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Rev. Michael Bruce Curry family tree, ancestry by Mary Cummins in Los Angeles, California

African American Rev. Michael Bruce Curry gave the sermon for the royal wedding of Meghan Markel and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. He has claimed that he is descended from slaves. After some research this is confirmed. Not only that but his father, grandfather and great grandfather were all ministers like himself.

Rev. Michael Bruce Curry was born March 13, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois. His father was Rev. Kenneth Steward Lee Curry born August 15, 1924 in Stark, Ohio, died February 27, 1990 in Buffalo, Erie, New York.

Kenneth Steward Lee Curry
Father Kenneth Steward Lee Curry was born August 15, 1924 in Canton, Ohio. His parents were the Reverend Theotis Curry and Carrie Estella Mitchell Curry. He attended elementary school and graduated with honors from McKinley High School in Canton. He attended Wayne University and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Wilberforce University, in Wilberforce, Ohio. Inspired to continue his education, he received a Masters of Divinity from Seabury Western Theological Seminary. He was ordained to the diaconate and the priesthood of the Episcopal Church in the diocese of Chicago, Illinois.

In 1948, Father Curry was united in holy matrimony with Dorothy Ada Strayhorne of Yonkers, New York. To this union two children were born, Michael Bruce and Sharon Adrienne. Rev. Michael followed his father into the priesthood.

During his ministry, Father Curry served as Priest of St. Simon of Cyrene in Maywood, Illinois, Rector of St. Cyprianâ??s in Detroit, Michigan, Rector of St. Markâ??s in Suffolk, Virginia and for seventeen years as Rector of St. Philip's Episcopal Church of Buffalo, New York. While Rector of St. Philip's Buffalo, he was the Dean of Central Erie Deanery and served as Chaplain at Emergency Hospital. Before his retirement he served as Supply Priest for a number of parishes in the Diocese of Western New York, as well as the Diocese of Southern Ohio. During the 1970s Father Curry served as Commissioner of Human Resources for the City of Buffalo and later as Director of Human Relations.

In 1958 Father Curry established the St. Philip's community Center which continues to provide vital services to the youth of the community. For a number of years Father Curry taught as a substitute teacher in the Buffalo Public School System. Father Curry served as a member of the board of Managers for the Towne Gardens Development Corporation. Curry Walk of that development was named in his honor.

He was a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Bruce's mother was Dorothy Ada Strayhorne born August 2, 1922, Yonkers, Westchester, New York, died January 15,1967 in Buffalo, Erie, New York.

Dorothy Ada Strayhorne, 1940 in high school
Dorothy Ada Strayhorne Curry, 44, wife of the Rev. Kenneth Curry, rector of St. Philip's, Buffalo, N.Y., died January 15th, after a long illness. Mrs. Curry, a 1942 graduate of West Virginia State College, received the M.A. degree from the University of Chicago in 1944. She was a former mathematical statistician at Wright-Patterson AFB, and a former professor of mathematics at Wilberforce University. She was a permanent teacher in the Buffalo Public School system. She and Fr. Curry were married in 1948, and they had lived in Buffalo since 1956. A Pontifical Solemn High Requiem Mass was celebrated in St. Philip's by the Bishop of Western New York. Interment was in Forest Lawn Cemetery. A memorial fund at St. Philip's has been established in her memory. In addition to  her husband, she is survived by one daughter, one son, her mother, two brothers, and others. The Living Church, Volume 154. Transcription by Mary Cummins.

Rev. Michael Bruce Curry married Sharon E Clement b. 1955. Together they had two children, Rachael and Elizabeth Curry.

Sharon Clement and her husband Michael Bruce Curry.
Her ancestry is the same as her husband Michael. Obviously almost all African Americans who've lived in the US a few generations were kidnapped slaves. Such a horrible past our nation has. Hopefully we can at least try to make amends in some way.

Paternal grandfather of Michael Bruce Curry is Rev. Theotis Calhoun Curry. Interesting is that the names "Calhoun" and "Curry" are of Scottish origin. My family is of Scottish, Irish origin. It appears Scottish, Irish people by the name of Cummins came early to the US. They eventually owned farms ... and sadly slaves. That's why there are so many African Americans named "Cummins."

Theotis Calhoun Curry, born June 4,1880 in Midway, Monroe County, Alabama, died February 10, 1931 in Canton, Stark, Ohio.

Theotis Calhoun Curry, his wife, Carrie Estrella Mitchel, and some of their children.
Paternal grandmother is Carrie Estrella Mitchel, born November 5, 1882 in Batesville, Alabama, died June 23, 1963 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. She had light skin and eyes and somewhat straight hair. Back then if you were 1/32 African American, you were legally considered "black." What if you were 31/32 white, Asian, Mexican...? You were still considered "black."

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