with cars and getting ISO alcohol to make wax marijuana. This is the behavior that got this young man killed. His friend should not have encouraged this behavior.

There were 911 reports before the accident stating someone is driving erratically, speeding and passing people on the shoulder of the freeway. All those things are illegal, criminal and dangerous. Richard also souped up his car and even installed a racing seat belt I assume for looks only because he didn't use it. Every single kid I've seen in the valley this age with cars souped up exactly like this were illegal racers. Why else would they do this to their cars? Some of these exhaust, pollution mods... are illegal.

Most here don't know I used to ride my custom antique cars, Harley and Ducati all around Los Angeles since I was 13. I'm 49 now. I've been to all the motorcycle and car events in the area. I've seen these kids and their cars. I've also seen their illegal racing. I hope this article will show some guys that this is deadly behavior. If you want to race, go to the race track and race. Take a car racing class. Learn how to race on a track safely. I encourage that type of legal car fun. I don't encourage illegal and dangerous driving. That is how Richard died.

Another factor in this accident was the fact that the guy was illegally modified. He took a slow Ford Focus which his parents probably bought him because it was slow. Then he most likely souped it up, bored out the engine, adding racing wheels, tires, seats. He probably didn't add anti-sway bars which you would need if you soup up this small short car. This car would not be stable at high speed. Plus this kid had limited driving experience, deadly combination.

I think I know who made the comments about the video of Richard. It was the guy who made and loaded up the video. What was Richard and his friend doing in the video? It appears they went to the store to get ISO alcohol to make marijuana oil and wax. The guy's youtube channel was about making marijuana hashish oil and wax to smoke and get high. His profile pic is of marijuana wax. I saved a cache of the page before it went down. This is the theme of the guy's YouTube account and his main comment, "420" means marijuana.

"Happy 420 Ya'll!!! Enjoy our Culture Responsibly, yet Memorably!"

I now think Richard may have been high on marijuana or something. If you are high on pot, your coordination is off. It stays in your system 30 days. This same guy said Richard was his best friend. This is from 2:00 pm 10/31/2015. Then he deleted all of his videos. I wonder if this guy was the second defendant in the previous dangerous driving case against Richard.

"RIP Richard, you were my best friend." If this were his best friend, why did he encourage this bad behavior on the video and in real life?

I'm sure the police will be talking to him to see if he supplied Richard with anything. It was bad enough he encouraged his bad driving behavior. Below is an image of what he removed. The person who posted one comment said they weren't going over 45 in the video. That might be true but it looked like a residential street which is 25 and 35 max in some areas. The car was also revving high so he accelerated quickly.

shatterstudio wax marijuana richard pananian car accident freeway sign 
This is the guy's profile pic which is of marijuana wax. Stupid kids.

shatterstudio wax marijuana richard pananian 
This is the preview of the video. Two bottles of ISO alcohol which you use to make wax from marijuana. Making this is illegal. You can legally buy cannabis oil with a prescription, same with pot but you can't make this because it's a highly flammable process and this stuff is strong. As for thinking they are "cool" for purchasing ISO alcohol, old people call this "rubbing linoment" to rub into sore old arthritic muscles and joints. It's legal to buy this alcohol in the pharmacy. Making wax with it is not legal.

Pics and posts from his Instagram account. Here's a pic of his car before the accident. He has two souped up cars at 20 years of age. Did his parents buy these for him? His comment
"richard_la_autostoreMy lovely cars 😁 My #Ford #FiestaST and my #HondaCivic #Si #laautostore"

Another Instagram pic of him in his car and seat belt, "richard_la_autostoreIn ma car #laautostore #FiestaST"

UPDATE: There was a 911 call before the accident saying someone was driving erratically. Many people saw the body on the freeway exit sign. It was up there for two hours before the LAFD went up and put a sheet on the body. It took another hour to figure out how to get his body down. Many people called in asking if it was a Halloween prank. Sadly it was not. I'm pretty sure Tiko was killed on impact with the sign if not earlier. "Pananian suffered fractures to his head, arm, leg and foot but it is unknown at this time exactly what caused his death, Smith said. "That's what the autopsy will determine," he said. He was ejected out of the open window of his car, not the windshield. I doubt he felt a thing and he was probably dead almost instantly.

July 13, 2015 he got a ticket for reckless driving on a highway in Burbank. His case was pending. Had they thrown him in jail that night, taken away his driver's license, he might not have killed himself and almost killed others. Plus who races at 7:00 a.m.? I believe that means he races all the time. On top of this his parents must feel horrible. They probably bought him the car which he souped up.

Richard Pananian, burbank, 30, accident, freeway, sign los angeles california dead reckless driving speeding

23103.  (a)  A person who drives a vehicle upon a highway in willful
or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty
of reckless driving.
   (b)  A person who drives a vehicle in an offstreet parking
facility, as defined in subdivision (c) of Section 12500, in willful
or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty
of reckless driving.
   (c) Except as otherwise provided in Section 40008, persons
convicted of the offense of reckless driving shall be punished by
imprisonment in a county jail for not less than five days nor more
than 90 days or by a fine of not less than one hundred forty-five
dollars ($145) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by
both that fine and imprisonment, except as provided in Section 23104
or 23105.

I see a Richard Pananian born January 16, 1995 to mother Grigorian here in Los Angeles, California.

One article stated he had a five point racing seat with belt in the car but didn't use it. The only people I see with these in regular cars are kids who race. He was on the 5 fwy going north at the 142 exit for 3/4 mile before Exit 142. This is the GPS for the exact location where he crashed on the 5 going south 34.152461, -118.283764 He was 20 feet north of the 134 fwy.

Richard Pananian, Tiko Pananian, Richard Tiger Pananian, ford fiesta, car accident, dead, sign, 5 five freeway glendale 134 ventura ejected from car dead killed speeding, no seat belt 

Richard Pananian 20 glendale colorado st exit dead killed car accident speeding burbank reckless driving
This is his business card. He was in the autodealer business.

richard pananian, richard tiger pananian,, 
Admin Organization:
Admin Street: 10945 HORTENSE ST 208
Admin State/Province: California
Admin Postal Code: 91602
Admin Country: United States
Admin Phone: +1.4242306042
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: LYOV2002@YAHOO.COM

Comment from a friend, relative, Wise words.

“I got home from school, called my cousin to see if he wanted to hang out later, and he told me about what happened,” the victim’s friend Andrew Panosian said. “It’s hard to believe that he’s gone.”

“Always wear your seat belts. It’s a lifesaver. Wear your seat belts. Don’t drive crazy,” Panosian said.

Yes, wear a seat belt. It's the law and for your own safety. He could be alive if he wore one. Don't drive crazy.

Article states Glendale, California drivers are the worst in the nation. I feel it's because there are a lot of 20-25 year old men in more affluent car culture areas. The valley, Glendale are big car culture places. Their parents buy them nice cars which they soup up. Once you have a fast souped up car of course you will race it. Their parents are probably very busy working to make a living and think giving their kid a nice car is okay. Plus, note they gave him a Ford Focus. They probably got him that car because it's not fast. Then he went and probably bored out the engine, took off emission control devices to make it faster. The kids aren't experienced drivers, drive more erratically and the cars aren't made to drive at these speeds. They would need anti-sway devices and other things to be more stable.

These are photos the family publicly posted on the Internet to use to beg for money. Again, fair use of copyright act. The cousin

Armen Kardashian, Richard Pananian, mother, some woman, brother Edgar, Edgar's girlfriend
In the photo cousin Armen Kardashian, Richard Pananian, his mother, some woman, older brother Edgar, his girlfriend? I'm sorry but I'm Catholic, Christian. Who wears a white undershirt to church? You also don't wear dresses, skirts above the knee. Two women are wearing short dresses.  These people have the nerve to say they are "hurting financially." Sounds like cousin, family just want to make some money over the fact that Richard basically killed himself. Disgusting.

Here is Armen Kardashian who states he owns a phone store. Based on his LinkedIn profile he is intentionally using his cousin's death to make money.

His family's home is in Glendale. He was born in Los Angeles May 14, 1983. Based on his profile he can easily pay for his "dear" cousin's funeral. His fishes on what appears to be his boat. He owns and is Product Manager at Lenos Software. He owns two corporations.

Here are pics of Armen Kardashian who is running the gofundme. Looks like he can easily afford a burial. He also appears to be a cybersquatter. He owns at least 365 domains with other people's keywords. He also owns Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. He owns domains about grow rooms. Grow rooms are used to grow pot. He owns gambling domains, domains about weapons, porn websites, hindiporno....

sigalert glendale colorado 1-5 fatal traffic accident
Someone went as Richard on Halloween. He was noted as one of the more offensive costumes.

Richard Pananian born January 16, 1995 in Los Angeles, California, died October 30, 2015 at 7:30 a.m. in Glendale, California. He is survived by his father Panos Pananian from USSR, mother Armine Grigorian from Armenia and older brother Edgar Movses Pananian born in Los Angeles, California July 21, 1991.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Cummins, Mary K. Cummins, Mary Katherine Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary, Cummins, Cobb, real estate, appraiser, appraisal, instructor, teacher, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Brentwood, Bel Air, California, licensed, permitted, single family, condo, pud, hud, fannie mae, freddie mac, uspap, certified, residential, certified resident, apartment building, multi-family, commercial, industrial, expert witness, civil, criminal, orea, dre, insurance, bonded, experienced, bilingual, spanish, english, form, 1004, 2055, land, raw, acreage, vacant, insurance, cost, income approach, market analysis, comparative, theory, appraisal theory, cost approach, sales, matched pairs, plot, plat, map, diagram, photo, photographs, photography, rear, front, street, subject, comparable, sold, listed, active, pending, expired, cancelled, listing, mls, multiple listing service, claw, themls,


  1. The day before this accident we were driving south and on that very same stretch we saw a dark colored car racing down the shoulder ar I understand 9:30 m.
    Probably the same kid.

  2. Young guys race on these freeways any chance they get. Fortunately there is generally too much traffic to go over 35 mph. Speeding on the shoulder is just so extremely stupid. I noticed in his criminal report the case was "01." That means he was the first defendant. There were two defendants. He may have been racing someone else or had someone else in the car.

    I've lived here my entire life. I've seen these guys racing. Many times I thought to myself "I will see them in an accident up ahead." Sure enough. They have an accident after passing me.

    When I used to ride a motorcycle young guys would try to race me. I refused to race. Once I was totally bundled up because it was cold. I probably looked like a dude with my full face helmet, long pony tail tucked in. Some guy wanted to race. I refused. Then he tried to drive me into the side of that very same freeway. Crazy young boys.

  3. My fiancé and I test drove a Mini Cooper with him in calabasas. He was very knowledgable about cars and seemed bright. Although he was foolish and reckless, we were so very sorry for his tragic ending and for the pain of his friends and family

    1. People are judge a lot based on their driving habits. I remember disney's short film "Motor Mania". Some people loose their cool behind the wheel and become selfish, irresponsible drivers. I know excellent individuals who simply turn dark when they drive. It's sad.

  4. This is a great opportunity to start a serious agenda for getting these idiots off the road.
    This souping up of cars for street racing, and the businesses that cater to it, need to be illegal, and any car found modified thus needs to be confiscated and crushed. It is time that we start thinking along the lines of immediate confiscate and crush, and immediate loss of driving privileges for these idiots who endanger us all. This particular fool had already been busted for this kind of driving. We have a serious traffic problem in Southern California, and we have a serious idiot problem as well. I encounter these people every day, driving fast and dangerously on the freeway. We need to be forcing the hand of city, county, and state to be going draconian on these people. We need a relentless campaign that makes the point that your car will be confiscated and crushed, you will lose your driving privileges. They need to force these people to sing on every single person who has been involved in selling of or modifying these cars, anybody involved in their racing scene, if they hope to avoid automatic jail time. We don't need to be tolerating these people on our roads. I for one don't feel the least bit sorry for this idiot. I'm just glad he didn't take anyone with him. Good riddance. Any sympathy for him is ridiculous - we wouldn't have any sympathy for him had he been standing on an overpass shooting at cars. We need to realize that this behavior is in no way different - he didn't have the least bit of concern whether he killed people or maimed them for life. As far as these people are concerned, the rest of us are nothing but obstacles in their high stakes game, and whether or not we end up dead or dismembered is not a concern to them. When we get it through our heads that these people are on par with school shooters, then we will start thinking of them and treating them exactly the way they deserve to be treated.

    1. Making the comparison between a school shooter and a fast driver is absurd. School shooters are psychopaths who Premeditate killing others. Fast drivers do not plan to hurt anyone. They feel invincible and think they will never crash. If anything needs to be addressed it is - why are these street racers in total denial of the real dangers present in their behavior?

  5. AND, as of a few hours ago, the family has spoken. Did they choose to use this as a teachable moment? Nope. They were surely aware of all or most of the stuff their idiot relative was engaged in. It sure would have been refreshing if the brother or cousin had said, "We knew it would end like this for this kid, and others will themselves meet or create a similar fate for others if they continue to act with no regard for the lives of their fellow man." But no, just the usual drivel. "He was such a nice guy." etc.. Complete BS.

  6. Someone saved the video and reposted or on November 1, probably anticipating that it would be removed by the original poster. It's back on YouTube if you search for the kids name.

  7. "Also notice upgraded wheels and racing tires. Racing tires are fine on a perfectly smooth even race track. They give you less traction on a regular road."

    First, those are the stock wheels for that model vehicle. Second, those are not racing tires, they are high performance summer tires and likely stock as well. Third, actual racing slicks give you better traction as long as the pavement is dry. A tire with no grooves has a larger contact patch with the road, improving grip. Grooves are only necessary for channeling water away from the tire.

  8. This is not a racists comment but rather an observation of a cultural tendency. It is well known in the communities that many Armenians love cars, but many also love speed. Of course, it depends on the demographics, but I'm sure that other Armenians who see this problem can agree with my comment. This does not mean that there are not other irresponsible drivers of every race and culture. However, in the Armenian communities, this has been a growing issue. I'm sorry for this young guy, but I hope that he can be seen as an example for every fast and furious out there. Stepping on the accelerator does not require any special skill as urban racers like to believe. It is a very easy, simple, meaningless, and dumb thing to do.

    1. You are not racist because I too have observe a lot of what you mentioned because I lived and work in Glendale for 17 years. Did you know that the police told me that Glendale has the most pedestrian death because of bad drivers who are always in a hurry.

  9. Any money raised through the various GoFundMe accounts that have been set up (there are more than one) should go to repay for emergency response, not to the family for "expenses." He acted irresponsibly and paid the ultimate price for driving recklessly. Thankfully, he only killed himself and no one else.

    1. Totally agree and the money should also pay for any damages on other vehicles.

  10. There are two YouCarinf fundraising pages. I can't post screen shots

    1. Relief For Richard Pananian Family
    Raised about $11k so far at the time of this posting.
    2. Memorial Fund For Richard Pananian.

  11. They think life is just like a video game. (No actual consequences.) Not so much. As to the animal sacrifice, if they consumed the animal later, it would be hypocritical of me to criticize, as I am a carnivore. But if they didn't, they should be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

  12. I lived in Glendale for a year. It's definitely a reckless driver culture. I just saw so many young men expressing their testosterone through their cars and racing. Is it any coincidence that the Fast and Furious actor also came from Glendale? May they both rest in peace.

  13. You cannot fix "STUPID"!!! Karma can be a &itch!!!

  14. Looks like the lamb got Karma. I hope this guy died a painful slow death and is burning in hell right now. He is sub human scum and we don't need garbage like this on our planet.

  15. Anyone that supports this kind of reckless behavior is an ASS. I'm just glad he didn't kill anyone else in the process. As for the GoFundMe pages, seriously? How much does it take to bury a person? 10K TOPS. And you ask for assistance to cover this. Not a free ride for everything and plus so you can sit back and invest in stock options. Really? Poor taste and zero tact. It's not like this kid had children or a family to support. They're obviously cashing in on their Son's death and that's just GROSS. Plant him and be over with it. And thank your lucky stars that you don't have another Family suing you for your Son's reckless behavior. Talk about NO shame.

  16. I know this is an older post, but I got to it from your other post on the recent street racing incident on the I5.

    Just a heads up - looks like the car this kid was driving was a Ford Fiesta ST (not the Focus as you mentioned). The Fiesta ST in this case comes "souped up" from the factory. It's possible the kid in this story added other bits to it, but all the "go-fast" parts were factory installed by Ford. Check out for more information about this vehicle. It's marketed as a "hot-hatch", which is basically a sporty variant of an otherwise pedestrian model.

  17. I'm also a little late on this post, but I agree with the person who commented ahead of me. The car is a Ford Fiesta ST, and is a fast car straight from the Ford dealership. Cars like the Ford Fiesta ST, Subaru WRX STI,and the Honda Civic SI VTEC,And the Civic Type R come straight from the factory already souped up. I recently purchased my Honda Civic Type R Turbo that is faster than any V8 vehicle I've ever had, but I don't street race I'm 39 years old and married with two kids, I just love fast cars especially imports, but these automakers are making cars like these to appeal to the younger street racing generation or the "Fast and the Furious" generation and are making too much money to quit. Parents need to research these cars before they buy, because just because it's a 4-cylinder does not mean it's slow and "safe".