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Who is Toni Holt Kramer the Trumpette of Bel Air? 78 yr woman with 7+ husbands and made up life

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Politico had a very strange article about some strange women in Bel Air who support racist, misogynist hateful Donald Trump. Reading the article and then the Trumpette's website made me realize these people are not just crazy but delusional. The biography Toni Holt Kramer wrote for herself was beyond bizarre. I decided to find out the real story about this person.

The first article is about Toni Holt Kramer the one on the left. I'm really amazed these women didn't realize they were being set up to be lampooned. Amazing they agreed to this ridiculous photo and the others. Anyway Toni claims she was born June 16, 1948. She was actually born June 16, 1938.

Supposedly Toni Holt is about to come out with a book called "My Men, My Mother and Me." I assume it will include all seven of her husbands. There may be even more that I haven't yet found.

Just found Toni Holt Kramer real name Sandra Antoinette Kopelman's marriage certificate. Milton is her second husband when she was 23. Her first husband was Segal. There may even be another husband by the name of King for a total of eight! Her mother was Helen Freidman from New York 1907 - 2007. Her father was Jack Kopelman also from New York. She was born in Brooklyn. When she was married she stated she was a TV screen actress. As far as I can tell she only did those odd little three minute gossip segments later in life in Palm Springs then Los Angeles.

Toni Holt Kramer, Sandra Antoinette Kopelman, segal, king, crowley, davis, kramer, trumpettes of bel air, donald trump
Toni Holt Kramer's husbands in chronological order.

1. Segal.

2. Milton Sanford Holt 1912 - 1979 was her second husband. His real last name was Holschlag. In the photos he looks like a mobster. They were married November 22, 1961 in Arlington, Virginia when she was 24. They divorced in 1972 most likely because he was convicted of crimes again. Her name at divorce was Sandra A Kopelman. This was also his second marriage. He used to go by Milton. When he moved to CA he went by Sanford instead so people wouldn't realize he's a convicted criminal. This is from his first conviction.

This is from his second indictment.

More history from that crime which happened in 1957. This was all over the major newspapers. Toni Holt knew she married a convicted criminal. She even kept his same name. She wanted to be connected with his criminal past, very telling.

"The indictment also named Milton Sanford Holt, former secretary‐treasurer of Local 805 of the Teamsters Union here who had been convicted of TaftHartley Law violations. On July 12, 1965, he resigned and went into the labor‐consulting business under the name Holt Associates, 2 Park Avenue, and Management Consultants, Englewood, N. J. In 1968 he moved to California, where he continued in business under the name Sanford Associates."

He had a long history of criminal activity. This is indeed about Jimmy Hoffa.

"Milton Holt, who is secretary-treasurer of that local,
in spite of their criminal connections and criminal records and the
exposures heretofore made, they still remain in office, Avhich further
emphasizes in my mind that there is no intention on the part of Mr.
Hoffa to clean up the union and to get rid of these elements that are
a disgrace to decent unionism in this country."

3. Robert Hartford Davis born 1920 - 1977. His real name was William Henry Davis. They married in 1973 and divorced May 1973 in Los Angeles.  He made shitty blaxspoitation films and was married quite a few times.

4. Gaston Jacques Murray born February 8, 1920 in France. They married September 18, 1976 in Nevada and divorced March 1977 in Los Angeles. What makes these men marry her then instantly leave? Is it because they found out about her past? The men file for divorce, not Toni. Her name at marriage was Toni K Holt. "K" is for "King." At divorce it was Antoinet Holt. She keeps changing her name so no one could match it up with her real birth date of 1938.

5. John Marshall Yantis born 1918-1993. She appears to like wealthy, much older men. They were married in Riverside, California January 16, 1983 most likely in Palm Springs. Her name was Toni H Murray at that time. Yantis then sued her for divorce May 12, 1986 in Los Angeles.

6. Arthur J Crowley (1925-2010) a divorce attorney married many times. They were married February 1989 and divorced within three years.

7. Robert David Kramer born 1926. They've been together since at least 1997. They sold their Bel Air home on 1121 La Collina in BH post office which is actually Los Angeles in 2007.

"Miss Holt, who is divorced and the mother of two sons, aged 8 and 7, worked as a child model in New York for several years and, at the age of 17, was on the cover of Esquire magazine. She went to Hollywood to become an actress, and wound up writing a gossip column for a fan magazine and also had her own syndicated television show, "Toni's Hollywood." Her early life history as she tells it to reporters changes as the years go by becoming more grandiose.

Toni Holt Kramer, Sandra Antoinette Kopelman, segal, king, crowley, davis, kramer, trumpettes of bel air, donald trump

This is very telling of the Trumpettes group.

"In late December 2015, he said, he got a call from Kramer. “She and her friends wanted to jump on the band wagon. They’re all members at Mar-a-Lago, but they’re not so well-liked. They just wanted to get in with Donald.” (Kramer confirmed that she is a member at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private club in Palm Beach, as are two of her three purported co-founders.) “It’s the Palm Beach gang,” said Boscomb, “They married rich old guys, they eat lunch, and they tell each other how great they are.”

This is the vibe I got from seeing the original article then visiting Toni's website. She talks about herself in the most "amazing"way almost Trumpish. It's so obviously fake. Based on what I've read her convicted criminal possibly mobster husband forced people to hire her in Palm Springs to do a ridiculous three minute Hollywood gossip segment. When you consider she was never a part of the Hollywood scene, why would anyone listen to her?

Here are some of her lawsuits only in Los Angeles, County. I'm sure there are lots more in Riverside.

She was served with eviction and lost. She sued Auto Nation over a car lease? She tried to sue a contractor but lost.

CROWLEY TONI HOLTSmall Claims11/13/1991Stanley Mosk Courthouse
HOLT TONISmall Claims (Limited)11/17/1992Inglewood Courthouse
HOLT TONIU.D.- RESIDENTIAL (Limited)04/29/1993Monrovia Courthouse
HOLT TONICivil05/11/1983
HOLT TONICivil09/11/1990
HOLT TONISmall Claims (Limited)02/16/1993Inglewood Courthouse
HOLT TONISmall Claims (Limited)02/16/1993Inglewood Courthouse
HOLT TONISmall Claims (Limited)02/16/1993Inglewood Courthouse
HOLT-KRAMER TONI INDIVIDUALLYCOLLECTIONS (Limited)10/05/2005West Covina Courthouse
KRAMER TONI HOLTBreach Rental/Lease (not UD/Evict) (Unlimited)10/21/2005Stanley Mosk Courthouse
YANTIS TONI HOLTCivil05/12/1986

I'll post the rest tomorrow after I verify a few things.

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    1. I did see that. After Nov 8 no one will want to take credit for starting the Trumpettes ;-) Thanks.