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Omar Navarro running for 43rd District of Congress is a bankrupt, convicted criminal, domestic violence

Omar Navarro, donald trump, joe arpaio, convicted criminal, 43rd district, congress, forced to resign, doesn't have a job, lies, fake news, traffic commission, two bankruptcies, no job, domestic violence, restraining order
07/10/2020 Omar Navarro just got out of jail. He was in for six months for violating a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend. And he's still running for office. He won't get the GOP, Trump supporter support he received previously as Trump is not doing that well politically.

12/12/2019 Omar Navarro taken into custody with no bail because of violating restraining orders. Next court date January 29, 2020. You can find this info here.

NAVARRO OMAR 31 695659 2019-00677072 COUNTY JAIL 5 NO BOND December 12, 2019 4:49 pm January 29, 2020 9:00 am Dept M12
Docket Number  Attempt Statute  Charge Description  Sched. Release Date  Charge Disposition
19019210 646.9(a) PC/F STALKING

omar navarro, arrest booking photo mugshot, jail prison san francisco california stalking, crazy, domestic violence, restraining order, proud boy, racist, sentenced, arrested, 

12/09/2019 Someone contacted me about something juicy about Omar Navarro two weeks ago but I was super swamped. I assume this is it. He is clearly mentally unstable and needs to be locked up.

"A MAGA-movement Congressional candidate known for his failed attempts to unseat Maxine Waters was arrested Sunday for allegedly stalking his ex-girlfriend.

Republican Omar Navarro, 30, was picked up around 2 a.m. in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood and booked on suspicion of violating a restraining order, extortion, stalking and criminal threats, police confirmed to the Daily News.

The ex-girlfriend, conservative commentator DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero, told The News she called the cops on Navarro after he threatened her life in a series of messages and was spotted pacing outside her window wearing a black hoodie.

She claimed Navarro has continued to send her disturbing messages after he posted bail and was released from custody."

According to the San Francisco Sheriff Department website, Navarro was arrested for stalking, making criminal threats, violating a domestic relations court order, and attempted extortion. The charges range from a misdemeanor to felonies. He was released on bail Sunday morning for  $75,000.

The arrest occurred a day after the LAGOP officially endorsed Republican candidate Joe Collins for congress. Collins is also running against Waters.

DeAnna Lorraine, a congressional candidate running against Speaker Nancy Pelosi, told the California Globe Sunday afternoon, “I was granted a five-year restraining order from Omar on August 1.”

Lorraine confirmed Navarro was arrested for violating the restraining order she had in place."

Turns out Navarro also turned on the Proud Boys at a Mens Event. Crazy crazy.

12/05/2018 Omar is in trouble again. While you can pay yourself a salary it can't be more than what you earned the previous year. Omar was unemployed making almost nothing the previous year. Then he gave himself a salary of $4,000/month.

11/06/2018 Omar Navarro was crushed by Maxine Waters in the polls. I'm shocked anyone would vote for Omar Navarro an unemployed convicted criminal who has gone bankrupt twice. All Omar Navarro did was make up huge ridiculous lies about Waters and personally attack her. Omar even attacked her looks. Omar is totally classless.

Maxine Waters* (D) 97,911 75.8%
Omar Navarro (R) 31,188 24.2%

08/29/2018 Omar Navarro has a meeting with the FBI over the forged letter he tweeted. In the Times article linked below he states, "Navarro said a person he does not know, and has not had contact with since, sent the letter to his campaign. He did not vet it before putting the letter online, and has told The Times he assumed his followers would let him know if it was fake. “I don’t know if it’s real or not, so I put it out there,” he said in December. Navarro has not deleted the tweet with the fake letter and it continues to be circulated."

That's a lie. I told him it was a forgery twice.

03/17/2018: Omar Navarro is now stumping with criminal Michael Flynn. Two criminals, partners in crime saying nasty childish things about Maxine Waters and lying to the public. Guess what Michael Flynn and Omar Navarro both have in common? They both don't have a job. Omar's Navarro's wife was the one who brought home the bacon. Michael Flynn is a traitor to our nation and Omar Navarro wants to hang out with him. Michael Flynn was paid to go to Russia and meet Vladimir Putin. Next Sheriff Clarke will show up to stump for convicted criminal Omar Navarro.

Omar Navarro, Michael Flynn

02/21/2018: I emailed Omar asking for proof that his family came here legally with papers. I specifically asked him to prove that his mother came from Mexico legally and his grandfather came from Cuba legally. He received and read the email but did not reply. His grandfather died but he's not in the social security death index. That would mean he had no social security number. His dad came legally from Cuba but I see no documents for his mother.

In the meantime a friend of Omar who helps on his campaign replied to this blog post by stating "No evidence of domestic violence. Just a jealous husband who placed a tracking device on his cheating wife’s vehicle. Why do men allow sluts, hookers and strippers drag them into the gutter." Then the guy called me obscene names. I think that may have been Omar. He's known for pretending to be other people.

ORIGINAL: Who is Omar Navarro? He's a convicted criminal who has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy twice, his wife got a domestic violence restraining order against him, she filed for divorce and he has no job. He ran for office a few times yet has never won. He's lost against Waters the last time 76% to 24%. Why did this guy with a record like that run for office? All the skeletons getting dragged out of the closet.

February 14, 2016, Valentine's day, Omar put a tracking device on his wife's car and was caught. Someone has jealousy and major anger management issues. This was filed in Orange County, California.

02/14/2016 637.7(a) PC M Unlawful use of electronic tracking device GUILTY 09/14/2016

He was sentenced to one day in jail, anger management classes and 18 months of probation on September 14, 2016. That probation is up March 13, 2018. In the meantime he violated his probation and it was revoked April 12, 2017. It was then re-activated. Below is the case detail for this case.

Two days after Omar Novarro was caught putting a tracking device on his wife's car Torey Marie MacDonald Navarro filed for a domestic violence restraining order and received it case 16V000319 in Orange County. From the court,

NAVARRO                  OMAR                                    RESPONDING PARTY - PROTECTIVE                  16V000319                  DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WITHOUT CHILD                  Feb 16, 2016

Omar Navarro, donald trump, joe arpaio, convicted criminal, 43rd district, congress, forced to resign, doesn't have a job, lies, fake news, traffic commission, two bankruptcies, no job, domestic violence, restraining order
Below is the case detail for the domestiv violence case.

Omar must have apologized, swore to her he wouldn't do it again and Torey MacDonald requested it to be dismissed June 23, 2016. Girlfriend, run don't walk from Omar! It will continue ... and it did.

Omar Navarro's wife Torey Maria MacDonald Navarro filed for divorce October 18, 2017 case #17D008539 Orange County. She filed as indigent i.e. she has no money saying she didn't have the $435 to file. Her fee waiver was denied. Torey filed a property declaration for community and separate property. This was when the Daily Breeze article came out. Her Facebook page currently says "separated." Omar probably begged her not to continue the divorce until after he loses the election. He posts pics of her on his campaign page as if they were still together.

Omar Navarro, donald trump, joe arpaio, convicted criminal, 43rd district, congress, forced to resign, doesn't have a job, lies, fake news, traffic commission, two bankruptcies, no job, domestic violence, restraining order

Omar Navarro, donald trump, joe arpaio, convicted criminal, 43rd district, congress, forced to resign, doesn't have a job, lies, fake news, traffic commission, two bankruptcies, no job, domestic violence, restraining order
02/21/2018 I posted this link on Facebook. A good friend of Omar who is working on his campaign posted this in response. This is how he defends his friend.

"No evidence of domestic violence. Just a jealous husband who placed a tracking device on his cheating wife’s vehicle. Why do men allow sluts, hookers and strippers drag them into the gutter."

This person calls Omar's wife a "slut, hooker, stripper." That's some defense. If you look at her Facebook page she is a very religious Christian. I find men call women that when they are rejected. I wonder if the person who posted this on my page is actually Omar himself. It's believed that Omar faked a press release from his wife saying the tracking device and restraining order were all a misunderstanding ;-)

March 25, 2016 Omar filed to divorce his wife in LA County case YD068220
OMAR NAVARRO VS. TOREY MACDONALD. Omar filed it as indigent and was granted. This means he admitted that he makes less than $1,500 a month. And again Torey dismissed it. What a stormy relationship. Run, GIRRRRRL! Go to Put in the civil case numbers to see the summary. You can also order all these documents. Family law cases must be ordered in person.

Omar and his wife Torey filed for bankruptcy May 5, 2015. I removed their social security numbers. In 2015 Omar Navarro claimed he had no job. He also claimed that his parents gave him $250/month to help him out. His wife was the bread winner. He stated he was fired from his job but was thinking about suing for unlawful termination. They rented their home for $1,000 a month. Their expenses were higher than their incomes. Omar Navarro claimed he made $10,000 in 2013 when he had a job for 11 months. He made $900/month? He made $1,000 in 2015. He was living off unemployment and his wife.  His 2014 Chevy Cruz was repossessed January 2015. 2008 to 2013 she, they lived in Huntington Beach. Is that in the 43rd District? 2013 to 2014 they lived in Torrance. Almost all of his debt is credit card debt such as Target, Weisfield Jewelers, Sears, SCE, Macy's, Discover, Citibank, Chase, Capital One, Bank of America, California Republic Bank, CBNA. Omar I assume owns a collection of autographs of known wrestlers which he says is worth $1,500. They had $400 cash when they filed. I won't post this public bankruptcy filing for the sake of the wife. For the life of me why would Omar run for government with all these very public criminal records and a bankruptcy?

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Central District of California (Los Angeles)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 2:15-bk-17563-WB
Omar Navarro
Torey M McaDonald
23038 Arlington Avenue
Torrance, CA 90501
SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-****

That wasn't the first time Omar Navarro filed for bankruptcy. He previously filed while he was still living with his dad in August 2011 at the age of 22. How do you amass debt at the age of 22 while you are still living at home? These were both Chapter 7 bankruptcies. He's almost as bad as Trump.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Central District of California (Los Angeles)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 2:11-bk-46251-EC
Omar Navarro
11977 Freeman Ave.
Hawthorne, CA 90250
SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-****

But wait, there's more. The below is from the fantastic Daily Breeze article below.

"He finished last in a 16-candidate field in the 2014 municipal election, receiving less than 1 percent of the vote. Navarro attracted fewer votes than a candidate who often campaigned wearing a chicken suit and another who did no campaigning."

From that city council race. At a city council meeting Omar said he went to USC. Notice he just got some certificates. That's not an undergraduate or graduate degree.

"Omar Navarro Click here for more information about this candidate 634 votes 0.95%
Occupation: Car Salesman
Marketing Consultant
Technology Consultant
Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice
Certificate In Loss Prevention - USC
Certificate In Information Security - USC
Pension Reform
Infrastructure Investment
Public Safety"

"Navarro, who has never held elected office, is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump who was trounced by Waters in 2016 in her heavily Democratic 43rd Congressional District that stretches from Westchester to Torrance and inland to South Los Angeles. Waters has become something of a liberal hero for her outspoken criticism of Trump.
Navarro, who resigned from his volunteer post on the Torrance Traffic Commission earlier this year when faced with censure or removal for his political activities in various Los Angeles County cities, served as second vice president of the rogue Beach Cities Republican Club until July. The county’s GOP leadership revoked the charter of the club earlier this year for attacking members of its executive committee and violating its bylaws."
Navarro was forced to resign over this incident and others. While Navarro did not personally pepper spray children he was clearly involved in the event even laughing after the people were pepper sprayed by his friend. Omar Navarro is clearly unhinged.

On top of all of this Omar Navarro is a Trump supporter and a bud of ex Sheriff convicted criminal Joe Arpaio. Omar and Joe are two self-hating descendants of immigrants. As I'm Latino I have seen Latinos attack Latinos. It really is self hate and I don't get it. Maybe they think if they attack Latinos the whites will let them be in their club. Nope.

A little more from the Daily Breeze. You should read their entire article linked below!

“Omar continues to think he is above the law, ” said Jeff Benson, a former spokesman for Navarro’s 2014 Torrance City Council and 2016 congressional campaigns. “He recently suggested that I should track down his wife. As his closest adviser for over four years, I always condemned anyone who engages in risky behavior like that, so now he has a private investigator do it for him. He is a real hot head and persistent.”

"Navarro’s conduct came under scrutiny last summer when activists came to Torrance to complain to the City Council about the “intimidating” behavior of him, fellow Torrance activist Arthur Schaper and others who attended council meetings in other communities where the sanctuary city movement was being debated. They said Navarro and other members of his group wore T-shirts with the slogan “Straight Outta Torrance” and had engaged in unsavory behavior."

Here's more from that video. Omar lied and said he went to USC. I don't think so unless he was just there to watch football.

Omar Navarro was then forced to resign.

"Navarro’s resignation came shortly after the Torrance City Council, by a 5 to 2 vote, took the initial step to remove him from office. Based on that vote, the Council was slated to officially determine his fate at an upcoming meeting.

Mayor Furey had embraced Navarro’s critics and publicly denounced him at a recent meeting. Furey followed that action by announcing on Facebook last Friday that he had sent an official letter to all LA County mayors apologizing for any disruptive behavior caused by Navarro or other activists identifying themselves as residents of Torrance."

Very recently Omar Navarro posted a forged government letter which attacks Maxine Waters. Maxine Waters asked the FBI to look into it as it amounts to impersonating a government official. It's also a horrible forgery with spelling errors. The letter states that Waters wants to bring in 41,000 Somali refugees to live in "new condos" in South LA. It includes committees which don't even exist. That sounds like Alex Jones or Roger Stone forgery crap. LA Times wrote an article about it.

I previously wrote an article about Omar Navarro lying and stating Maxine Waters owns and lives in a mansion. Maxine Waters doesn't own the home. It's her husband's separate property which he alone bought. Here is that article.  She also does not have to live in her District. She lived most of her life in her district. She represents her District. Any fool who thinks a Latino hating GOP convicted criminal wife beater bankrupt unemployed guy who is buds with Trump, Arpaio, Stone and Jones could beat Waters is truly insane! Below is a pic of Latino sell-out Marco Gutierrez of Latinos for Trump and Joe Arpaio racist convicted criminal besides self-hating Omar Navarro. What do all three of these men have in common? They all hate Latinos, immigrants and Mexicans.

After I wrote the article about Maxine Water's home I decided to dig into Omar Navarro's story about his family coming from Cuba and Mexico. Here we go.

Omar Navarro was born January 9, 1989 in Los Angeles County, California. His father is Omar Blanco Navarro born November 23, 1962 in Havana, Ciego de Avila, Cuba. Father added the middle name "Blanco" when he came here. His mother is Dora Calderon born March 31, 1964. She states she was born in Pasadena, California. I see no naturalization papers for her in that name with that birth date. Either she wasn't born in Mexico, she has no papers or she lied about her name and birth date.

Omar has an older sister Vanessa born in LA in 1985 who is married to Justin Peloian with children. She seems nice and sane. Omar married Torey Marie MacDonald born October 2, 1989. They have no kids THANK GOD.

Omar's mother divorced his father January 13 1997 in Los Angeles County case YD027170
NAVARRO, DORA VS NAVARRO, OMAR. His mother requested and got a TRO on his father in 2002. Like father like son. She then married Hamid Reza Ashgari who seems like an upstanding and successful person. Omar's father now lives in a trailer park Los Ranchos in Apple Valley, California. I believe Omar Sr's father is Octavio Navarro born August 10, 1926 and died before 2013. He is supposedly from Cuba but I see no papers. It's possible the grandfather, mother lied to Omar about their legal status or I just haven't yet found the documents. If I find them, I will update this article. I will also ask Omar's campaign for the documents. If anyone has them, please, send them to me.

FTR my grandmother Maria Rivera Cummins came here legally from Mexico in 1905 at the age of six. She was a naturalized citizen.

I don't have a middle name for Omar. I don't think he has one. I think some of these cases are Omar.

01/27/2012 Torrance Courthouse Omar Navarro 2SY00782 Guilty/convicted of California Penal Code 415 (2) Second, 415(2) identifies “unreasonable noise” as willfully and maliciously disturbing the peace when the noise annoys or disturbs another person.

10/10/2013 Torrance Courthouse Omar Novarro 3SY06406 Guilty/convicted of California Penal code Vehicle Code 12500(a) VC reads: "A person may not drive a motor vehicle upon a highway, unless the person then holds a valid driver's license issued under this code, except those persons who are expressly exempted under this code."

08/23/2007 Torrance Courthouse Omar Novarro 7SY07156  Another 12500(a) He would have been 18.


Restraining order, criminal case, divorce

Bankruptcy documents

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