Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Religious head coverings among Christians, Jews and Muslims

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People are upset about Muslim women covering their head in the US and UK. A lot of people don't realize that many religions request women to cover their head. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all based on the same ancient scrolls. Islam, Christianity and Judaism used the same scrolls in their Koran, Bible and Torah. They have very similar instructions about women covering their head.

Growing up Roman Catholic we wore head scarfs, veils to church. We wore them on Sunday to show respect for God in the house of our Lord. I no longer practice but I still went through eight years of Catholic School.

If you look at the pic above Mary the alleged Mother of God is wearing a head covering and flowing loose robes. Mary is always painted in this manner. Why then are people upset about women wearing hijab or head covering while in public?

Below is an image of the head covering of many different religions. Up until 1959 all Catholics were instructed to wear head coverings. It wasn't until the Pope stated that we need to take Catholicism out of the dark ages and bring it into the modern world that slowly nuns and regular people started shedding the veil.

Women head covering muslim jewish catholic christian 
If you look at the dress of Catholic, Christian nuns they all wore head coverings and loose robes with a type of chest cover. The hair line can't even be seen. The idea behind this is that nuns must be chaste because they are married to Jesus Christ. While it's a sin to have sex outside a marriage it's also a sin to tempt others. That is why they cover their hair, chest area and wear very loose robes.

Below are some photos of moderm Islamic dress. They have head covering and some loose dresses or big loose tops. Here in the US you can dress any way you like just about. I don't find these outfits offensive in the least.

Most Muslims do not cover their entire face and body. Only 2% in Saudia Arabia and Pakistan fully cover their face and body.

Muslims, Christians and Jews have very similar religions based on the same old scrolls. Our dress standards for women are also similar. People who wear full Burka, Niqab are part of a very small percentage of Muslims. The basis of all of our religions is peace and love.

There is a small minority of people who have twisted the message of the bible, Torah and Koran into hate and violence. If you read the bible there are some really violent stories in there talking about murdering your children. That does not mean Catholics should go out there and kill their children. There are groups like the Westboro Baptist Church who have twisted the bible just so they can attack homosexuals and Muslims. We will always have crazy radicals in every religion, every walk of life. That does not mean that those crazy few represent their entire religion. We need to pay more attention to the similarities of our religions and way of life so we can get along better in this world.

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