Wednesday, May 18, 2016

20 times Justice Don Willett slammed Donald Trump on Twitter @JusticeWillett @realDonaldTrump

Justice Don Willett mocks Donald Trump, @justicewillett, @realDonaldTrump, on Twitter
UPDATE: Utah Judge suspended for criticizing Donald Trump on his private Facebook page. Justice Don Willett here criticized and attacked Donald Trump on his very public Twitter and Facebook accounts and no suspension.

20 times Justice Don Willett slammed Donald Trump on Twitter since 2013. And how many times did Donald Trump mention Justice Don Willett on Twitter? Zero. How many times did Donald Trump tweet to Justice Don Willett? Also zero. Neither follows the other. Justice Willett made the tweet above slamming New Yorkers and lists in response to being told he was on Donald Trump's list of prospective SCOTUS nominees. Supreme slam! Justice Willett for the win!

(UPDATE: I was being sarcastic when I said "Willett for the win!" This was obviously a very poor reply to being on Trump's SCOTUS list. He should have said nothing or just released his official reply.  This comes off as childish just like some of Trump's rants and attacks. When Willett was asked about the list at Greg Abbott's book signing yesterday, Willett replied "I'm exercising judicial restraint," That "restraint" didn't last long. A few hours later Willett slammed Trump with a tweet. Eventually Willett repeated what other people on the list stated and released the following reply to reporters, 

“I respect all, and personally know several, of the judges listed. Being named alongside them for any purpose is a rich honor. They are exceptional jurists, and importantly, over half have served or are serving in the state judiciary, where most American justice is dispensed.")

Justice Don Willett of Texas @JusticeWillett makes fun of Donald Trump's @realDonaldTrump wall, Obama and Cruz "birther" rants, his lack of basic religious knowledge, his nasty demeanor, his Trump University fraud lawsuit, his stance against freedom of speech, his Megyn Kelly spat, his childish attacks on others, his Twitter wars and most of all of course his hair. Justice Willett retweets attacks by others against Donald Trump. He even encourages his followers to attack Donald Trump, Trump University and Trump's hair.

And why did Donald Trump put Justice Don Willett on his list of potential Supreme Court Justices of the United States? Just because he saw that he tweets. Asinine! Willett FTW!

6. Here Justice Don Willett makes fun of Donald Trump calling him a RINO (Republican In Name Only).
8. Ironically Justice Don Willett tweeted that he weeps about whom Donald Trump would name to the SCOTUS...then Trump puts him on the list.
10. Justice Don Willett makes fun of Donald Trump's hair again stating it looks like a tribble from Star Trek.
12. Justice Don Willett encourages his followers to attack Donald Trump. Read all the negative replies.
16. Justice Don Willett makes fun of Donald Trump's spat with Megyn Kelly.
17. Justice Don Willett is actually begging to be mentioned in a Donald Trump tweet.
18. Justice Don Willett makes fun of Donald Trump calling everyone losers, clowns and dummies.

Seems I missed quite a few more Trump slams. Here they are.

Donald Trump doesn't seem to realize that Justice Willett is Ted Cruz's coworker and friend for many years. They have the same hateful opinions against same sex marriage, LGBT rights, pro-choice, immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, poor people, minimum wage workers, blacklivesmatter, adequate school funding, health insurance...  They are both for religious freedom to discriminate against others especially Muslims, same sex couples, LGBT...

Still, Justice Willett would be on his knees in a heart beat to be appointed to the SCOTUS by Donald Trump. It's been his goal for his entire life. Willett has been kissing SCOTUS Justices butts for years and years. Willett went so far as to plagiarize Justice Scalia in his written response to questions from Governor Perry to become the Justice of the SCOTX. In fact Willett has a long history of plagiarizing people including the founding fathers in his opinions. Willett then demands that others quote him and not Thomas Jefferson who actually wrote the original quote.

Justice Willett is the one who begged the 84th Texas Legislature to name him "Twitter Laureate." It's obviously for media exposure to promote his campaigns for political appointments and office. Justice Willett is the one who wrote the proclamation. Willett has been interviewed many times about his Twitter account. Every time he has said he feels it's appropriate to Tweet as a Justice. It's pretty ironic that his tweets just bit him in the ass. His dream of being a SCOTUS Justice was probably just destroyed by his own tweets. There is no way Trump would appoint anyone who has made fun of him for years in such a horrible manner.

Justice Willett has stated that he didn't feel his tweets prejudiced or biased him in any cases that may come before him. That is not true. Willett frequently posts about his opinion on matters which have come and will continue to come before the court. Justice Willett has tweeted AGAINST blacklivesmatter, immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, same sex couples, LGBT rights, pro-choice... Willett has tweeted FOR his religion Christianity, having the ten commandments on public property, having a nativity scene on public property, allowing people to discriminate against LGBT and others in the name of religion, reversing same sex marriage laws, reversing pro-choice, reversing Obama care... Willett promotes the agendas of Texas politicians Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Rick Perry... Willett is also pro big business, pro lawyers. I have correctly predicted Willett's case opinions based on his previously tweeted bias for or against certain parties. Here is but one tweet Willett made against blacklivesmatter and two replies. I am of course all for police officers. I went through the police academy. I'm against the person who killed the officer. He committed a horrible crime and should go to jail. Still, that is not the time to coop #blacklivesmatter. Of course the officer's life mattered. That's not the point.

Justice Don Willett blacklivesdontmatter blacklivesmatter tweet

Justice Don Willett used to work for Ted Cruz in the attorney general office. This is when Ted Cruz was rejected from working with Bush in the White House because Cruz is so hated.
Ted Cruz, Don Willett, Texas Attorney General office

Justice Willett made the same posts on Facebook. The tweets were saved in case Willett removes them.

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