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Who is Candace Owens, Candace Amber Owens, political activist? Family, biography, history

Candace Owens, Candace Amber Owens, Ted Lieu, congress, conservative, gop, republican, trump supporter, mary cummins, robert owens, evelyn davis owens, 
UPDATE: 06/05/2019 This is disgusting. She's a total sell out. She's as bad as Sheriff David Clarke. Candace Owens said the Central Park Five were guilty. No, they were not.

I just saw the full video of Candace Owens in Congress. She trotted out her grandfather to the media in the Congressional hearing. She used him, demeaned him for her own agenda. So shameful! Candace Owens is paid by a pro Trump PAC. She is paid to say these horrible things.

ORIGINAL: Conservative political activist and shock writer, speaker Candace Owens, Candace Amber Owens was allegedly born April 29, 1989 in Stamford, Connecticut. Her father is Robert Lee Owens Jr born 1957. Her mother is Evelyn Virginia Davis born 1966. Evelyn is a registered Democrat. Oddly enough Candace does not appear to be registered to vote in Connecticut where she lives. Candace's parents were married November 5, 1993 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Yes, they were married after she was born. As Candace claims to be a Christian this makes her a bastard child. Below is the marriage information.

Candace Owens, Candace Amber Owens, Ted Lieu, congress, conservative, gop, republican, trump supporter, mary cummins, robert owens, evelyn davis owens, marriage, divorce

Candace claims her parents divorced when she was young. That's incorrect. They divorced March 9, 2017 in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The mother filed as indigent, poor. Here are the divorce documents.

The mother still lives in Stamford, Connecticut. Father moved to Arizona.

Candace was raised by her paternal grandparents. Candace's grandfather is Robert Lee Owens Sr. He was born 1941 in North Carolina. He ran the Johnny on the Spot Cleaners in Stamford, Connecticut before retiring to Fayette, North Carolina. Candace's paternal grandmother was Nola Alexis VanHolten 1942 - 2013. From the beginning of her obituary,

"Nola Alexis Owens, age 70 of Fayetteville, North Carolina passed away on Sunday, February 17, 2013. She was born to the late Theodore VanHolten and ..."

Nola Alexis VanHolten Owen was born September 24, 1942 in Saint Thomas, Virgin Island, USA. She was a medical billing coordinator for Bridgeport PT Sports Medicine Inc. Nola's parents were Theodore Alexander VanHolten 1888 - 1970 a carpenter and janitor and Estella Henley Blyden VanHolten 1902 - 1995 a homemaker also born in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. Estella's first husband was Abraham Blyden 1883 - abt. 1940. Nola's family is from Virgin Island and Togo.

I've just started on this tree. Check back tomorrow when I complete it

Candace Owens, Candace Amber Owens, Ted Lieu, congress, conservative, gop, republican, trump supporter, mary cummins, robert owens, evelyn davis owens, marriage, divorce, ancestry heritage dna family tree , grandmother, grandfather, saint thomas, virgin island, north carolina, stamford Connecticut, 
After graduating from Stamford High School in Stamford, Connecticut in 2008 Candace Owens settled a lawsuit against the board of education for $37,500. From January 19, 2008 Hartford Courant, Hartford, Connecticut,

"The board of education has settled a federal lawsuit with the family of a black teenager over threatening phone calls from classmates. Officials say threatening and racist messages were left on the girl’s phone last year by a group of boys, including fellow Stamford High classmates and Mayor Dannel Malloy’s youngest son. The family of Candace Owens sued the city, saying it failed to protect her rights by allowing those students to attend school with her. The case has been settled, but neither side will disclose terms. A school board spokeswoman says a confidentiality clause is part of the settlement."

Here is Candace Owens' amended complaint. Her father sued on her behalf. This shows her father was still in her life. The grandfather did not file this case. The case is Robert Owens o/b/o minor daughter, Candace Owens vs Stamford Board of Education, case # 3:07-cv-00829-CFD filed in federal court May 24, 2007. Right before her graduation.

In the complaint Owens stated she received phone calls. She didn't say voice messages. When she speaks at events she states she received voice messages, audio recordings. I see now why people called her a liar. If she did indeed have voicemail messages in 2007 with caller ID, then she'd have physical evidence of the calls and callers.

Here is the docket for the case. Maybe Candace used the money from the lawsuit to go to college.

Here the NAACP represent Owens in the hate crime case and today she shits on them. Not only that but today Candace claims there is no racism against blacks today. That was long ago in the past. What about what happened to her in 2007?

March 2016 Candace Owens wrote for Degree180 which she operated. She wrote shock articles to get hits and traffic. Here are some of the titles of the shock blog, "I'm So Sorry Ladies, But We Can NEVER Stop Faking The Orgasm," "Guess What? Me And The Homies Don't Take Birth Control," "F*** 'Girl Code': I Can Hook Up With Your Ex-Boyfriend If I Wan," and "Reminder: Be INSANE."

Seems Candace Owens has a long history of just saying weird shit to shock people for attention and internet traffic. Around 2016 she seems to have realized that if a black person says negative things about black people white Republicans will invite them to speak on shows at events for money. She's a female version of ex Sheriff David Clarke.

Candace Owens sued her landlord in 2017 stating there were water leaks, mold ... in her apartment. Here is her complaint. Legally you don't have to pay rent if your place is not livable. It appears Candace may have tried to get out of paying rent as she stopped paying. Notice all of the physical ailments she seems to have. She claims she has "inability to think clearly, causing, anxiety and depression," "systemic yeast infections," "scars requiring laser removal" ... She admitted above that she had cystic acne. I would bet the laser removal was for acne scars and not water leaks. In these articles she admits she scored Adderall and Xanax without an exam. She admits to being depressed, crazy...

There is the defendant's reply. They stated Candace Owens did not pay the rent on her $3,500 a month luxury apartment. They seem to infer that is why Candace filed suit against them. Eviction process was started against Candace Owens then it was dropped, settled. This happens if landlord, tenant agree to terms such as "leave now and we won't get a judgment on you." This lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial September 2019.

Currently Candace Owens works for Turning Point USA. She was hired allegedly during a time when Turning Point had issues with racism. Owens also started the Blexit movement to encourage blacks to abandon the Democratic party. Candace Owens is all over the place. She's against BLM, NAACP, Muslims, LGBTQ, MeToo, Climate Change, abortion but is pro guns and Hitler's Nationalism.

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