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Who were the men who raped Recy Taylor, Recy Corbitt Taylor? Names, families, birth, death dates - Mary Cummins

Victim, Recy Corbitt Taylor. Men who raped her, Willie Culpepper, Robert Gamble, William Howerton, Luther Lee, Herbert Lovett, Hugo Wilson, Dillard York
September 3, 1944, six men between the ages of 16 and 19, Dillard York, Billy Howerton, Herbert Lovett, Luther Lee, Joe Culpepper and Robert Gamble, raped Recy Taylor. The seventh man, Hugo Wilson, claimed to only be the driver and person who placed her on the ground before she was raped. Recy Taylor was raped so viciously that she was unable to bear more children after the rape.

Even though the men admitted to having sex with Recy they lied and stated it was consensual. They defamed Recy by falsely stating Recy was a "known prostitute" with "sexually transmitted diseases." White residents of Recy's hometown Abbeville, Alabama fire-bombed Recy's front porch forcing Recy's family to move in with her father.

The first trial took place on October 3–4, 1944, with an all-white, all-male jury. The case was dismissed due to corruption by the police and court. Another investigation was begun. The attorney general "failed to convince the jurors of Henry County that there was enough evidence to indict the seven suspects when he presented Taylor's case on February 14, 1945." The second all-white male jury refused to issue any indictments.

Finally in 2011, the Alabama House of Representatives apologized to Taylor on behalf of the state "for its failure to prosecute her attackers." State Representative Dexter Grimsley, along with Abbeville Mayor Ryan Blalock and Henry County Probate Judge JoAnn Smith, also apologized to Taylor for her treatment.

Recy passed away December 28, 2017. I created this memorial for her.

Recy Taylor, a black Alabama woman whose rape by six white men in 1944 drew national attention, died Thursday. She was 97. Taylor died in her sleep at a nursing home in Abbeville, her brother Robert Corbitt said. He said Taylor had been in good spirits the previous day and her death was sudden. She would have been 98 on Sunday. Taylor was 24 when she was abducted and raped on September 3, 1944 as she walked home from the Rock Hill Holiness Church in Abbeville, Alabama. The rape was so violent that she wasn't able to have any more children. Her attackers left her on the side of the road in an isolated area. The NAACP assigned Rosa Parks to investigate the case, and she rallied support for justice for Taylor. Two all-white, all-male grand juries declined to indict the six white men who admitted to authorities that they assaulted her. In a 2010 interview, Taylor told The Associated Press that she believes the men who attacked her are dead, but she still would like an apology from officials. “It would mean a whole lot to me,” Taylor said. “The people who done this to me, ... they can’t do no apologizing. Most of them is gone.” The Alabama Legislature passed a resolution apologizing to her in 2011. A 2017 documentary was made of the case, called "The Rape of Recy Taylor." Taylor, who is survived by her brother Robert Corbitt along with two sisters, a granddaughter and multiple great-grandchildren. Her daughter Joyce Lee Taylor tragically died in a car accident in 1967.

What happened to the men who raped Recy and got away with it? They're all dead now. Here are their graves.

Willie Joe Culpepper, Oct 12, 1928 - Apr 14, 1994

Robert Bunyan Gamble, Jr, Oct 19, 1927 - June 13, 1979

George William Howerton, Oct 6, 1925 - Sep 13, 2001

Luther Lee, Apr 9, 1927 - July 14, 2008

Herbert Joseph Lovett, July 24, 1926 - Jan 11, 1993

Hugo Wilson, Mar 31, 1928 - Oct 12, 1991

Dillard Arthur York, May 21 1927 - Jan 1, 1984

Here is a virtual cemetery for all of Recy's rapists.

Below is Recy's family tree. I can't go back farther because of slavery.

Below are her siblings

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  1. This story breaks my heart. And it maddens me to read their obituaries about what loving "family men" they were. Did any of these men ever apologize? I hope they are getting their just award. I cannot imaging a hateful cruel soul such as this spending eternity anywhere but in hell.

  2. It's just too funny how the state of Alabama wants to issue a formal apology long after these sick racist pricks are dead. Like what good is it now? These racist states always wants to save face. All white jury, all males? This is so messed up how they got to live their lives in holy bliss as this lady lived her life in fear.