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Who is Ed Buck, Edward Buchmelter the Democratic donor, dog rescuer who lives in West Hollywood where Gemmel Moore died?

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UPDATE: 01/10/2019 Victim is identified. He is Timothy Dean.

Based on Facebook he was a friend of Ed Buck. He was 55. Such a shame.

01/07/2019 Another man found dead. A black male in his '50's. Perhaps Buck should stop allowing drug users to hang out at his apartment. We don't have any facts yet. Maybe Buck was asleep when the person took drugs and OD'd. We don't even know cause of death yet.

07/28/2018 Ed Buck is exonerated, cleared of all wrong doing. No charges will be filed as there is insufficient evidence that a crime was committed. They took a long time to investigate to make sure they fully investigated everything.

Here is the charge evaluation worksheet.

Ed Buck, Gemmel Moore, death, drugs

Will the mother and other people who extorted money from politicians and others donate that money to Ed Buck's animal causes? That's what you demanded that others do for you. Don't be a hypocrite. Not only will they not return the money, they will probably ask for more money. They should at the very least use any money they took and spend it on getting treatment for drug addicts. They won't.

07/19/2018 The prosecutor's office is looking into the death of Gemmel. I believe they are taking a long time and investigating the case as much as possible to appease the family and friends. I agree with Buck's attorney. There was no evidence that Buck killed Gemmel. If there were, he would have been arrested by now. The police probably fear protests by Gemmel supporters.

As I've said before the coroner and police said it was an accidental death almost a year ago. The coroner and police didn't take any evidence from Buck's apartment. It's now been over a year and any alleged crime scene was not controlled. No evidence was retained. Even if Buck did intentionally inject and kill Gemmel, there is no physical evidence which has been in control of the police since Gemmel died.

Gemmel's journal is not evidence that Buck killed Gemmel. The journal was not in control of the police. How do we know someone didn't write in it after Gemmel died? How do we know Gemmel was telling the truth? I'm sure there will be some protests when the DA states there is insufficient evidence to prosecute Buck.

UPDATE: Justice 4 Gemmel Moore continues to shake down anyone who received a donation from Ed Buck. Leon gave a donation to a sexual assault survivor group in an amount equal to a donation received from Buck. Justice 4 Gemmel Moore said that wasn't good enough. They want the money. They say the money is for "Ed Buck's victims." Who is that exactly? Moore is dead. They are not a non-profit so Leon couldn't have donated to them. It's just a gofundme run by some private person who has raised $6,000 of a $20,000 goal. What are they going to do with the money? If these people really cared about Gemmel Moore they should have cared about him when he was alive. These people are using a tragic situation to shake down people for money. They guilt and threaten people into giving them money. The person behind the website is anonymous. Why is this shake down artist anonymous? When the police investigation is complete and Buck is most likely exonerated, will they apologize to him? I doubt it. Latisha Nixon the mother is running the gofundme. I sent her an email asking what she is doing with the money.

"The resulting scandal has caused several California Democrats, including both Feinstein and de Leon, to return Buck’s donations.  However, Moore’s mother, Latisha Nixon, said de Leon had not donated the money to the fund set up for the family.  According to representatives from Justice 4 Gemmel Moore + All of Ed Buck’s Victims, de Leon’s campaign had promised to donate Buck’s money to the fund for his victims. Instead, the de Leon campaign donated the funds to WEAVE, a nonprofit that serves domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in Sacramento County."

11/18/2017 Times got a hold of the coroner's report. It still appears to be an accidental overdose. The coroner did note the tool chest with drugs and paraphernalia inside.

UPDATE: The ridiculous gets more ridiculous. Now Moore's family says the Sheriff is dragging his feet! Yes, the Sheriff is dragging his feet for a couple of reasons.

One, he wants the Moore family to feel that he spent a lot of time fully investigating everything, anything and nothing. Sheriff knows there is no physical evidence that Buck killed Moore. There is also no eye witness. Moore's journal could never be used as even circumstantial evidence as the chain of possession is not independent. How would anyone know who wrote that journal. Maybe someone else wrote it after the death in the hopes of shaking Buck down for money. I'm not claiming that. I'm only stating a lawyer could argue that. The words of other sex workers who visited Buck also can't be used. They were not a witness to Moore's actual death.

Two, Sheriff is trying to drag out the time from the death to releasing the results to lessen the reaction from the Moores and activists. The Sheriff will state he has no evidence of a crime. The Moores, activists are going to attack the hell out of the Sheriff, WeHo city council, Buck, anyone Buck ever donated to, anyone Buck ever took a photo with... It's going to be mean and nasty.

Considering both sides have publicly stated that the Sheriff is dragging his feet, and he is, perhaps it's time to release the result of the investigation. It will probably go something like this,

"Thank you very much to all the people who came forward with evidence. Thank you to the Moore family for helping with this investigation. Thank you to the city council. Thank you to the activists for standing up and speaking out for (fill in the blank) struggling members of our society. After a very thorough and long multi-department investigation we have found no evidence of a crime. We're not saying Buck didn't have something to do with Moore's death. We're only saying there is no physical evidence which is what we need in our judicial system to charge someone with a crime. Moore's death is a very sad tragedy for him, his family and our entire community. People need to reach out to others in need, people dealing with homelessness and drug addiction. blah blah blah."


Buck's lawyer says the Sheriff is dragging his feet in the investigation. I'm sure the Sheriff is dragging his feet so he won't be attacked by Moore's family and activists. I doubt Buck will be charged with any crime. There is no physical evidence which could show he killed Moore. There are no eye witnesses present when Moore died.

In the article above Moore's brother states he's also gay and was a drug addict. Moore lived with his brother before he died. So, his brother and mother both knew he was gay, did drugs and was a sex worker. Why didn't they intervene and help Moore before he died? The mother and brother should have helped Moore. Yelling and screaming after he's dead does no one any good.

And again the Moore supporters are asking for money. They want anyone who ever received a donation from Buck to give them that money. Money, money, money. They are attacking everyone who received a political donation from Buck. Buck has not been convicted of a crime. There is no reason for people to give the donation they received from Buck to Moore's supporters. What would they use the money on? Themselves and their campaign to attack anyone related to Buck.

09/28/2017 People are, were protesting at Buck's home. If people cared this much about Gemmel when he was alive, he might not have died. Where were these people when they knew Gemmel was a drug addict sex worker with money problems? Why didn't his mother and all these other people help him them? Because they obviously didn't care about Gemmel. They're making a big fuss now for media attention and money. His mother said this media attention has made her feel famous and people will probably want to make a movie about her. In the gofundme she asked for money for herself. That shows the true colors of these people right there. Shameful behavior. If you have a friend who needs help, help them. Don't wait until they OD and die then make a stink. Gemmel could have gone to rehab for free as I'm sure he qualified for Medi-cal.

09/27/17 Sheriff Dept spoke to media about the case. They are still investigating. They are not interested in hearsay which is what a certain writer has been throwing all over the internet. They want to speak to people with "first hand knowledge of the specific incident." They want to speak to people who physically were there and witnessed what happened. Obviously there was no one else there as a witness.

While the investigators have stated they aren't leaning one way or another their remarks seem to show that there is no physical evidence of murder by Buck. There is no new evidence. Based on what I've seen there has just been a lot of hearsay and innuendo about what might have happened. I will predict that no charges will be filed against Buck.


"Gemmel Moore, Hatchet Attack, Cannabis and the Resignation of Estevan Montemayor: WeHo Public Safety Commission’s Busy Agenda

Tue, Sep 12, 2017   By James Mills  
Capt. Sergio Aloma, head of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, last night explained the Sheriff’s Department’s approach to the death of Gemmel Moore, a young black escort, at the home of local political figure Ed Buck in July.

“Deputies received to a call for service at the address on Laurel [Avenue],” Aloma said, responding to a question for Estevan Montemayor of WeHo’s Public Safety Commission. “It was a person in some sort of medical distress.

Gemmel “Juelz” Moore (left) and Ed Buck (Facebook)
“They responded along with L.A. County Fire and paramedics who, once they got there, were rendering aid to the victim, Mr. Moore. The victim was subsequently deceased at the address. Our deputies who responded, along with the fire department, did not see anything that was obviously criminal in terms of foul play that was involved in his death.”

Aloma, speaking at the monthly Public Safety Commission meeting, said that his deputies contacted the sheriff’s homicide bureau, as is standard procedure. The homicide bureau decided it was an overdose death, which is not something they respond to.

Deputies also contacted the coroner’s office, which is also protocol. The coroner’s office also saw no evidence of foul play.

“Once the coroner’s office responded to the scene, they concurred with the deputies that this was possibly an overdose death and there was no foul play or malice of forethought, which you would need in a homicide for example, so they treated it as such,” Aloma said.

The intense media attention regarding Moore’s death caused the homicide bureau to open an investigation “out of an abundance of caution,” Aloma reported. He also confirmed that the district attorney’s office has granted limited immunity to a certain number of witnesses, “individuals who claim to have information and our homicide detectives are proceeding with interviews of those folks to see what information they have and what type of bearing it will have in the case,” Aloma said.

Although the homicide bureau is presently questioning the people granted immunity, at this time Ed Buck is not considered a suspect, Aloma said.

“We don’t know if there is in fact a crime yet,” he said. “That is still part of the investigation at the bureau to determine whether a crime actually occurred and to whether or not Mr. Buck, or anyone else, is a suspect in this case.”

Moore, 26, was found dead in Buck’s Laurel Avenue apartment on July 27. A report from the L.A. County Coroner’s Office states that the death was an accident and lists its cause as “methamphetamine use.” A Coroner’s Office spokesman has said that drug paraphernalia was discovered in Buck’s apartment.

Moore’s death has sparked outrage among members of the African-American community, many of whom accuse Buck, a white man in his early 60s who is relatively affluent, of exploiting young black men. Jasmyne Cannick, a political and media consultant who is working with Moore’s family, has published pages from the young man’s diary claiming an illicit paid relationship with Buck. Cannick has also published statements from other young black men who say Buck has paid them to use drugs with him. Buck to date has not responded to the allegations. However his lawyer has suggested that Buck simply was helping people in need.

At the suggestion of Commissioner Montemayor, the Public Safety Commission adjourned in honor of Gemmel Moore, a symbolic action taken to note the group’s sympathy over his death."

09/02/2017 DA agrees to give witnesses immunity. I don't think it will cause the DA to press charges as none were witnesses when Gemmel died. They can only provide circumstantial evidence. As the body was already given to the family I don't know if the coroner could tell if Gemmel died from injection or smoke inhalation.

08/29/2017 People coming out of the wood work about Buck. A man by the name of Mark Hefferan said he had to get a restraining order against Buck. He failed to mention that Buck got a restraining order against him first 04/11/2007 case # SS015023. A few other people said they also got restraining orders against Buck in Los Angeles County but no one else did. I searched LA County records. After I called out Mark Hefferan he PM'd me on FB and called me a "Trump supporter" then blocked me while he made nasty personal attacks against me. I voted for Bernie then Hillary. No Trump supporter here for sure. I hate Trump. Trump is harming our nation.

The writer of the "angry ranting woman playing the race card blog" recklessly throwing around innuendo and hearsay called me nasty names for calling out her false statements of alleged facts and conclusions. I even received death threats for posting a pic of Buck at our political convention. I took pics of EVERYONE at our political convention yet this woman said I stuck my "nose up Buck's ass." I posted all the photos in a public album which they saw. I'm not a close friend of Buck. We've had our differences on some issues.

The same blogger continues with her misinformation and attacks on Democrats, friends of Buck, anyone who was ever in a photo with Buck, anyone who ever took a photo of Buck.... I'm being attacked because I took a photo of Buck with Ted Leiu in 2013. I took a photo of EVERYONE at the event. This same lady is now attacking Leiu because he was in the photo. This woman states every politician who received a donation from Buck since 2008 should return it instantly. Buck has not been charged with a crime and most likely won't be charged. This woman believes that everyone should be attacking Buck. She's upset people are not attacking him. San people are waiting for the investigation and facts. This same lady says Buck is a racist because he's hasn't donated much to black politicians. Today we have the highest number of black senators ever in our history. There are 2/100 or 2%. Buck donated less to black politicians because there are fewer black politicians. This writer is one of those people who likes to rant and rave. Yelling at politicians for not attacking Buck does not help Moore or anyone else.

08/27/2017 So many reckless articles are being written about Ed Buck by non-journalists. One person commented "This article is full of innuendo, hearsay and selected factoids. The full investigation is what is needed, not idle gossip, like this article. The young man takes no personal responsibility for his dangerous drug use. He admits he goes back to Buck's place and does drugs. What? Was he kidnapped?" They complain that Democrats aren't calling out Buck as a "murderer" because they got donations from him. They aren't calling out Buck because they are waiting for facts, evidence and the result of the investigation. These people are also attacking all the politicians and PACs which received money from Buck dating back to 2008. Buck had no criminal record. He's not a money launderer or a Russian. Politicians should only refuse donations from heinous criminals, money launderers or people who aren't US citizens.

One blogger goes so far as to say Buck is a racist because he repeated a line from the movie "Blazing Saddles." They posted the below photo from a Facebook post. This woman did not know that "Blazing Saddles" written by Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor is a parody making fun of and calling out racists and their racist behavior. In case young people don't know who these people are Mel Brooks is a Jewish writer, actor. Richard Pryor was a black writer, actor and comedian. They both faced racism which is why they made fun of racism in their movies and acts.

In the 1974 movie "Blazing Saddles" the n word is said quite a few times. Each time it is said it's to show how stupid and racist its use is. The movie calls out racism about African Americans, Mexicans, Indians, Whites, Asian, Jews, women, men... Below is the Facebook communication between Buck and Neil Pople. Buck said he memorized the script of the movie. "It's scripture to me." That means he reveres it's anti-racist idea.

Here is the scene which states paraphrased "back off or the n***** get's it." The black sheriff freaks out the crowd by holding a gun to his own head and saying "Hold it. The next man makes a move the n***** gets it." He goes on to say "drop it or I swear I blow this n****** head all over this crowd. Oh, lordy lord, do what he say! Do what he say!" If anyone thinks this is real and racist, they're an effing idiot just like the blogger. Watch the movie.

And again, one of the main reasons Buck started the recall campaign for the racist, bigoted, misogynist Governor of Arizona Evan Mecham was because of his overt, public racism against blacks, Mexicans, immigrants, LGBTQ and women. Read about how racist Mecham was against blacks. Mecham and his son called black people the n word. The only interesting thing here is that Mecham only became Governor because there was a three way election just like with Bernie, Hillary and Donald, divide and conquer and evil racism wins.

08/26/2017 The mother does intend to sue Buck for money. “I plan to seek justice for my son in every way possible and intend for Buck to face the consequences of the California’s Drug Dealer Liability Act of 2005,” Nixon said. The CDDLA has to do with a drug dealer selling drugs to a person who then becomes addicted and needs treatment. I don't believe Buck was a drug dealer. The anony prostitute stated they went to buy drugs together from a dealer. Maybe Nixon interprets dealer as someone giving it to someone for free? Gemmel was caught with meth in 2015 and arrested. He was caught with pot in Texas in 2014. I doubt Buck was in Compton or Spring, Texas with Gemmel. It'll be interesting to see how this will shake out.

WeHo city council member and criminal attorney Duran stated any potential witnesses should get an attorney before they speak to police. For some reason Steve Cooley stated that Duran should not say anything because he's giving legal advice about immunity. I believe Duran stated that so any potential witness would not be charged with prostitution and use of illegal drugs. I don't think he was trying to frighten witnesses which already have a lawyer. Duran did state that he was Buck's lawyer for a while. For that reason he should probably recuse himself from any city council vote related to this incident.

I still don't think there is any evidence which can prove Buck injected Moore with a drug that killed him. The journal is inadmissible as the journal was not under custody. It could have been altered. It's also irrelevant as the journal relates to Moore's perception of events from 2016. The journal is not about the incident that night.

People need to think about what "if" Buck did not kill Moore. That means all these false statements calling him a "murderer" ... are defamation. That means the sharing of private photos and videos is infringement on Buck's privacy. Moore's mother said people shouldn't attack her son because he was a drug addict and a prostitute. Then why is Moore's mother viciously attacking Buck when we don't even have all the facts.

ORIGINAL: Ed Buck, Edward Buchmelter was born August 24, 1954 into a middle class family in Ohio. His father was Edward Thomas Buchmelter born 1918, died 1993 in Scottsdale, Arizona. His mother is Margaret Julia Tomko Buchmelter living in Phoenix, Arizona. His siblings are Kathleen "Kay," Gorgonia "Georgie," and Lawrence. They all grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Ed Buck's paternal grandparents are John Adolphus Buchmelter and Anna Margaret Rasko from Slovakia. His maternal grandparents were Mike and Frances Tomko both from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria. Based on the dates the grandparents arrived it sounds like they were fleeing the pogroms.

Buck donates heavily to animal and Democratic causes. He was a main supporter for Southern California Golden Retriever rescue. He ran for West Hollywood City Council in 2007. Here is his position paper.

ed buck, edward buck, edward buchmelter, gemmel moore, death, drugs, meth, west hollywood, weho, california, animal, rescue, democrat, campaign donation, model, laurel
Locals probably remember when Buck heckled Meg Whitman at a WeHo political event then Chris Christie chewed him out. Buck is probably most well known for a recall motion he started when he lived in Phoenix, Arizona to oust Evan Mecham the homophobic, racist, misogynist governor. Mecham called black people "piccaninnie." Mecham approved of the strip search of a 2 year old black child saying black people are from the "lower society." Mecham stated he would rescind MLK day in Arizona. Mecham stated blacks are only "good for picking cotton." People viciously attacked Buck for standing up for gays, people of color, women and animals. Buck supported MLK day. Some people I assume white said they didn't want MLK day "because MLK did nothing for Arizona." Mecham got rid of MLK day once elected. Four years later MLK day in Arizona was re-established. I see why Buck left Arizona and came to WeHo.

I personally remember Buck at the WeHo anti-fur rally and city council votes. He was also behind Social Compassion in Legislation. I remember him initially opposing our cat declaw ban in WeHo. He just didn't fully understand it at the time and later supported us.

May 2017 Ed Buck was named "50 states, 50 heroes." "In 1987, Ed Buck formed Mecham Recall Committee, to force Arizona Governor Evan Mecham from office. A year later, the homophobic governor became the first in Arizona to be impeached. Buck also organized the first HIV education program in Arizona. Since retiring to West Hollywood in 1991, Buck has become a volunteer with animal rescue. “Year after year, Ed has shown us how his commitment to compassion makes the difference. Best of all? Ed’s smart and sassy and gets the job done.” — John D’Amico, West Hollywood Councilmember ( "

July 27, 2017 Gemmel Artae Moore died in Ed Buck's apartment in the 1200 block of Laurel. According to the coroner report #2017-05583 Gemmel Moore's death was an "accident" caused by "methamphetamine use". Case is closed. Body was released. "The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has stated that when Moore’s body was found there were no drugs or drug paraphernalia at Buck’s residence. The Democratic party donor is not under investigation at this time. " See below coroner report which is linked above.

ed buck, edward buck, edward buchmelter, gemmel moore, death, drugs, meth, west hollywood, weho, california, animal, rescue, democrat, campaign donation, model, laurel
Gemmel had a criminal drug history. MOORE, GEMMEL ARTE 5CP05324 10/01/2015Compton Courthouse (COM) He was charged with California Penal Code 11377. California's Health and Safety code 11377 (HS 11377, for short) is the sentencing and punishment for the possession of methamphetamine, or more commonly known as crystal meth, or just meth.

He was charged with Samuel Lloyd. Compton Courthouse This is the co-defendant. 5CP05324 02 SAMUEL GABRIEL LLOYD Limited Jurisdiction. 01 11377 Health & Safety Code Nolo Contendere Guilty/Convicted 11/04/2015 They are facebook friends. The case is pending against Gemmel who had a pre-trial July 2016. They probably couldn't find Gemmel.

Moore had a drug case against him in Spring, Harris County, Texas. He pled guilty and was sentenced to jail for three days and had to pay a fine. He also lost his driver's license for six months and had to take a drug education class.

Case  194762401010 - 2
File Date 2/26/2014
Case (Cause) Status Complete
Offense POSS MARIJ 0-2 OZ
Last Instrument Filed Misdemeanor Information
Case Disposition DISPOSED
Case Completion Date 2/27/2014
Defendant Status DISPOSED
Bond Amount $500.00
Next/Last Setting Date 2/27/2014
Defendant Details
Race/Sex B / M
Eyes BRO
Skin LBR
DOB 1/14/1991
US Citizen Yes
Height/Weight 6'00 / 160 LBS
Hair BLK
Build LGT
In Custody N
Place Of Birth
Address 14435 VALERIO ST VAN NUYS CA91405

At the insistence of Moore's mother LaTisha Nixon around August 14, 2017 the Los Angeles County Sheriff began to look into what caused Gemmel Moore to die at the home of Ed Buck on July 27, 2017. "In an abundance of caution, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau has assigned several investigators to review the circumstances of the death to determine if any criminal culpability exists," according to a sheriff's statement." This is three weeks after Gemmel Moore died and his body was released to family. The scene of Moore's death was not secured by sheriff after Moore died. No evidence was secured or taken. Sheriff stated there were no drugs or drug paraphernalia at the home at that time. Even if Buck had injected Moore which caused him to die there is no evidence with which to charge him. The DA would refuse the case as it would only be based on very circumstantial evidence consisting of a personal journal about personal feelings, thoughts about past events and the memories of drug addicted male prostitutes. The anonymous male prostitute "Blake" said his mind was not clear because of the drugs. He said he had blackouts. Moore also said his mind was not clear. I don't see Buck being charged.

Ed Buck's attorney released this statement. "Ed had nothing to do with his [Moore's] death. I think the investigation is the responsible thing to do," Amster adds, "but I think nothing will come of it. Ed is a caring soul who allows individuals to have access to his home who are homeless or who have other social or economic issues, to give them a place to wash up in a safe environment. Unfortunately many of these individuals come in with their lifestyles." Asked if Buck did drugs with the victim, the attorney said, "I don't think his personal lifestyle is the issue. I'm not going to accept an invitation to go into the private aspects of his life. This was a tragedy and that's all it was."

Don't get me wrong, if Buck injected Moore with drugs against his wishes which caused him to die, he should be charged with manslaughter. Because there is no physical evidence from the body or the location of death I don't believe Buck will be charged due to lack of evidence.

Whoever made this page is not helping "Blake" or Moore's case. The info they posted leads you directly to "Blake." The arrest for drugs, school... The blog states “He has friends come over and shoot him up in his neck.” So Buck is not the one injecting people? "The second time he says Buck injected him with crystal meth he said Buck offered him some money to do it and Blake’s admits he agreed to it." So the guy agreed to get an injection. “My arm was red.  When I woke up I thought he was doing that too me.  But the other dude was over there high too so I didn’t know what was going on." So they didn't know what was happening? Blake keeps saying he was poor and homeless but he has an Apple watch. The story is all over the place.

One thing I noticed in the articles which state Buck should be arrested immediately is they bring up the fact that he's wealthy. They also stated he owns the building where he lives. He does not own the building where he lives. He's a rent control tenant. He does donate a lot of money to candidates and other causes. They talk a lot about money. Sounds like the family wants to sue Buck in civil court to get some money. I personally believe if Moore had died in a motel with a poor person there wouldn't be so much talk or demands of arrest and charges. Mother and someone else set up a gofundme within hours after the death of her son. It's not for Gemmel's burial expenses but money for the mother. Mother is now saying her life is now a Lifetime Movie and people will want to make a movie about her like she's a hero or something. She knew her son was a drug addict and sex worker before he died. Someone should have sent him to rehab and job training. Mother shows off the gifts people sent to her as condolence. Oddly in her entire Facebook profile she only had one photo of Gemelle before he died.

LaTisha Nixon, her family, friends have been viciously attacking and even defaming Ed Buck. They call him a "sick, demented creep" because he likes to look at men in underwear. Most guys love looking at women in underwear. Are they also "creeps?" I like looking at boyfriends in their underwear. Am I a "creep?" I think they're calling him a "creep" because he is gay. And if Buck is a "creep" that means Gemmel is also a "creep." He admitted he enjoyed it in his journal.

This is rich. LaTisha Nixon's mother Sandra Bufford calls white people racist against blacks. Then she posts some nasty racist photo against Dominicans. Racism is racism and it's always wrong, doesn't matter the color, religion, sexual orientation, nationality... Here is Gemmel Moore's Facebook page.  Here is Latisha Nixon's page.

I see people in animal rights, Democratic party and others not only turning their back on Ed Buck, removing him from boards, distancing themselves but they're viciously attacking him. The investigation is not yet over. Innocent until proven guilty. We don't yet have all the facts.

I just read that Mike Bonin stated about Buck "I do not know him well." They were always very friendly every time I saw them together at events like they were old friends.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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