Friday, May 17, 2019

Donald Trump spoke at May 17, 2019 National Association of Realtors event. Crazy and bizarre.

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President Donald Trump spoke at the National Association of Realtors®' Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo on Friday afternoon at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.. He spoke over an hour. Part was read off two teleprompters from a written speech which was okay. The rest was totally off the cuff, bizarre and deep into crazy town. It was another lie-a-thon. Here's part of the transcript.

Trump enters to the song "God bless the USA." People stand and applaud. Trump states "I tell you to sit down or they'll say he got no standing ovation.'"

"I'd like to thank Secretary of HUD Ben Carson for his tremendous leadership. I said to him, Ben, what do you know about real estate? Ben said 'Not much.' I said how would you like to head HUD."

Trump wanted to thank John Smaby and said "John Schmaayby, thanks. Thanks for all you do to support realtors around the country. I guess that includes me. (Wrong. Being a "Realtor" means you are a member of NAR. It does not mean the same thing as a real estate agent or investor). Trump continued "I took a little sabbatical for eight years."

Trump "We got you one hell of a tax cut and the regulation cut may be more important. In Bedford, NY I was bldg a development of really beautiful luxury houses. They might be screwing up NY. We got to be careful. They just started a mansion tax. I had 216 acres. There was a puddle on it when it rains. I found out I can't build on the land. It was considered a lake. My consultant told them (it was a lake). This way you have to use your consultant longer, pay him more money to get out of a jam. I fired his ass so fast, true story. We're getting rid of lot of the regulations." He repeatedly called the ACA "Obamacare."

"We're building refineries. It's a building with all pipes inside in Louisiana. $10B, 10K jobs, even more of them. Great refineries are going up. We worked with the EPA. We're stopping them. We got the permits. We did a big pipeline, Keystone XL, 48,000 jobs, the Dakota access. It's environmentally great, better than trains or trucking it. This wouldn't have happened if anyone else in the world got into office."

"We reached a (trade) agreement with Canada and Mexico selling our products to them without tariffs. Canada has a 285% or more tariff for agricultural products. It's a barrier, barrier to our farmers being able to sell products. That deal will be fantastic."

Speaks to Tracy who is a Realtor. "I won't pay you 6% (commission which was standard), Tracy. I'll pay you 1%. I was famous for that." Crowd: BOOOO! Trump said  "Don't worry, no one accepted it but I tried like hell." He brags about trying to grind agents.

Trump "$100M house. Bought for 39M, took a couple of years, had to paint it inside a little." This is the home he sold to a Russian in odd circumstances.

"You (Realtors) are really truly talented. Some of you don't have such great talent. You know who I am. You know who they are."

Trump "how many people leave their key under the mat when you're gonna be gone for weeks? You only trust a good realtor with that." (No one leaves keys under the mat. They may be in a lock box that is locked).  "I have a speech, and great speech writers but they don't know this stuff. So far this is off the cuff. They don't know these kind of little things."

"I added 120K real estate jobs. I view it as a negative. What do we need that competition for?"
"I lifted more than 5M off food stamps. They're getting back into work force. Food stamps are very expensive." (False claim about lifting people off food stamps)

"60% of new jobs went to women. Men should sue for discrimination. Get a good lawyer and sue."
"The blue collar worker has the biggest increase in income of anybody." (False claim)

"We're taking bad characters out of Washington and giving it to the American people. Just think about Comey and the gang. Drain the swamp. Comey, Brennen, Clapper. We're draining the swamp, folks."
"We eliminated estate tax, death tax. (False claim) If you want to leave your company to your children, if they love you, otherwise don't do it. Hell with them. Who does not love their child, children, raise your hand? (he looked for raised hands). You don't have to pay any estate taxes. No tax to pay anymore. Nobody talks about it. (Because it's a false claim)

"I think Ben will agree with me. He has to agree with me! (laughter). We're investing in opportunity zones. Tax incentives."

Bob Turner speaks about opportunity zones.

Trump, "Nothing kills economic growth more than bureaucrats, regulations. This is a historic deregulation campaign. Look at the horrible result of regulations. Look at California. Housing costs are the highest, development restrictions. They make it impossible to build. Years and years of turmoil. The coastal commission. Fun to deal with (sarcastic). If you're good, you'll have permits within 20 years or not (Probably his ocean golf development in orange county). We're trying to end that. Local regulation can add $200K to cost of a home."

"I  don't want to single California out. Have you heard of this (California) train disaster? It's fast but not a bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles then cost overruns. I said we're not paying anymore money. It has to be a straight run (from LA to SF). They build one section then another then they can't hook it up. It doesn't hook. It's crooked." (It could never be a straight line due to mountains, private property, rivers...) It's a high price (to build the train), more than (buying) Southwest airlines. A plane is much faster, less money. Train is slower. It's obsolete. Governor (of California), I talked to him about forests. Clean the floor of the forest and no fires. Newsom said it's global warming. You have 4 feet of leaves, broken trees, been there 25 years. I got killed for that. Three weeks later they announced I was right." (False)

"So on the train, we'll make it shorter. These people are crazy! I told Elaine Chow, secretary of transportation, it's over for them. If a plane is much faster, what are we doing? We're not paying more money into that one. It's a disaster."

"China was placed into the WTO (world trade organization). Great catastrophe, that and NAFTA, allowing it to do whatever they want to the american market. You see what's happening. It's expensive for them. We had a deal. They (China) broke it. I'm used to that. I've done it many times myself. We put 25% tariffs on $250B. Our people pay a little. It's worth it. It's 100's of billions of dollars. We're giving a little to our farmers. Our farmers will do really well, will be very happy. Maybe 15B out of 125B (in tariffs) to our farmers. Farmers have been going down for years. Never heard a complaint from a farmer. Alleged farmer said 'Ya we're hurting, but I know China doing terrible things to us. This is the only Pres who had the guts to fix it. We're behind it all the way.' Farmers may be better than realtors." Audience "booo."

"I met farmers in the oval office. I told them I will give you a subsidy. The farmers said 'we don't want a handout.' I said you must be kidding. They said 'we just want a fair playing field.' With Canada's 285% tariffs. China uses farmers to negotiate because they know I love them. Every person in the room agreed with that."

"Countries want military protection but won't pay for it. Those days are over."
Crowd chants "USA! USA!"

"You're smart people. Aren't we tired of being ripped off? We were paying for most of NATO. I made them pay $100B more. European union treats us worse than China though they're smaller. Trade barriers. They don't want our farm products or cars. They send Mercedes Benz, BMW, we hadly tax at all. We spend 100's of billions protecting them and they take advantage of us on trade. We love Europe."

"Highways take 21 years to get approved, spent a lot on environmental reviews, statements. We were going to build a straight road. Now it's a curvy road because of nesting different things. Who the hell knows what's nesting. The road is now twice as long and curvy. Unless you're 100% sharp, you're in deep trouble with the turns. My father and I would have built that thing (road) for nothing. It cost 100's of millions of dollars. Environmental reports are total nonsense. 17, 18 years to get highway built. We have down to two years, want to get to one year."

"We've freed local lenders from heavy handed regulations. Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) had an agency. She was a disaster. She enjoyed destroying local lenders. She got pleasure out of destroying local lenders, Pocahontas, her and her beer commercial. She has a lot of pent up anger, an angry person. CFPB regulations cost credit unions $6B. I did a good job. Last year we rolled back Dodd-Frank regulations (made in response to last recession). That was crippling local banks that home buyers rely on. Bankers were being crushed, threatened (unethical lenders gave expensive loans to people who couldn't afford them and they lost their homes). They were phenomenal people. I'll never get credit for this. Who cares. The fake media. That's why I have to use social media, because media is dishonest."

"We're dealing with Iran. So much fake news. They say 'confidential sources.' They don't use a person's name, no source, person doesn't exist. It's bullshit, person is not alive. (Trump used to praise himself while pretending to be a representative named John Barron). These are bad people. I came up with the term fake news. It's a hoax."

"Fannie Mae, Freddic Mac still in conservatorship. There is no comp from private sector. I directed treasury and HUD to come up with housing finance, one that welcomes the private sector. We will work with Congress to pass these reforms, get rid of ridiculous regulations so you can build. All Americans should have the right to choose their own health care."

Teresa from Nevada Realtors spoke about health insurance.

Trump "We have an election coming. They (Dems) want to raise taxes to 80-90%, 95%. 25 people are running for office of President, some are stone cold crazy. It's the biggest socialist takeover in history of the world. $100 trillion for the green new deal. You can't take a plane anymore. You have to take a train to Hawaii, Australia. If you can't build a train from San Francisco to Los Angeles, what will happen when they build a train to Europe? 100 mph, plane, 600 mph. It'll be a long trip by train to Europe. (a joke as there are oceans between us) I want to save the rest for the election. I don't want them (Dems) to change. I want them to go with this stuff. It won't happen as long as I'm the President. You can bet on that.

Just to finish up. I know what you do. I did the same thing (Trump was never a real estate agent, broker or Realtor) It's been three years (since I've been President). Can you believe it? They said he has no experience. Intelligence is a good substitute. I'm gaining a lot of experience very fast. I was in your business (no, he wasn't). 1:03.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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