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Who is Emily Zamourka, Lioudmila Zamourka Russian opera singer? Criminal history, biography

Emily Zamourka, Lioudmila E Zaqmourka, russia, glendale, los angeles, opera singer, homeless, metro, california, convicted criminal, liar, violin, gofundme, mary cummins, street person, singer, felon, evicted


UPDATE 10/302019 The record producer withdraws his offer to Emily Zamourka. He said she reused his offer. Maybe she's involved in drugs, staying with shady people, has an outstanding warrant, is not a legal resident? She agreed to sing at a very tiny event yet says no to this offer? Maybe this is why she has to stay with friends? I again don't believe she was homeless.


Good in depth article about Mila Zamourka here. Her older brother born 1959 Elijah Ilia Grekov is a Seventh Day Adventist Minister in Yucaipa, California. Her niece Zlata Grekov is a concert violinist in the Monterey Orchestra. Her maiden name is "Grekov." She was arrested for shoplifting at Ralphs and Target stores. She was evicted because she was caring for pigeons at her home.


10/03/2019 Emily now claims she is staying with friends. I knew she wasn't homeless. She also claims her violin was worth $10,000. She claims someone stole it then someone grabbed it and gave it back to her. It was damaged. Even if it were damaged, it would be worth $5,000? She can't get government assistance if she has assets over $2,000. Below is a pic of her playing the violin. She has other musical equipment here. She states this is from two years ago. This is when she lost her main income and her home she states. So she wasn't homeless two years ago? She now claims after someone damaged her $10,000 violin she played an electric violin until someone shoved her off a bus and she damaged her wrists. She states she can no longer play violin then later she played violin for the news media. Allegedly there are two gofundme's which have raised $95,000. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the full story is known. Why is there a warrant for her arrest for a crime in Glendale in 2015? Why was she charged and found guilty of theft so many times? Maybe she ended up homeless when she was sent to jail all those times? I still see no eviction in any name.

Emily Zamourka, Lioudmila E Zaqmourka, russia, glendale, los angeles, opera singer, homeless, metro, california, convicted criminal, liar, violin, gofundme, mary cummins, street person, singer, felon, evicted

10/02/2019: She is refusing to go to the Women's Center for shelter. I assume it's because she has a better place to stay.

DailyMail did a good article on her history.


ORIGINAL: Emily Zamourka, Lioudmila E Zamourka, Mila Zamourka has lived in Glendale, California; Vancouver, Washington and New Franklin, Missouri. She was born September 15, 1967 though sometimes states she was born in 1977. Her original last name was Grekova. She sings opera in the Metro and claims to be homeless. She claims she was evicted but I see no evictions under any name. She appears to have a current warrant in Glendale for a crime from 2015. She is related to Barnes Zamourka. Below is part of her criminal record. She's been convicted of theft and grand theft multiple times and has been in and out of jail.

1 ZAMOURKA, LIOUDMILA 01 3GN03747 11/20/2013 Glendale Courthouse (GLN) Guilty Convicted.
484(a) Penal Code 484(a) defined: “Every person who shall feloniously steal, take, carry, lead, or drive away the personal property of another, or who shall fraudulently appropriate property which has been entrusted to him or her, or who shall knowingly and designedly, by any false or fraudulent representation or pretense ...

Sentenced to 30 days county jail, 36 months probation, $150 fine.

2 ZAMOURKA, LIOUDMILA 01 3PS11436 09/10/2013 Pasadena Courthouse (PAS)
484(a) Same guilty and sentence as above. This means it was also a probation violation.

3 ZAMOURKA, LIOUDMILA 01 3GN00840 03/01/2013 Glendale Courthouse (GLN)
This one was dismissed.

4 ZAMOURKA, LIOUDMILA 01 3GN00729 02/26/2013 Glendale Courthouse (GLN)
484(a) again guilty, convicted sentenced to 10 days county jail, 36 months probation

5 ZAMOURKA, LIOUDMILA 01 1PY00453 02/02/2011 Van Nuys Courthouse West (LAV)
487(a) grand theft California PC 487. Grand theft is charged under penal code 487 pc making it unlawful to take and carry away property of another with an amount exceeding $950.[1] If the property amount is at or below $950, then the charge is petty theft and/or shoplifting. ... Misdemeanor grand theft carries up to 1 year in the county jail
Guilty, convicted one day county jail, 36 months probation. community service 100 hours.

If you look at the photo she has a newer smart phone in her left hand. She is not carrying all her belongings as traveling homeless do. She just has a shopping cart for maybe recyclables. Her hair and clothes are always clean. I care for a few homeless who live in tents. They can't take showers or wash their clothes. This woman is staying somewhere. I bet she will refuse a place at the women's center. You have to go through major questioning, show all IDs...and she appears to have a warrant for her arrest in Glendale. This is probably why she didn't want the police officer to take her photo. Her story sounds iffy to me.

Emily Zamourka, Lioudmila E Zaqmourka, russia, glendale, los angeles, opera singer, homeless, metro, california, convicted criminal, liar, violin, gofundme, mary cummins, street person, singer, felon, evicted

Someone has now started a gofundme for her. It's up to $40,000.

I don't see citizenship papers. Odd that people would be calling ICE if she had brown skin but because she has white skin and blue eyes she's okay. She states she received political asylum in 2008 became a citizen and now gets $400/month from the government. Isn't this the type of person Trumpers hate?  I don't see any citizenship papers. I don't have a problem with immigrants coming here and even getting help. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy. Below are her previous addresses.

She's listed as having a current address in Glendale. 435 Hawthorne St, APT 206 Glendale, CA 91204-1264. Lioudmila has lived there for about 13 years, since August of 2006 with a phone number of (818) 936-0200. Is she really homeless? She doesn't look it.

1809 Gardena Ave
Glendale, CA 91204-2908
(5/12/2002 - 5/12/2002)

Map 17017 Klinton Dr
Boonville, MO 65233-3535
(4/1/1999 - 4/1/1999)

Map 1019 E California Ave, APT 12
Glendale, CA 91206-3830
(11/24/2008 - 11/24/2008)

Map 4969 Medina Dr
Woodland Hills, CA 91364-4324
(7/4/2007 - 4/3/2008)

Map 204 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3800
(11/16/2006 - 4/12/2007)

Map 5702 NE 34th St
Vancouver, WA 98661-6794
(12/1/2006 - 12/1/2006)

Map 414 N Orange Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2612
(12/22/2005 - 12/22/2005)

Map 1717 Klinton Dr
Boonville, MO 65233
(11/13/2000 - 11/13/2000)

Show Less...
Map 1717 Klinton
Boonville, MO 65233
(11/13/2000 - 11/13/2000)

Map 1025 Lakeside Dr
Boonville, MO 65233-1933
(9/9/1998 - 9/9/1998)

Map 1338 W Ashley Rd, LOT 50
Boonville, MO 65233-1929
(5/29/1998 - 5/29/1998)

Map 4812 Glencairn Dr
Columbia, MO 65203-5150
(3/13/1997 - 3/13/1997)

Map 223 W Broadway
New Franklin, MO 65274-9501
(2/28/1996 - 2/28/1996)

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