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Who is Juan Sanchez of Southwest Key Programs who is paid by US gov to house, transport immigrant children?

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UPDATE: 07/27/2018 There are many documented police reports about sexual molestation, fighting and missing children at Southwest Key shelters. Here is an in depth article about these allegations.

Here are the locations of unaccompanied minors shelter programs as of 2007. No addresses but cities and phone numbers.

National Headquarters &
East Austin Community Center
Austin, TX
Dr. Juan Sánchez, El Presidente-CEO

Intensive Supervision & Surveillance
San Antonio, TX
Jesus Sánchez, Exec. Director

Intensive Supervision & Surveillance
Houston, TX
Charles Hurst, Program Director

Intensive Supervision & Surveillance
Dallas, TX
Billy Linson, Program Director

Cameron County Juvenile Justice
Alternative Education Program
San Benito, TX
JoeAnna Arreola, Program Director

La Esperanza Residential Facility
Brownsville, TX
Hector Zuniga, Program Director

Outreach & Tracking
Austin, TX
Denise Dunkins, Program Director

Independent Living Program
Houston, TX
Charles Hurst, Program Director

Unaccompanied Minors Shelter Program
Canutillo, TX
Ernesto Tapia, Program Director

Unaccompanied Minors Shelter Program
El Paso, TX
Adriana Saenz, Program Director

Travis County Juvenile Justice
Alternative Education Program
Austin, TX
Josie Cedillo, Program Director

Unaccompanied Minors Shelter Program
Brownsville, TX
Isabel Rodriguez, Program Director

Unaccompanied Minors Shelter Program
Harlingen, TX
Isabel Rodriguez, Program Director

Unaccompanied Minors Shelter Program
Houston, TX
Trina Hoskins, Program Director

Hidalgo County Juvenile Justice
Alternative Education Program
Weslaco, TX
Joe Izaguirre, Exec. Director

Child Care Management Services
Brownsville, TX
Mera Champion, Exec. Director

Unaccompanied Minors Shelter Program
Conroe, TX
Victoria Sandoval, Program Director

Here is a map of the "programs" i.e. child detention centers. It's from 2007. The text is pasted above.

06/24/2018 It costs $775/night to house an immigrant child. It costs $298/night per person to house an immigrant family unit. This is why Trump wants to house children separately. His friends such as Juan Sanchez want to make money off the tears of immigrants. Why else would this guy have a pro Trump poster and quote on the wall of the detention center? Pure evil greed. I wonder if Jeff Sessions has an investment in this private jails.

It turns out the US is also using the immigrant children for leverage. They offer to give back the children if the parent signs a self deportation agreement. So cruel when these people are coming here for asylum.

06/21/2018 It appears Juan Sanchez only joined a lot of Latino organizations for his reputation. He has no problem making money off the tears of detained children and their families. Juan Sanchez put the poster with Donald Trump's face up in the front of the detention center. He added the quotes. He built the cages inside the old Walmart.

Juan Jose Sanchez born October 29, 1947 in Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas. Mother was Andrea Casares born in Texas 1927 - 2004. Father was Tomas Flores Sanchez born in Texas 1910 - 1962. His siblings in order are Teresa, Roberto (died at birth), Tomas Enrique, Raymundo and Margarita. He's the second oldest. His paternal grandparents were born in Texas. Maternal grandparents born in Mexico but quickly moved to Texas. They actually said they were from Texas in census docs but had no SSN so who knows. Maybe he doesn't care about these kids because they're from central america or because he's almost a full third generation in Texas? I know some of my older Mexican relatives had "issues" with people from central america as if they were inferior. Maybe he got into colleges claiming he was Latino when he's really an almost full third generation Texan. He never talked about his parents. He didn't even give them proper funerals.

He married blonde hair blue eyed Caucasian Jennifer Lynn Nelson who is 21 years younger than him in 2009. She works for him.

Together they had three children, Juan de Jesus Sanchez, and twins Cesar Antonio Sanchez and Tenoc Andres Sanchez. I believe he may have had a previous wife with whom he had more kids. He went to St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX and allegedly received a BA. University of Washington Seattle, WA, MSW. Harvard University MA, Ed.D. He applied for three charter schools. This guy is a Texan who is only interested in money.

They didn't just remove their website. They also removed their blog.

Here is their old website. This page is about the organization caring for immigrant children. He said because of the Flores lawsuit children are not supposed to be held in detention. His cages look like detention to me.

Their Flickr is still active.

Twitter is still there.

Juan Sanchez lived in this home. It was listed for sale in 2017. These are the photos from that listing.  Juan Sanchez lived in this house before 1993. It appears it was restored before it was offered for sale in 2017. Maybe he just rented it. This is a staged home so probably a developer flip.

He allegedly lives in 6105 Highlandale, Austin, Texas.

Hews Media Group-Community News has found that the Trump Administration’s choice to run its detention center holding 1,500 boys ages 10-17 in Brownsville, Texas is a Harvard educated Mexican-American named Dr. Juan J. Sanchez, the self-proclaimed “El Presidente/CEO who grew up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brownsville, Texas on the border of Mexico where life was full of challenges.”

The Texas Secretary of State’s listing showing Sanchez as owner of Southwest Key Programs.

The Trump detention center run by Sanchez is called “Case Padre” or “Father’s House.” Reporters who visited the center today called it a prison and indoctrination facility, with U.S. Presidents painted on the wall with patriotic slogans next to the paintings.

As the kids walk into the center, the first picture they see is Trump, a man who once called all Mexicans rapists and murderers, in front of the spot color picture of the White House and the U.S. flag, with a patriotic slogan in Spanish.

Sanchez is the definition of what Trump hates about Mexicans, but his administration gave, and Sanchez gladly took the business from the U.S. to house the young boys ruthlessly separated from their parents or fleeing persecution.

Sanchez, “El Presidente/CEO of Southwest Key Programs,” writes on his website, “he (Dr. Sanchez) was fortunate to have a number of caring, supportive adults in his life that encouraged him to dream big and pursue an education and he became determined to spend his life helping as many people as he could to escape poverty through educational and other opportunities.”

Yet the boys in his charge are allowed only two hours of exercise each day, the remaining 22 hours spent inside the facility.

Even more shocking, Sanchez proudly states he served on the Board of UnidosUS, the left-wing organization formerly known as the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the nation’s largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization.

La raza “was a source of pride for many Latinos, the most militant of whom adopted the motto, ‘Por la raza todo, fuera de la raza nada’ — ‘For the race, everything, outside the race, nothing.’”

UnidosUS advocates for everything Trump, his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and most Republicans despise;  the organization is in favor of progressive public policy changes including immigration reform, a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and reduced deportations.

Their website states, “through our unique combination of research, advocacy, programs, and a national network of nearly 300 community-based organizations across the country, we simultaneously challenge the social, economic, and political barriers that affect Latinos in the United States. Since our founding in 1968, we have contributed to a stronger America by elevating the voice of Latinos, and defending and advancing our community’s concerns. Today, we remain steadfast in our mission to realize a day where all Latinos thrive and their contributions are fully recognized.”

In addition, Sanchez is the recipient of the Ohtli Award, which recognizes individuals who have aided, empowered, or positively affected the lives of Mexican nationals in the United States and other countries.”

Yet Sanchez chose to take business from the Trump administration.

On his website Sanchez states, “Southwest works in the juvenile justice field, thousands of youth have been diverted from facilities and allowed to finish school. Through Southwest’s  immigrant children’s shelters, thousands of unaccompanied minors have been reunified with their families.”

Several media outlets are reporting that no formal plans are in place to reunite the children of Casa Padre with their family, with more frightening reports indicating there is no documentation of the boy’s parents."

ORIGINAL: Dr Juan Jose Sanchez is the President of Southwest Key Programs. He received about $750,000 a year in salary in 2015. His wife Jennifer Sanchez received about $275,000 a year. He founded the non-profit in 1987. This article states Juan Sanchez' salary is now $1.5M. It's doubled. He asks his employees to donate to the non-profit. The employees make about $15/hour for child care with no benefits.

Below is the 2015 990.

They state they took their website down due to traffic. That excuse makes no sense. They put up a one page replacement. Here is their original website. I've saved it in case they figure out how to block the web archive.

Southwest Key Programs has received over $1.5B to house immigrant children in the last decade. It appears there have been violations at these centers. They were trying to turn a warehouse into a shelter in Houston but the Mayor said no. Big money to be made warehousing immigrant children.

I bet there are some campaign contribution connections with Governor Abbott and Ted Cruz.

Below are federal lawsuits involving Southwest Key Programs.

Southwest Key Programs, Casa Houston (dft) 4:2015cv02365 Carrillo v. Southwest Key Programs, Casa Houston Texas Southern District Court 08/14/2015 12/14/2015
Job discrimination. Dismissed.

Southwest Key Programs, Inc. (pla) 3:2015cv01115 Southwest Key Programs, Inc. v. City of Escondido California Southern District Court 05/18/2015 07/17/2017
Case settled. Southwest sued Escondido under the fair housing act. ACLU represented them.

Southwest Key Programs, Inc. (cr) 9:2009bk36379 Palm Beach Finance Partners, L.P. Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court 11/30/2009
Bankruptcy by Palm Beach Finance.

Southwest Key Programs, Inc. (dft) 9:2011ap02944 Mukamal and Southwest Key Programs, Inc. Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court 11/23/2011 01/12/2013
Bankruptcy by Mukamal.

Southwest Key Programs, Inc. (cnflck) 4:2015cv02365 Carrillo v. Southwest Key Programs, Casa Houston Texas Southern District Court 08/14/2015 12/14/2015
Job discrimination. Dismissed, failure to state a claim.

Southwest Key Programs, Inc., (dft) 1:2013cv04767 Cancel v. Southwest Key Programs, Inc., New York Eastern District Court 08/23/2013 12/12/2013
Fair labor standards act. Settled.

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