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Texas GOP hysterics about "illegals" and alleged "border crime" in McAllen, Hidalgo, Texas - Cassandra Luevano, Homero Guzman

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UPDATE: 02/20/2017 Seems Cassie finally realized she was a political pawn in the immigration issue. Cassie protected her tweets. You now get this message,

"Only confirmed followers have access to @CassieJ_Tx's Tweets and complete profile. Click the "Follow" button to send a follow request."

I saved her profile, tweets as a pdf if anyone needs them.

February 18, 2017, 80 year old Homero Guzman was allegedly robbed of his wallet at gun point while entering a Church's Chicken in McAllen, Hidalgo, Texas. Police arrived minutes later and took the report from Guzman.

Homero Guzman's granddaughter 25 year old Cassandra Luevano @Cassiej_Tx who just so happens to be the South Texas regional director for the Republican Party of Texas received the news via a tweet from her sister Chandra Luevano an hour and a half later. Cassandra aka Cassie knew she had to take immediate action to "save" her grandfather. She did what any sane loving granddaughter would do and started frantically tweeting to President Trump, Governor Abbott and ICE.

She tweeted that her grandfather was the victim of a "border crime" by an "illegal" who wanted his "ID." She tweeted (sic),

"We can NOT ignore that or border has problems. All 25 of my years I have known nothing other than to be aware of our SAFTEY."

"Had my grandpa acted in defense I'd be planning a funeral!"

"Reasons why we need to MAKE America SAFE AGAIN @DanScavino #MAGA @GregAbbott_TX my Innocent grandpa targeted by illegals for his ID."

"My Grandpa is Safe because he was STRUCK WITH TERROR FOR HIS LIFE ANOTHER CRIME ON THE BORDER OF TEXAS @GregAbbott_TX @realDonaldTrump."

"Abusing the elderly, robbing from them, and extreme TERRORIZING MUST END #SecureTexasBorder @TxDPS @GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick #RGV"

After Cassie tweeted to one of her followers Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Abbott finally responded two hours later.

Just fyi that Church's Chicken is eight miles north of Mexican border where the victim was born in Reynosa. Cassie here lives in McAllen which is only eight miles north of Church's Chicken. This did not happen right at the border.

After all this tweeting Valley Central news did an article about the robbery. From the article which is linked below,

"Philip Ethridge, an associate professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley who studies crime and border security, said he doubted the robbery had any nexus to border security.

"If this had happened in any other city — I hate to say this — it would have been just a routine crime that police take reports on every day," Ethridge said, adding that not every crime near the border is actually a matter of border security.

State Rep. Terry Canales, D-Edinburg, said the tweet reflects the thinking behind Texas' border security push.

The Texas Department of Public Safety wants millions for border security, but can't produce a coherent plan or justify the millions already spent, Canales said. Data released by the Department of Public Safety shows few drug busts but many traffic citations."

"I can say this about the governor: He's the first governor that's actually paid attention to the Rio Grande Valley," Canales said. "He's made more visits. He seems to be truly concerned about the Rio Grande Valley."

However, a robbery at Church's Chicken in McAllen isn't a border security problem, Canales said.
"I would go out on a limb and say somebody was held up at gunpoint in Houston last night," Canales said. "Is he coming to Houston's rescue?"

Crime data reported to the FBI shows the stark difference between McAllen and Houston.
From January to June 2016, McAllen had 31 robberies — 22 per 100,000 people, according to FBI Uniform Crime Report data. Houston had 209 robberies per 100,000 people.

For some Republicans, the border is just a pawn in a larger game, Canales said, adding that hyping border security is big business.

"And in order to do that, you have to make people believe that this place is something it's not," Canales said." Dave Hendricks

But there is much more to the story. You see Cassie's entire family is Mexican including her grandfather. Homero Guzman. Homero was born in April 21, 1936 in Reynosa, Mexico. As far as I can tell I see no naturalization papers. I requested that information from Cassandra but she did not reply. Below is Cassandra's family tree.

Cassandra Leeann Luevano, Cassie Luevano, GOP employee, mcallen, hidalgo, texas, governor, greg abbott, illegal immigrant, undocumented immigrant, politics, republica, homero guzman, azeneht lesama, micaela salazar, campaign, Church's chicken, robbery, border security
Cassandra's grandparents on her mother's side appear to be born in Mexico. I don't see naturalization papers for them. All of her great grandparents were born in Mexico. Only a couple may have become "legal immigrants," aka documented, naturalized immigrants. 

Her great grandmother Maria De La Paz Romero Salazar was born in Mexico but died in Texas. She was a Mexican citizen without papers. In Cassie's eyes that makes her an "illegal" which makes her a very bad mujer, a criminal, someone to be detested and tweeted about in disgust, someone to tweet, report to ICE about, someone to be ripped out of their home at night, shackled, thrown in a dog kennel with no food, water, lawyer and deported to Mexico without any money, ID, phone, possessions?

Below is Cassie who is 100% Mexican who thinks all other Mexicans on the other side of the border eight miles away in this case just across a bridge are "illegal," "criminals," "refugees," which we should all revile. In this case her grandpa is from Reynosa, Mexico right on the border. If it turns out he doesn't have papers, shouldn't she turn him in to ICE if she really feels "illegals" are bad hombres? The hypocrisy in this young woman being used for political purposes is just too much. 

*Proof that Cassandra works for the GOP.
Cassie Luevano at (210) 289-1402 or
Cassie Luevano
Field Representative – Congressional District 23
Cassandra Luevano 3025 Maria Luiza Dr
Edinburg, Texas 785396663 (Cassie Luevano lives eight miles north of Church's Chicken where
her grandpa was robbed. That location is eight miles north of the Mexican border where Homero was born)
01/25/2016 Party Volunteer Food & Beverage Vendor A 66.91-

Cassandra Luevano 3025 Maria Luiza Dr
Edinburg, Texas 785396663
01/29/2016 Party Employee Payroll Expense 1025.57

Cassandra Luevano 3025 Maria Luiza Dr
Edinburg, Texas 785396663
01/15/2016 Party Employee Payroll Expense 1025.57

*Author contacted Cassandra Luevano for comment but she did not reply.

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